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Mrs Rolfe's Diary

My LOVELY class! Freddie, Lily and Nicole - we missed you!

Louie's Poem! Love this - well done Louie!

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Polly and Mae Year 5 Poem.mp4

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Poems! Well done to Harrison and Mae + Polly. I loved the thought and effort put into this and really made me laugh at some of your rhymes!

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Wednesday 1st July

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First of all, don't forget we have a Year Group Quiz today at 12:30 where we get to play against everyone (including the teachers!) Also, we have our Class Zoom Catch Up at 2pm TODAY - can't wait!

Now, I wanted to share with you Grace's poem. I think she has done an amazing job writing a funny, rhythmic poem and I really love how many amazing memories she has added into it about our time in Year 5!

Enjoy! Well done Grace!

Tuesday 29th June - A Poem for 5R!

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Monday 29th June

Good Morning 5R!  

Once again, a quick reminder that we have a Class Zoom Get Together on Wednesday 1st July at 2pm.  Before it, on Wednesday at 12.30pm is a year group online Kahoot quiz. Please see Home Learning for more detail. I am really excited to see you all so please attend if you possibly can. Parents have been sent emails about the Zoom call.


Now...a big....whoops!  I mean a     BIG  announcement!

We are changing all the call names to animal names. So from next year, 5R will no longer be known as 5R and 6C will no longer be known as 6C. We have chosen very carefully which animals to choose. Can you guess mine?

It has markings called rosettes...

It mainly is active during dawn and dusk...

It is a top predator....

It lives in Central and South America...

It is an animal the Mayans thought possessed special strength and power....


It is, of course, the JAGUAR


Now, I chose this animal because  I think it symbolises many attributes which are very important and valuable.

Strength - it is powerful and strong. Strength is something we all need. We need to learn to be resilient. We need to be strong in making decisions and acting to do the right thing, even if that is hard.

Independence - the Jaguar is hugely independent creature and learns skills to help it survive as an apex predator.

Protective - Jaguar mothers are hugely protective mother's and take great care over their cubs, teaching them how to look after themselves.

Playful - Jaguar mothers love playing with their cubs. They have 1 - 4 cubs in a litter and the cubs play too, learning many life skills through these interactions.

Adaptable - Jaguars are incredible at adapting to their environment and can survive not just in the rainforest but in the Savanah, scrub land and even for short periods of time, in a desert!

Amazing! Jaguars are full of surprises! They are one of the two big cats who likes water. (A Tiger is the other one). However, did you know that Jaguars can become excellent underwater swimmers and can hunt for fish and other meals underwater?

Have a watch of this clip and you will see why they are just amazing animals.  This is one of my most favourite animals clips ever!


So what do you think? How does 'Jaguar Class' sound? Grrrrrrr......

Hmmmm? I wonder what 6C will be next year. What will be your animal?


Have a great week and I look forward to SEEING you on Wednesday!


Mrs Rolfe


Change of day and time for Thursday's Quiz!

Hi 5R. Our Year 5  live quiz is now taking place on Wednesday 1st July at 12:30pm.  This will be followed by our class Zoom Get Together on Wednesday 1st at 2pm.

Hope to see you there!

Mrs Rolfe

Friday 26th June

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Hi 5R!
Dates to look out for next week: Please note, the Year Group Quiz has changed times to Weds. It says Thursday in the video.
Year 5 Year Group Quiz Wednesday at 12:20pm. You will need to use a smart phone or laptop to join in live.
5R Class Zoom Get Together on Wednesday 1st July at 2pm. If you are in school that day, you will still attend.

Tuesday 23rd June - White Court Staff are practising their sports skills!

Can you spot any teachers from Year 5?

Monday 22nd June


Good morning!  This week is going to be scorcher so look after yourself in the heat. Make sure you sip plenty of water and wear sun cream outside - a hat or cap also helps!


I have been playing some games on Sumdog this morning. All of you have been sent a username and password to log into via PurpleMash emails. The school code is whitecourt.  Have a go for yourself! There are lots to games to choose from.


I hope you have a great week!


Mrs Rolfe




Friday 19th June

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How do you see the world without pollution?

Monday 15th June


Hi everyone!


I hope you have had a lovely weekend and this amazing weather!  This weekend, I have been spending some time with one of my favourite people...I mean dog!  I really forget she is a dog as she acts like a person so much. This is Rio.

She is a Golden Retriever, extremely hairy, has a very waggy tail that knocks everything off the coffee table and she loves people, other dogs and food....lots and lot of food!  My mum has been a little poorly recently so we have been looking after this happy beast. She is 12 1/2 years old and born within the same few weeks as my son, Alex. In fact, he learnt to walk by holding on to her shoulders and she used to lead him whilst he toddled around the house. She also loved him as he would always offer her his biscuit which she would gently take from his chubby hand and knew that whenever she saw the pushchair out, it meant going for a good walk! She is getting on a bit in years now but she still loves to play and roll around. Mainly, I adore Rio as she is always just so happy. She is also incredibly cuddly with her big furry coat and makes these sweet little snoring noises when she sleeps.


My boys also have a dog called Charlie who is completely different. I call him 'Charles' in a posh voice as I am trying to encourage him to be a gentleman with nice manners. He has tonnes of energy and can run all day. His breeding is a working dog and he has been bred to look after sheep. The boys have really enjoyed training him...or trying to! He is a very bright boy and needs lots of exercise but also mental stimulation to keep him happy. He has learnt to do lots of things and can even climb ladders!  I think he taught himself that trick though as he wanted to visit the boys when they were in their tree house.


Looking after dogs or any kind of animal is a big commitment and responsibility. I feel very lucky every day though to have such lovely beasts to help look after. They show such love and affection in return.  I wonder what pets you have at home or will have in the future?  Test your pet knowledge with this little quiz if you have time.


Hope you have a great week! Have a Magic Monday!


Mrs Rolfe

Dog training!

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Friday 12th June


Good morning to you all and Happy Fabulous Friday!


I know that lots of you, like me, are huge animal lovers. During these last few months, Colchester Zoo has had lots of new animal arrivals, the latest of which are baby cheetahs. I should call them cubs!  


Here is a link so you can see them.


The zoo has had a pygmy hippo born in May. Its amazing to see how animals have adapted to their environment and are all unique and different. Just like people!




Can you see how he/she has wide splayed feet, perfect for

standing on a the bottom of a muddy river bottom and for swimming.


Buy what is a baby hippo called?



Have a go at this baby animal name quiz and see how you get on!


Thank you to everyone who has sent me a joke! If you haven't its not to late. Email me at Purple Mash. Your doodles are coming on well....sort of! Some of you I have had to rub out and start again! laugh  If you don't email me a joke, I will give you one of my super terrible ones instead!


Miss Parish has told me she has really enjoyed her phone calls and she has a few more children to call today. I will be also calling some pupils today so hopefully will get through. Remember, if you would like a phone call but I haven't called you yet, you can always let me know on email via Purple Mash and I will then call you as soon as I can.


Hope you have a lovely weekend! I am missing all your faces.


Mrs Rolfe






Monday 8th June


Good morning!

Its a dull cloudy day outside but it feels nice and cosy inside today. I hope you had a good weekend! It was Luca's birthday on Saturday - he is now officially a teenager! We were able to go a play footie golf at Elsenham Golf Club. I've never tried it before though the boys have played it several times. A new experience and I really enjoyed it! I had the worst score though so out of my football playing family, I came last but only by one point.


Goblin Oreo eater or man hole cover?

One thing I wanted to share with you today, which really made me sat up and smile when I saw it in the news, was a video about the artist David Zinn. You may never have heard of him but you may know his work. He is actually a costume designer who lives in New York. He has won lots of top industry awards for his costumes and scene designs including for the musical of SpongeBob Squarepants! He also creates street art using chalk. I find he is really inspiring because his street art is created to catch people's eye, amuse them and make them smile. He can make any dull object (even a crack in the pavement) and create a funny image with it. His work also tricks the eye and is innovative and very clever. And its chalk, so it just washes away with the rain.


Here is some of his work.....


I love his catch phrase 'art on the street, art under your feet'.  Why don't you try it. Have a look in your garden or your street. Could you recreate one of his images or make your own? Watch out if it looks like rain though!


Have a Mega Monday folks!  Miss you all lots!


Mrs Rolfe


Friday 5th June


Good morning to you all!


Thank you to all of you who have emailed me a joke via Purple Mash! laugh So far, I have only had half the class though. Please, please send me a joke as then I can finish the Class Joke Book to send to you all. Here is one to start off Funny Friday:

I woke up this morning and forgot which side the sun rises from....

....then it dawned on me.


Well, I had a lovely time on Wednesday as I was in school with key worker children and saw some familiar faces from 5R! We played Kwik Cricket in the afternoon but we used a football to kick rather than a bat and ball. One of the very small goals acted as a wicket so if the ball touched or rolled over the line, the 'batter/kicker' was out. It was hilarious!


Some of you may have heard about schools in England opening for certain year groups. From next week, White Court will be having certain children from KS1 back to school on Monday. It will be very different from before as each child will have their own desk, pot of pens and stay 2m distance away. There will be a much smaller number of children in each classroom as we have to spread out and stay apart. The classrooms have all been given a very good tidy and clean and are ready to go. So all the staff at school have been working hard to make sure everything is ready and the school looks great. Year 5s are continuing with learning at home. The most important thing is that we all stay safe and well. I do miss you all so much though!


Now, some of you will remember Miss Parish from Year 4. After adding a beautiful baby boy to her family, Miss P is now back to work and she is really eager to talk to some pupils! So I have given her some names from 5R so if you do get a call, Miss P would like to hear about how you are and you can tell her about some of your favourite things in Year 5. She also won't have come across Tops Time and how that works so you could explain that to her. 


I will also leave you with two amazing pieces of art work. Polly's pencil sketch where she followed a tutorial on You Tube about drawing a realistic eye and you will see for yourself just how brilliant it turned out! Mae painted a version of one of John Constable's paintings - a boat at sunset. I love the restful colours and how she has captured the calmness and tranquillity of the picture. Well done both of you!


Now, I am off to teach Mungo how to play Kwik Cricket. Wish me luck!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Mrs Rolfe


Tuesday 2nd June


Hello 5R!


I have emailed you all via Purple Mash with your Sumdog account details. You have your username and password.

The school code is: whitecourt 


You can access sumdog by googling sumdog or follow this link. There is also a sumdog app you can download.


Here you will find Maths games, spelling games and even grammar games. Its a really fun way to practise your skills and you can earn rewards. Mainly it is FUN!  Have a go at logging in and trying some of the games. I've added some activities so you can try those or have a browse and find your own.


I hope you enjoy it!


Mrs Rolfe

Monday 1st June

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Friday 22nd May


I just wanted to say, have a fantastic half-term! You all deserve it!  Try and do something extra special this week, whether it is staying in a tent at home and camping out, having a family BBQ or playing family games. Make it a 'staycation'.


Be kind to your parents, especially if they are still working during half-term week. Do something nice - even bringing someone a cold drink on a hot day can make that person feel real special and parents need that too!


You are all missed very much by me, and Mungo and Mrs Ryan and Mrs Thomas. I will leave you with this...can you remember what this creature is called?

Of course, they are not quite this size in real life, thank goodness!


Use the above link if you cannot remember. They are something I have learned about this year and I think they are fascinating! And lastly, this really me smile this week. Lemur baby born at Colchester Zoo. Firstly, look how tiny it is, clinging to mum. Secondly, mum's face made me laugh....she must be related to King Julian!



Have a fantastic week my lovelies!


Mrs Rolfe


Thursday 21st May


Hello lovelies!  I have had a great week, not least because I've spoken to lots of you!


You have all put a huge smile on my face telling me about what you have been up to. Jordan has been writing the most fantastical, extraordinary story about the Floating Citadel, Lily is tackling task one handed (don't ask!), Isabelle has a pop up pool where she can look at 3D pictures on the bottom with special glasses, Isabella has been setting up a new trampoline for the garden, Hunter has been working on a special coding project, Hudson has been wowing me with his story starter, Mae has been creating a craft project with a hot glue gun and many more! Some of you have shared some news through emailing me too. Thank you!


I have been chuckling at my laptop, reading your jokes as they come through! I have shared your jokes with my family and they were chuckling too! Just a reminder to everyone to email me a joke please for our 5R joke book. I want to include our whole class, even Mrs Ryan, Mrs Thomas and Mungo! I would like to start it next week so it would be great to have your joke before then. If you are searching for jokes on the internet, make sure you search 'jokes for kids' as your audience is going to be children.


Here are some pictures of some stones Ollie and I painted for 'Wally, the Rock Snake' who lives round the corner from us! He is growing longer every day! Mine is the one on the left I used Mrs Burrell's challenge of using a zentangle pattern. It was supposed to represent peacock tail feathers (as we have a famous peacock called Percy who strides around our village) but it actually looks more like a butterfly wing. Ollie's cartoon bee was very cute.


Have a wonderful day whatever you are up to today. I have some last few call to make today and tomorrow so look forward to speaking to you if I haven't done so yet!  

Mrs Rolfe


Tuesday 19th May

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Monday 18th May

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Friday 15th May

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Happy Friday People!

I had a really lovely afternoon yesterday - we went out for a run as a family and ran about 4 miles in the sunshine. It felt really good to get outside after working indoors all day. My husband cooked a delicious dinner of green Thai curry and then we had a zoom chat with some of his family who live in Felixstowe. We miss them very much so it was really great to see their faces! I hope you facetime/call your friends to speak to them too - it makes such a difference.

So yesterday afternoon, as I was tying my trainers up in the garden ready for the run, I looked up and spotted this on the nearest plants. Do you know what they are?

The mother lays hers eggs and surrounds them in a in little sac made from web to protect them.
They have just hatched.
Within an hour of hatching, they start breaking up the nest and use the webbing to create little parachutes which they use to transport themselves catching in the breeze.
They will grow a little bigger and you will see they have 8 legs.
They are of course, arachnids or SPIDERS.
And baby spiders have a really cute name - SPIDERLINGS!
How sweet is that - considering that when some types of their species come into the house, I am really scared of them! But I would never hurt a spider. My fear of them isn't very rational as they will do me no harm and it absolutely would be wrong to hurt or kill a spider because of it. In fact, I like the fact we had baby spiderlings in our garden. I just hope they find another garden to live in when they get bigger! :)

Missing you all lots and lots! Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Mrs Rolfe

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday 14th May


I wasn't going to post a diary today but then I saw Mrs Burrell's video and pictures on 'zentagles' (a triangle based patterned doodle) and I couldn't resist it!


Here are Mrs Burrell's examples - do any of them remind you of anything?  Anyone remember your fantastic Tom Gates drawings? Well, I think zentangles may be where the illustrator got their ideas from! Which ones do you think are the most similar to the Tom Gates picture?   I thought these were beautiful and fun, so if you have a little time free over the next few days, why don't you give it a try? The great thing about doodling is there is not right or wrong way to do it and I love how the doodle seems to have a life of its own as it grows!


I'd love to see a picture of your doodle if you make one!


Have a great Theoretical Thursday / Thrilling Thursday / Thriving Thursday?


Mrs Rolfe

Wednesday 13th May

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Tuesday 12th May

Good morning!


The sun is out again though its still a lot colder and the wind has died down. We went for a short walk yesterday and the wind battered our ears!


The cattle breed we saw on Sunday were White Park cattle, one of the oldest and most ancient breeds in the British Isles and are actually very rare! They originate in Wales and are one of the few breeds of horned cattle you see in the UK. In fact, the breed is so important, during World War II, they shipped some of the herd to America to help preserve the breed as they were very few in number. So, that was an interesting answer to that question yesterday I thought!


Yesterday afternoon, my son Ollie who is taking Art, wanted to practise some drawing. He found a picture he liked and we spent some time practising how to draw the outline shape of this dragon and then shade and add detail. What do you think? I wish I had a before and after photo of Ollie's first attempt, second attempt and final piece. It improved dramatically with each go till he and I were really proud of his end result!  What have you been making lately?


I will leave you with some particularly bad cow jokes...


Q: What did mummy cow say to baby cow?
A: It's pasture bedtime.

Q: What do you get if you cross an angry sheep and an upset cow?
A: An animal that's in a baaaaaaaad moooooood.


Q: How do you make a milkshake?
A: Give a cow a pogo stick.


Try them on your family and hear them groan! :)


Have a great Tempting Tuesday / Temper Tuesday / Talented Tuesday?


Mrs Rolfe  




Monday 11th May

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Hi Guys!

I hope you really enjoyed VE Weekend! The weather was gorgeous Friday and Sat so I know a lot of you would have enjoyed some yummy treats outside in your gardens or patios. We had a picnic for lunch on the Fri and a huge BBQ on the Sat! So a weekend with lots of food and chat which are two of my favourite things!

It has been a joy to catch with all of you, mainly by phone, and one or two in person and I will start calling this week again so if you haven't heard from me last week, you will this week! Hope that doesn't sound too scary! :)

So today, I wanted to show you a few animals that we spotted on out walk today. I spent most of the walk freezing cold as I didn't realise it would be quite so chilly today but seeing these lovely creatures really made me smile so I wanted to share it with you....

Anyone work out how many Moor Hen chicks there are? The are black, tiny and hard to spot and one kept getting left behind! Also, I am going to find out what type of cattle they are. The had beautiful deep brown eyes and long lashes and very friendly and curious.

I hope your week starts off well. If you do go out for a walk, listen to your mum or your will need a coat :) or you will be freezing like me!

Have a fantastic Moo Monday! Get it?

Mrs Rolfe

VE Day

Thursday 7th May


Good morning! I feel really good about today as I have started my day with some great emails from some of you. Fabulous baking from Harrison - you are becoming a proper gem in the Kitchen!  Nice work! Also, I have loved some of the NHS posters that you have sent me. Isabella, yours was particularly vibrant and eye-catching!

If you still want to take part in the competition, its not too late. You have till the 11th May to get your pieces of work over to us. Emailing me at Purple Mash with it would be perfect.


Some of you have found some of the Maths videos helpful - I'm really glad about this. I will do some English video's soon too. This period at home has made us all learn new skills; I am using Zoom and iMovie pretty much everyday so I am having to learn too! Its been lovely catching up with you and hearing your voices on calls these last two weeks ! I have a couple of pupils I need to call back so looking forward to that today.


Looking out the window, that blue sky looks amazing. Have a great day  - Thoughtful Thursday / Thankful Thursday / Thinking Thursday?


I will leave you with a picture to hopefully bring a smile to your face today. laugh


Mrs Rolfe

Squirrel outside White Court showing off his dance moves...He wants in on the next video.

Wednesday 6th May


Hi Everyone!


Sorry I didn't post anything Monday or Tuesday. This was because I was in school these two days with Mrs Turner and Mrs Heard, having a great time looking after children of key workers. This included two familiar faces from Year 5 I am happy to say and was a treat to see them!


We did a few activities in honour of VE Day as the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe is on Friday. We made Union Jack Bunting, flapjacks, played outside with equipment and scooters, and made VE medals.


When I got home, I also found that I had been emailed from some 5R members using Purple Mash! Brillant... and don't forget, you can all use it to get in contact from me. Ewan also sent me some pictures of his very impressive writing which I loved. I know how to time travel, and what to do if a find myself in the predicament of having a small fire dragon in side my house! laugh


Where some of you asked for help with certain tasks, I uploaded some help videos. If you let me know if there are certain things you find tricky, I am very happy to help.


Grace, Katy and Louie, I hope you had awesome birthdays.


And lastly, you may have noticed Mr Pryke uploaded a video under Home Learning yesterday. Have a look at it and see what White Court staff have been up to!


Have a Wild Wednesday...or a Wicked Wednesday....or a Wobbly Wednesday?


Mrs Rolfe x


Friday 1st May

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Happy birthday to you! Grace, Louie and Katy (Katy with a y!)

Hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Thursday 30th April


Good morning lovely folk!


It's hard to believe that today is the last day of April and then boom....we are in May, our first official month of summer. It's been so lovely speaking with you and catching up with your news and I'm going to be continuing with that today and tomorrow. Two things....


Firstly, you may have seen this already but if not and you have a parent with a Twitter account, please do watch it as it will bring a chuckle to your faces!

So watch out as another one may be following soon!


Secondly, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to pupils that have just had their birthdays during Easter or have got them coming up soon!  Jordan's was in April, Louie's is tomorrow, followed by Katy on 2nd May and Grace on the 3rd May! What a week of birthdays!  Each of your families will be making the day very special for you and I hope you all have a wonderful day.


And lastly (so I guess it was three things!), some of you with eagle eyes will have noticed that there is a new icon of a computer on the Year 5 Home Learning page. This is because you can send me and other members of Year 5 emails. There are a couple of video clips to remind you of how to do it and also how to add an attachment to your document. So rather than use the Home Learning email, you can email me direct.


And finally (so I guess that is four things!) I have just seen an email with Hunter's NHS work where he is describing what the NHS has done for his family and say thank you. Its an amazing and touching piece of work Hunter. Thank you so much for emailing across so I could see it. I'm very proud of you.


I hope you are all well and have a thankful Thursday!


Mrs Rolfe