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Mrs Scrivener's Daily Diary

Tuesday 28th April

Hi 2S

I hope you have had a lovely day  even though the weather has not been so nice.

Today Stanley and Freddie had a supply teacher - Mr Scrivener laugh  So I have been busy doing some of my own school work.  I have been learning all about bar models, fingers crossed I'll be able to teach you what I have learnt soon.

I have also had a lovely catch up with the year 2 team.  I'll post a picture as they all say hello.

Thank you Olivia for sending me the photo of you playing your homemade drum, I bet it sounds fantastic!!

I made a couple of calls today and managed to chat with Ayden who was chilling out watching the TV and Reid who had been helping his sister with her coding homework.  He had also learnt to tie his shoe laces.  Has anyone else learnt a new skill whist in lockdown?

Speak to you tomorrow

Mrs Scrivener

Monday 27th April

Hello 2S

I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

I'm sure some of you will know I like taking photos and that I took the photos on the school website.  I thought I would share some photos with you today that I have been taking from around my garden and when I have been out on a walk.  I have been trying to get as close as I can to the subject so that you can see all of the small details.  I thought that some of you might like to have a go too and share them with us too.  You could use a camera or the camera on a phone or table.  One of the photos I'm going to share is by my niece and it is of a Lego man (Harry Potter related of course) in the grass.  You could try this too.  Try to lay down and get the camera close to the floor.  I'm also going to put my pictures on Twitter as I think they will cheer people up and I'm sure yours would as well.

Today I have emailed you all on Purple Mash with your log in details for a new website with lots of lovely games to play.  You will be asked for a school code which is 'whitecourt'.  You do not have to do this but it is there if you want to have a go.

Finley and Jaylee, it was lovely to see your smiley faces on Twitter today and keep up the good work.

Speak to you tomorrow

Mrs Scrivener


Friday 24th April


It's FriYAY!!!


Did anyone do Joe Wicks this morning?  Me and the boys did.  Freddie dressed as werewolf as it was fancy dress Friday - I will post a picture.  Did anyone dress up?

I've nearly spoke to everyone this week, just Reid and Ayden to go.

Noah has been having fun with Lego and has been getting squirted with water by his brother.  Jorja has been building a den and has been on a bike ride.  Freddie has been busy completing his Wanted poster and his work on My Maths.  Josh is planning on some indoor camping in his tent tonight which sounds great fun.  He also impressed me with all of the new French words he has learnt.

I'm going to set a little challenge to see if anyone can learn some animal names in French.  Perhaps you could send me a video with you saying their names.

Jack thank you for sending me you work, super handwriting.  William you are also trying really hard with your finger spaces.  

William thought that I was baby number 8 on the Guess the Teacher challenge.  I'm not number 8 but it is very close.

Have a lovely week end.

Remember stay home, save lives.

Mrs Scrivener x


Thursday 23rd April

Hi 2S

I hope you have all had a lovely day today.


Although we didn't do Joe Wicks this morning, we have managed to get all of our other home learning jobs done which is good news.  We even had time for a teddy bear's picnic, which was delicious!


Thank you Freddie for sending us a smile in response to the Year 2 picture, please keep them coming in.

Today I have spoken to lots of you again.  Aidan told me all  about his favourite Minecraft mob, which is a creeper.  Summer was so excited to hear from me today, which really made me smile.  She has been doing lots of work and spending time in the paddling pool. Olivia has also spent lots of time in the garden and in her paddling pool.  Jack is enjoying doing work on Purple Mash and has been playing with his Lego.  William has been in the garden and has been doing some planting.  I'm sure you wont be surprised to hear that Rory has been reading alot.  He has also lost a tooth and had a visit from a very generous tooth fairy!  Jessica has been practising using money by buying her own snack.  She told me to buy crisps that were 22p she need either a 20p and a 2p or 10p 10p 1p 1p. Super Maths!  Freya told me all about her birthday and her cat cake sounded delicious. She has been trying really hard to ride her bike and I know she is going to keep practising.


I'm sure you are all starting to miss your friends like I am.  I have had a chat with Mrs Stock and we have decided that we are going to turn the emails on on Purple Mash so you can talk to eachother.  Please remember to be kind and we check every email you send.


Keep smiling  xx


Wednesday 22nd April

Hello 2S

I hope you are all ok.

Over the past couple of days, I have been trying to catch up with some of you.  I had a lovely chat with Oliver and Daphne who were telling me about some of the wildlife that had discovered.  When I spoke to Ilana, she was setting up her shop to practise her money work.  I bought some yorkshire puddings from her for 25p!  Kian, Imogen and Lucy told me about their Easter holidays.

Thank you Ilana and Olivia for sending me photos of your drawings, they put a smile on my face.

Have you all seen the photo message on the home learning page from the Year 2 teachers?  We would love you to send us a smile.

Also have you managed to work out which baby I am on the baby photo game that Mrs Burrell posted?  Tweet your guesses :) 

Speak to you tomorrow

Mrs Scrivener

Tuesday 21st April

Still image for this video

This is my puzzle.

Monday 20th April

Hi 2S!

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter.

Over Easter, I was in school for 2 days, which was nice to see some of the children.  Did you see the boom whacker music we made on Twitter?  Harrison was there and it lovely to meet his sisters (from afar.)


I've had such a busy day doing home school learning with Stanley and Freddie.  We have learnt about fractions, counting in 10s, practised spellings, learnt about the Romans, read Mabel's Magical Garden and looked at fruits and vegetables.  I'm exhausted!  


I have made a few phone calls today.  

Maggie told me all about her birthday at the weekend.  Finley told me that he was learning to do jobs around the house, which is amazing!  I accidentally called Jacob but we still had a lovely chat about his Easter and his 23 Easter eggs.  

I will continue to call everyone else this week.


Tomorrow, I will try to upload a video message for you and set you a little challenge.


Take Care x

Friday 3rd April


Hello 2S

Yay it's Friday and we have reached the end of week 2 of home learning!  I know it has been strange but from what you and your parent's have said you have all manged to do some work and I am really proud of your for that.  

Today I have continued to make calls and I have now spoken to most you.  

Ilana - it was was lovely to chat to you and I'm glad you are enjoying your family time.  I received your email and your grandparents will love the cards.

Jacob - I'm so pleased you have been able to continue your gymnastics and well done for trying hard with your work.

Ayden - I know you found it a bit odd talking to me on the phone, hopefully you will talk more next time.  Have fun playing football.

Molly - Although you didn't want to talk to me, Mum told me you were being a super star and good luck building the shed tomorrow.

William - Good boy for practising your 2x tables and it sounds like you are having lots of fun racing your brother on your scooters.

Noah - It sounds like you have been having so much fun on your animal and space day.  You said your favourite animal was a penguin, I have had a penguin visit me too.  I will post a picture.

Freya - I'm so pleased that you joined in the clap for the NHS workers, I'm very proud of you.  Keep working on your school work as well.

Rory - You sound like you have been really busy making your Easter cards and exercising on your trampoline.


If I haven't spoken to you yet, I will call you again after the Easter holidays.


Olivia - Thank you for sending me the photos of everything you have been up to, you have done so much.  You look like you have been working on your handwriting it is beautiful. 


Over the next 2 weeks, we will not be setting you any work as we want you to spend lots of time having fun and relaxing with your family.  I will also be spending lots of time with my family and I will update my diary after the Easter holiday's.


I am going to leave you a final challenge for this term.  Over the next few weeks, I want you to make sure you are doing a job around the house that helps your parents.  Maybe you could tidy your bedroom, load the dishwasher or set the table for dinner.  I'm sure some of your Mum's and Dad's will be working from home so any help you can give them will really help.


Stay safe and be kind.

Happy Easter!!!


Mrs Scrivener x

Thursday 2nd April

Still image for this video

Wednesday 1st April


I hope that you are all well.  Today I have started to make phone calls to each of you.  So far I have had lovely chats with Oliver, Daphne, Jaylee, Imogen, Summer and Jessica.  It was so nice to hear your voices and see what you have been up to.  I have also loved seeing the work you have completed on Purple Mash and on Twitter.  If your parents can share your work on Twitter please tag me in it so I can have a look, my name is @ScrivenerMrs.

Ilana, thank you for emailing me your work.  It's interesting that your name means different things in different languages.  Has anyone else managed to find the meaning of their name?  Scrivener means to scribe, which means write.  A scribe used to write letters for a court.  You can email me your work at

I will try to keep you up dated with what I have been doing everyday so make sure you check every day.laugh

Stay safe

Mrs Scrivener