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Mrs Rolfe-Adams Daily Diary

We miss you all!

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning guys!


As you can see, the boys had their haircuts yesterday. Usually we all troop down to our local barber called Greg who does a fantastic job of their hair, plus makes a really great coffee. There are two huge green arm chairs in his shop, so I can curl up in one, chat and sip coffee whilst he skilfully does his bit. Instead, the three boys had a nervous Mrs Rolfe attacking them with a clippers borrowed from a friend and a pair of kitchen scissors.  I'm not sure who was being braver - me for having a go at it, or them for letting me.


I've never cut hair before but I think it came out ok!  At least it was an improvement. However, we will definitely be back to visit Greg when he opens back up again!  Have you had a home haircut yet? Maybe your parent actually knows how or has some skills in this area? If so, you are very lucky! 


I will be making some more phone calls to you all for the next few days, so if we haven't spoken yet, we will soon. Thank you to Jordan for sending in photos. It was very heart-warming to see you and your brother together and you look very organised! 


Have a wicked Wednesday folks,


Mrs Rolfe

Tuesday 28th April

Still image for this video
Good morning!

So as you can see from the message above, all of us miss you lot and are thinking about you very often! We had fun putting this message together for you.

Today, I thought I would share a bit of a D.T. project we have been working on. Ollie is a very keen scooterist (I think I just made up that word!) and is really missing his local skate park and friends. So he can still practise some of his tricks and have fun, he and his dad have built a ramp. It is a little bigger than intended! However, it works brilliantly and he can now use it on his driveway. This is him trying it out for the first time. Have you had any brilliant invention or design ideas?

If you are like Ollie, now is a good time to plan and practise for when life gets more back to normal. I can't go to the gym, so I have been swapping work outs with my gym buddies and we have been putting each other through our paces that way. I have also been doing a lot of running recently, something I don't usually have time for. It means I am a bit achy, ok a lot achy but I feel proud that I am challenging myself. By the end of week 4, I hope to have completed 100miles of running. The effort the boys are putting into to their work and 'P.E. lessons' are also very motivational. So keep your motivation going, whether rain or shine. There are always opportunities if you seek them.

And later today, a challenge that I didn't really seek but have to do anyway! I will be a hairdresser tomorrow and tackle the bird's nest-like mops that top our three boys heads. Big gulp! I will let you know how that turns out!

Look after yourselves and your family

Mrs Rolfe

Monday 27th April

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Good morning lovelies!

I cannot believe how quickly April is whizzing by! I spoke to a few 5R pupils last week and will be calling everyone else this week to see how you are - I'm looking forward to hearing your news! Oliver has been helpful with outdoor tasks at home, Jordan has been whizzing around on his bike (and written the most fantastic story starter!) , Owen has been doing work outs (awesome) and Mikey going for countryside walks. Well done guys!

Even though, we have more time on our hands by staying home at the moment, we are still finding plenty to do. Part of our daily routine is exercise. This is because it make our bodies (muscles and bones) strong , can make us feel more energetic and also it releases a natural chemicals in our brains which make us feel happy and calm after. And also because I like a challenge and its good to push our minds as well as our bodies.

Here is a little clip of one of the boys work outs from Friday. Its called a 21 down. We chose 3 body weight exercises (in this case, squats, push ups and butterfly sits ups) and you do 21 of each of the exercises for your first round. The next round you do 19, then 17, 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3 and the last 1 rep each! Its quite motivational because the first round is the hardest and longest and you know from that point on, each round is a little easier so you can keep pushing yourself.

There are lots of ways you can adapt this idea. You can try dance moves instead, or types of jumps or even practise Mr Hopgood's throwing and catching techniques!

I hope you all have a cracking Monday,
Mrs Rolfe

Friday 24th April

Good morning 5R!


I hope you had a great day yesterday and saw some sunshine. That radiant sun and azure blue was like a Mediterranean summer's day!  As we wanted to make the most of the day, we did our work in the morning and the boys got their school work done. Then, in the afternoon we had an earlier dinner and got the BBQ out and scoffed juicy cheese burgers and chicken kebabs! Ollie made an amazing rainbow salad and a dressing to go with it - yum!  And after dinner and cleaning up, we went for a walk to the woodland and back - one of my favourite places to go.  The trees have all come alive in the last few weeks with new leaves and blossom and there is an amazing blue carpet of bluebells in the centre. The boys took a bike as there are a few bike tracks and some jumps in the woods too! It was beginning to get dark as we trundled back and you could see some bats flitting around across the twilight sky. I really loved it and it will be one of the many precious memories I will keep of this time.


I hope you are making your own memories of times that you have really enjoyed too. 


Mrs Rolfe



Thursday 23rd April

Still image for this video
Yesterday, I watched Erin's performance of You'll Be in My Heart using Makaton. Makaton is a form of sign language and Erin has been teaching it to her Musical Theatre Group. Brilliant! I love the fact that there is always interesting things to learn about and do. I would love to hear about some of the things you have been learning about and doing. Please give me some news or post pictures via the home learning email address or ask parents to use the school twitter account. This week and next, I will be giving you a call to see how you are getting on and hear your lovely voices.

So good morning to you....which is what this clip says. It is not me mimicking I am going to chop off my head! Have a great day and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Mrs Rolfe

Wednesday 22nd April - Mrs Rolfe is practising her bond villian pose today!

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Good morning guys! Another beautiful day!
I will be catching up with all the other teacher's today via Zoom. It is pretty funny seeing so many faces all in one meeting but a lovely way of having a 'face to face' meeting. Technology is brilliant at keeping in touch a staying connected. I hope you are using it safely to stay connected with your friends and family you are not able to see at the moment. I am having a quiet chuckle as I have stolen my husband's new office chair as it make me feel like a master villain!

Little challenge I took the other day with some fitness friends - how quickly can you complete 50 burpees It took 1:40 to complete which left me in leader position at the moment (that is 1 min and 40 secs, not 1 hour and 40 mins!!!). What little challenges can you take on today?

Have a great day, get cracking into your routine and enjoy some fresh air.

Mrs Rolfe

Tuesday 21st April


Good morning my lovelies! Another beautiful and sunny day awaits. As you know, I love getting out for walks in the afternoon and I also do a home work out with my three boys. I actually think they are getting fitter! So each day, we make sure we have a routine which makes the most of the time we have. We get our work done in the morning, complete a little bit of finishing off after lunch and then we have the rest of the afternoon together.  If you get into a good routine that works for you, like I know a lot of you are, it helps you to focus and concentrate on your learning work and also makes sure you enjoy your time off!


Whilst scampering through some woodland footpaths yesterday (surrounded by an amazing carpet of bluebells), we started discussing how tall the tallest tree might be. Now, I already knew that the tallest tree is a Giant Redwood (or sequoia tree) and I guessed it grew to 50m. That seemed huge to me. Ollie thought 100m tall which seemed a crazy height.... and he was right! These mammoth trees grow in California in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and not only do they regularly grow to 100m tall but the dimensions of the trunk are pretty impressive too! Some of the biggest of the trees in California have even been given their own personal names! 'General Sherman' Tree has a circumference of over 31 squared metres which would take up our entire garden. So the Sierra Nevada Mountain range is definitely a place I want to visit one day and see these amazing living life forms for myself - plus I love forests and mountains! Where is a place that you want to go when you are grown up?


When we got back, we were starving and lucky for me, Ollie had made a fantastic banoffee pie which we scoffed after our pasta dinner. It was really easy and also fun to make so I would recommend it. You just need to prepare it in advance as it needs time to chill before eating. I mean set to cool in the fridge, not chilling on the sofa! A banoffee pie watching TV...who needs that?!


Hope you have a great day today! Get those routines going with time for work, rest and play.


Mrs Rolfe

Monday 20th April


A huge welcome back to the start of our Summer Term! I hope you all had a fabulous Easter break and enjoyed your chocolate treats!


I have been enjoying this gorgeous weather and keeping up with a daily walk or run. In fact, I have been running lots and covered 50 miles in the last two weeks! I feel quite proud of myself - though I have achy feet and not so nice blisters on my heels from new running shoes!  I thought I knew Stansted really well but I've still been discovering footpaths to discover and seen lots of bluebells, deer, red kites, ponds with frog spawn and all sorts. It has been a real opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the countryside.


At home, we have enjoyed some painting with water colours and trying out new recipes. The boys even cooked dinner last week all by themselves - a chorizo and tomato pasta dish which was delicious! We were very proud of them (especially as they also did the washing up!)


One afternoon, we made a home fort using mattress, pillows, duvets, blankets and anything else we could get our hands on. It was brilliant! We had several tunnels and a roof surrounding a central 'cosy' areas where we snuggled down and watched a movie and ate popcorn. The boys also slept in there but I made sure I had my own bed to go in!


The next dilemma this week is haircuts!  Who has had a home haircut? Who has really long hair and struggling to see? Are any boys sporting a pony tail yet? I think I am going to have to tackle three boys with scissors this week...eek! I will let you know how Mrs Rolfe's hairdressing skills develop this week.


Anyway, welcome back! Good luck with tackling the home learning activities and remember you can contact me on the home learning email address if you need to!


Mrs Rolfe



Monday 6th April


As you will have spotted, I have included an Easter Challenge page of activities that you can try over Easter. At the moment, there are some sporty and some arty ideas to try... I will update some more for you to try over the holiday.


Well done for smashing it over the last two weeks and making your families and your teacher very proud of you. You have adapted so well to working at home, got into a routine with home learning, tried different activities and been helpful at home.  Awesome!


Some of you have used the home learning email to be in contact. Harrison, I was blown away by that amazing array of sweet treats you made. They looked very professional and delicious!


Have a wonderful Easter at home with your loved ones.


Mrs Rolfe


Friday 3rd April

Our special visitor, our new kitty, stress balls, walk in the woods (Mrs Rolfe may also have been playing with Google's new 3D animal app!)

Thursday 2nd April


Hello my lovelies!

I cannot believe it has almost been two weeks since I last saw you and some of you, even longer. I have missed you all lots and have been wondering each day how you are getting on.


It was a little strange at first settling into a new routine at home and having everyone else there too. I’m sure you are missing friends and family that you cannot see at the moment. Technology is brilliant at keeping us connected though. We have been face timing grandmas!


However, it is a brilliant opportunity to have fun with different activities! In our house this week, we have made squeezy stress balls from balloons and flour, made music from everyday household objects that we recorded and edited on a really cool sound app and we have been out for walks every day. We have explored different footpaths, lanes and fields and seen rabbits, deer and birds of prey. One afternoon, we saw two red kites, a buzzard and two crows all squabbling over their lunch. The crows won!  Sometimes we do see other walkers, cyclists and dog walkers but we make sure we move out of the way to give them at least 2 metres to pass us. I always say hello or wave though, even from a distance, and I’m on a bit of a mission to collect as many hellos as I can. My favourite walk was in a woodland where there is a really cool tyre swing.


I am going to be ringing homes over the next few days to see how you are getting on and would really LOVE to hear your news. So far, I know that Erin has been mesmerised by passing satellites and the International Space Station and she has completed some brilliant sketch, Polly has a very unusual pet and Ashton has been working hard on his Home Learning. But I would love to hear from ALL of you about your activities and the fabulous work you have be completing at home. Please ask an adult to share your activities and photos of your work to  They can share on Twitter @rolfe_adams.  I can then see it and email you a message!


Take care and be good to your families!

Mrs Rolfe