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Mrs Greely and Mrs Sawtell's Daily Diary

Friday 1st May


‘White Rabbits!’ I hope that this brings us all lots of luck today! I really cannot believe that it is May already!


It has been a peculiar week in the Sawtell house! I don’t think that the change in weather has helped!? Unfortunately, I have felt a little poorly and we have all felt a lack of motivation and enthusiasm – fingers crossed that next week is better and that the sun shines!!


We have received a photo of Abbie with a batch of blueberry and lemon flapjacks that she had made! I really do wish that I lived closer so that I could have a taste as they looked gorgeous! Talking about this, we made some regular and gluten free chocolate chip cookies this week which were lovely! As our friend also needs to eat a gluten free diet, we delivered some of the cookies to her whilst on our daily walk – we left them on her front door step and then gave her a call to tell her to pick them up! She loved them!!


Chloe K – it was lovely to chat to you this week and hear about all of the fabulous things that you have been up to. I can’t wait to go back to school and listen to you playing the piano! We loved the pictures of you on the trampoline and dressing up in you finery on a Saturday evening. You and your mum looked fabulous!


A big ‘thank you’ to Thomas for your videos. I loved the one where you did step overs and then a 360° spin before scoring a goal! Obviously I needed the help of Ethan and Elliot to name those skills J I just thought that they looked amazing!!! J Also, a big thank you for joining me for the ‘keepie uppie’ challenge! I have to say, not only did you do more than me but you looked more natural as you did them. The biggest things that I have learnt about myself this week are that: a) I’m not very co-ordinated, b) my hips and thighs hurt when I do too many keepie uppies and c) I cannot move in different directions very quickly!!!! But on a positive… I did improve if only slightly and I had fun trying!! I think my family had a lot of fun watching me try too! J L


The video evidence of me doing the keepie uppies is below – don’t laugh too much!!


Enjoy the first day of May! Have a great day and an even better weekend!!

Love Mrs Sawtell



Keepie uppie challenge

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Fantastic Work this week!

Thursday 30th April

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Wednesday 29thApril


Good morning wonderful 5SG! Hope you are all ok and working hard for us! I’m going to start with some shout outs!! These children have been absolute stars as they consistently send us emails or Tweets to let us know what they’ve been up to and we love to read/see them! It makes us smile when we receive something from you and it makes our day! So, a HUGE well done to…..

Charlotte, Matthew, Lucinda, Abbie and Brooke!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please keep it up. I know from chatting to you on the phone that lots of you are working really hard so thank you and well done but please send us the odd email or a Tweet to share it with us! It doesn’t have to be school work, it can be baking, garden fun, bike rides. Basically, anything that has made you happy! It was great to hear about Abbie helping her little sister Amelia with her work. Move over Mrs Horsham, Abbie sounds like an amazing Teaching Assistant!


Next, I want to wish the lovely Lucinda a very happy 10thbirthday! Yay, you’ve reached double digits!! Hope you have a very special day with your family and get spolit rotten! Mrs Sawtell and I will be thinking of you.


I’ve had a lovely few days and enjoyed the sunny weather at the weekend very much. I’m not enjoying this rain at all though!! On Sunday, we released my son’s butterflies in our garden (he had one of those butterfly gardens where you watch caterpillars transform into a chrysalis and then a butterfly). We also had the slip and slide out! I got soaked but my technique definitely needs some work as I’m covered in bruises now!


Anyway, take care and keep smiling! I’ll be in touch again tomorrow.


Mrs Greely xxx

Tuesday 28th April



This must be the first day that I’ve woken up since lockdown where it has been a little gloomy outside! I hope that there is a break in the rain, otherwise I will get wet when I go out for my 10 minute keepie uppie training!!!

I had a busy day yesterday, helping Ethan and Elliot with their school work and writing reports. Elliot had to read an extract from the David Walliams book – ‘The World’s Worst Teacher’ and answer questions about the text! He thought that David Walliams would be a cool friend to have as he would be a lot of fun – always getting into mischief!!!! Ethan had to write a newspaper report based on Roald Dahl’s version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’. The element of rhyme helped us to keep the pace as we read and the ending was pretty funny!! We enjoyed reading this version so much that I thought I would share it with you!

It has been wonderful to see the fun things that people have been doing in order to entertain themselves! Brooke, I loved that you got dressed in your school uniform to complete school work – did it feel strange wearing it after such a long time? Also, well done for playing games with your brother to help him with his phonics! You are an amazing big sister!! Charlotte went to the cinema this week! It was a private showing (in her living room) of Beauty and the Beast 2018! Charlotte made tickets for the event and they even had a personal attendant to show them to their seats in the dark (her dad - with a torch!). During the film, they ate popcorn – just like going to Cineworld!!! Charlotte has also been busy making rainbows to show her support for the NHS and making chocolate cake! I can't wait for lockdown to be over - I will be round to your house in a flash for some of that - it looks gorgeous!!!!

Keep the imagination flowing! It is truly wonderful to see how you improvise and make the most of this situation!!

If you want a giggle, I have attached the link to a video of the teachers getting into mischief!! 

Have a great day – stay dry and stay safe!! J

Love Mrs Sawtell x

A productive week for Charlotte!

Monday 27th April

Good morning 5SG!

What a weekend!!! The weather was amazing once again – perfect for a lockdown! On Saturday, we went for a 6 mile walk to Colchester Castle Park which was lovely. We saw several people feeding the squirrels – they came very close to collect the nuts from them! For several weeks, I haven’t been able to buy any gluten free flour for Ethan so on our way home I popped into Marks and Spencer’s to see if they had any. I was VERY excited to find that they had some!! So, guess what we are doing today???? Yes – baking a Victoria sponge cake!!!

On Sunday, we cycled to West Mersea. It was 27 miles there and back so we took some snacks to eat on the way. Although the tide was out, it was nice to see the boats in the marina and we enjoyed looking at the house boats! We talked about how different life would be if you lived on a boat. I’m not sure that Ethan and I would get on too well as we both suffer from sea sickness but Mark and Elliot said that they would like to give it a go – but only for a few days JJ!!

I hope that you had a lovely weekend and that you enjoyed the sunshine with your families. Brooke – I hope that Fernando is being good (thank you for the pictures on Twitter!). Joe – I loved your demonstration of why it is important to use soap when you wash your hands! I cannot believe how much the soap repels the pepper!

Don’t forget to share any pictures, work or videos of you doing something that you are proud of or that you simply had fun doing!!

Have a good day guys. Missing you all.

From Mrs Sawtell

PS- I’m up to 7 keepie uppies!!!

Friday 24th April

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Thursday 23rd April

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Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning wonderful class!


Hope you had all had a great day yesterday and are getting on ok with the home learning that we are setting you. Don’t forget to send us any photos or work that you are proud of on the home learning email as we love to hear from you. A big thank you to Matthew for his emails. I love the David Walliams books too Matthew and we are so pleased that you are continuing to read regularly during the lockdown. The badminton looks great fun and is a super way to get exercise too!


In the Greely house, we are in a good routine to help us juggle things. We start the day by cooking a yummy breakfast together (pancakes, croissants, sausage and egg muffins etc.) before doing our Joe Wicks workout. Luca then does some school work (I have to keep it fun as his attention span is very short!).  He loves science so we usually do some kind of experiment a couple of times a week too. Yesterday, we made lava lamps which was fun. In the afternoons, we’ve been doing lots of baking and we go or a walk, bike or scooter ride every day too. Finally, Luca watches a film/TV programme (he loves Octonauts at the moment) or plays in the garden while I do some school work and then we have dinner together! If anyone has any good ideas for science experiments for me to do at home with Luca then I’d love to hear from you!


Anyway, I hope that you guys have settled into a routine too. I miss you all very much and will speak to you soon.


Take care and have a good day guys!!


Mrs Greely xx

Tuesday 21st April

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Monday 20th April

Good morning and welcome back to the first day of the summer term!

We hope that you have had a fun packed and relaxing time with your families during the break – we will look forward to hearing what you have been up to both through the home learning email ( and when we phone you at home again. We will take this opportunity to share with you all what we have been up to during the holiday.


The Sawtell’s have had a wonderful time during the Easter break! Thankfully, the weather was amazing which allowed us to spend lots of time outdoors. We left our house once every day to exercise which we all feel is important – not only does it keep us active but it allows us get out of our house and feel free! Living in Colchester, we have ridden our bikes to Abberton Reservoir, Tollesbury Marina, Dedham and many other local villages. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t take Ethan and Elliot on the roads to these places as they can be busy but during this time they have been very quiet and therefore much safer! Ethan has been regularly running 5km with me and Elliot ran his first ever 5km yesterday – it was a proud moment for him!

My husband and I have taken this time to get some jobs done around our house – we have decorated our bedroom, tidied our garden and set up a 30ft x 10ft protection net behind the football goal (hopefully now the neighbours will not get footballs in their gardens!!)

As the weather has been so good, we have been out in the garden most days! After setting up the dart board, we have spent many hours playing various darts games – although I often hit the board I have to admit that I don’t have much control of where the dart lands!!! J We also play a great game that originates from the USA called ‘cornhole’. It is a simple yet fun game where you throw beanbags with the hope that they hit the board or even better – drop into the hole! Ethan and Elliot were creative and made a basketball hoop out of our old bedroom lampshade (it’s a good job we decorated! J). After attaching it to the side of the house, they have enjoyed hours of fun shooting hoops! I have also thoroughly enjoyed having the time to read my kindle in the sunshine. A good book is the perfect way to relax – thank you to Mrs Greely and Mrs Rolfe-Adams for some great recommendations!!

As a result of having more time at home, we have taken the opportunity to work together to make meals. Ethan and Elliot will be able to cook or bake most things soon. Ethan has experimented with gluten free baking and has baked an amazing Victoria sponge and an extremely sweet lemon drizzle cake. He also made a lovely Moroccan lamb and cous cous dish! Tonight I am looking forward to one of my favourite meals - salmon, fennel and pea risotto cooked by Elliot and Mark!

Looking forward to hearing about your holiday news.

Love from Mrs Sawtell


Mrs Greely’s Easter Holidays

Hello 5SG! I hope that you all had a great Easter break and ate your body weight in chocolate (I definitely did!). I also hope that enjoyed spending time with your families. Ellie, I loved seeing your pictures. Your guinea pigs are adorable. I used to have guinea pigs when I was your age too. Mine was called Percy!


During my two week break, I went for some lovely walks in Broomfield which is where I live. We went to the river lots to play ‘Pooh Sticks’ as my son loves to watch the sticks crash down the waterfall and come out of the other side of the bridge. He always seems to beat me at this game! Lots of time was spent in the garden, having water balloon fights, getting the paddling pool out, playing with Hot Wheels tracks and having yummy barbecues. We made our own pizzas and cooked them on the barbie. Mine had lots of different cheese on it, plus ham and pepperoni. It was delicious! Luca joined the online Chelsea FC soccer school so I helped him with that in our car port so now I am ready to join the WC girls football team!!! Haha!! I also enjoyed doing lots of cooking and baking that I don’t normally have the time to do. My favourite day though was Easter Sunday as the Easter Bunny visited us and we had lots of eggs to find on our hunt. You all know how much I love chocolate!!

I miss you all lots and will look forward to chatting to you on the phone this week to find out what you’ve been up to.

Take care and keep safe.

Love Mrs Greely xxx


Friday 3rd April

Mrs Sawtell

Over the last few weeks, the Sawtell family have been busy adapting to a new routine of ‘working from home’ and ‘home schooling’! At first, it was a little strange as we all found our feet and learnt how to share, especially the space in our house and laptops as we all need to access them for our work!

Thankfully, we have all been able to keep active! Ethan and Elliot have accompanied me when I have been for a run, either on their bikes or running with me. We have ensured that we keep at least 2 metres away from people and often cross the road to avoid others!! As there have been less cars on the road, we have taken the opportunity (as a family) to go on bike rides in places that we don’t usually dare to go!!!

It has been wonderful to have family time together – Ethan and Elliot have enjoyed baking and making dinner for us all! We loved eating Ethan’s chicken pie and Elliot’s fajitas! I think that I could definitely get used to being waited on every now and then!!

Finally, we have started a family ‘Kahoot’ league!!! At present, I am in first place – I even beat Mark (my husband), Ethan and Elliot in the football questions round!!!! Long may it continue!!!!


Mrs Greely

It’s been a fun but exhausting time in the Greely household recently! My son Luca, who is 5 years old, has loved having ‘Mummy time’ so I’ve been entertaining and teaching him whilst also trying to work from home (he doesn’t listen as well as you wonderful lot do!).

Every morning, we have started our day with a P.E. lesson from Joe Wicks and as you all know, I’m not fit like Mrs Sawtell so I ache everywhere! It’s definitely helping me though, particularly as I’m eating far too many chocolates and cakes at the moment to pass the time!!

I am enjoying spending lots of time in the garden. Luckily, last year we had our garden landscaped and we have artificial grass so it’s been perfect. I’m hoping for sunny weather this weekend as the Greely family loves a barbeque!

I have loved chatting to you on the phone this week, it’s really made me smile. I hope you all have a fab Easter and eat lots of chocolate eggs!

Take care and keep smiling.

Mrs Greely xxx


Optional Challenge – Fun on the International Space Station

On Tuesday 7th April listen to this free live NASA astronaut chat on YouTube. There will be 45 minutes of questions and answers. Click on the link below to find out more.



Don’t forget to keep emailing us any photos or work that you are proud of at or share it through our Twitter account: @GreelySawtell. It makes our day!!!

We loved listening to Matthew’s recorder playing yesterday and seeing his inspiring rainbow picture and acrostic poem for the NHS. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Morning 5SG!

We have had a lovely few days chatting to you on the phone. If we haven’t made contact with you yet please don’t worry – we will! We have been amazed by how positive you have all been with the changes in your learning style and pleased to hear that you are trying so hard with the work that we have set. Matthew, Lucinda and Jacob – well done for setting up a desk (just like in our classroom) where you are able to work without distraction. Has anybody else done this?

Listening to you all, we found that many of you are using this time at home to improve on and learn new skills that you wouldn’t ordinarily have the time do. Here are just a few of the amazing things that you have been doing:

Jacob – continuing your karate lessons through online classes - wow! Well done for continuing to keep fit!

Charlotte – thank you for sending us a video of you playing ‘The Russian song’ on the keyboard – it was amazing! Mrs Rodriguez will be very proud!!

Lucinda – well done for producing a wonderful set of self-portraits in the style of Andy Warhol! We are looking forward to seeing pictures of your pop-art plant pots!

Matthew – we were waiting for our invite to your ‘Tim Peake’ virtual quiz! I hope that your grandparents and family enjoyed the quiz that you created this week in Science! Who won the £100?

Brooke – you wrote a fabulous poem about Uranus! We loved reading it!

You are all amazing and we miss seeing you at school! It is important that we keep each other posted about the things that we have been doing. Tomorrow, we will share some of the things that we have been doing with our families.  If any of you would like to share some of the fun activities that you have been up to please ask an adult to email it to: Or they can share it through our Twitter account: @GreelySawtell


In order to spread hope and kindness, please create a ‘rainbow’ poster/image to place in a window of your house. Think carefully about the message that you would like to send and possibly write a few words outlining your thoughts! When you are out walking you can either count the rainbows that you see or read the messages that other people have written.

Keep smiling and stay safe.

Mrs Greely and Mrs Sawtell