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Mrs Rolfe-Adams' Jaguars


Our Year Five Pupils have really had a wonderful boost to their Science topic this term. They have been learning how to classify animals and the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates, and learning all about mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. They also showed lots of enthusiasm for meeting some of the invertebrate animals, especially Matilda, the Chilean Rose tarantula, and a giant millipede who is still growing and will have 400 legs! The children showed incredible enthusiasm and interest for this subject! Now, everybody will want their own prairie dog or Giant African Land Snail.

Some photographs of the fascinating mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and invertebrates that we met today. Already the children are becoming animal experts!

Spring Term Sun and Moon Art

Still image for this video
Year Five have really enjoyed exploring warm and cool colours and experimenting with a range of art media such as water colours and oil pastels. We now have a colourful and beautiful gallery of Sun and Moon pictures as part of our Spring Term Space topic. Fantastic work Jaguars!

Just some of Jaguar Class's hard work learning about Fairtrade. Their confidence has really grown when writing about this topic! Apologies to any adults who love a Kitkat - bad news I'm afraid...

Well done Jaguar Class on an excellent D.T. project! I love the internal features you have included to show how the Vikings lived. Well done - you should be very proud of your work!

Our exciting Year 5 Topics!



Next year, we are changing all the call names to animal names. So from next year, 5R will no longer be known as 5R.  We have chosen very carefully which animals to choose. Can you guess mine?

It has markings called rosettes...

It mainly is active during dawn and dusk...

It is a top predator....

It lives in Central and South America...

It is an animal the Mayans thought possessed special strength and power....


It is, of course, the JAGUAR


Now, I chose this animal because I think it symbolises many attributes which are very important and valuable.

Strength - it is powerful and strong. Strength is something we all need. We need to learn to be resilient. We need to be strong in making decisions and acting to do the right thing, even if that is hard.

Independence - the Jaguar is hugely independent creature and learns skills to help it survive as an apex predator.

Protective - Jaguar mothers are hugely protective mothers and take great care over their cubs, teaching them how to look after themselves.

Playful - Jaguar mother's love playing with their cubs. They have 1 - 4 cubs in a litter and the cubs play too, learning many life skills through these interactions.

Adaptable - Jaguars are incredible at adapting to their environment and can survive not just in the rainforest but in the Savanah, scrub land and even for short periods of time, in a desert!

Amazing! Jaguars are full of surprises! They are one of the two big cats who likes water. (A Tiger is the other one). However, did you know that Jaguars can become excellent underwater swimmers and can hunt for fish and other meals underwater?

Have a watch of this clip and you will see why they are just amazing animals.  This is one of my most favourite animals clips ever!


So what do you think? How does 'Jaguar Class' sound? Grrrrrrr......


Mrs Rolfe-Adams

The first Jaguar Class - 2020/21! What a fantastic group you are!