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Mrs Greely's and Mrs Sawtell's Diary

A photo of our amazing class taken during our zoom chat.

Sunday 5th July

Today is a special day for a certain person who becomes double digits!


We hope that you have a fabulous celebrating and that you have some lovely treats!

Have a great day, from Mrs Sawtell and Mrs Greely xx

Friday 3rd July


Good Morning!

I cannot believe that it is Friday...again!!!


Mrs Greely and I had a fabulous time playing games and chatting with you all yesterday! It was great to see your smiley faces and share some memories etc. Although this is the end of our transition work for Year 5, Mrs Greely and I will (over the next two weeks) leave a farewell message for you - so keep watching this space!


Than you also for the poems that you have emailed to us. It is wonderful to see the effort that you have put into writing them and then performing them! It is a nice way to look back over this strange year! Miss Lomas really is going to be happy when she sees the level of effort that you put into your work. Enjoy your Year 6 transition work and feel free to send us emails of what you have been doing! We would love to see it!


Have a great weekend with your families and somebody please do the sun dance!!!! I need to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin again! It makes me feel so much happier!!!!


Speak soon.

Love Mrs Sawtell x

Wednesday 1st July

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Monday 29th June

Hello wonderful class!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. The weather wasn't the greatest but I hope you still made the most of it. We went to Hylands Park as Luca has learnt how to ride his bike without stabilisers so now wants to ride his police bike (with a loud annoying siren) everywhere!! We also had fish and chips delivered for dinner for the first time since lockdown so that was a nice treat!


Thank you so much to Matthew, Lucy and Joe for their regular emails on Purple Mash. We love to hear about what you've been up to. I always smile when I hear from you all as I miss you very much. Matthew's new puppy is adorable! I hope that your parents received your reports last week and were super proud of you (Mrs Sawtell and I definitely are).


I am very excited for our class Zoom chat on Thursday (09:00) and for our Year 5 quiz on Wednesday (12:30). Mr Hopgood did a practise one for me all about crocodiles and I only scored 50% so I hope to do better on Wednesday! The home leaning work for this week is different as it's about transition so I hope you enjoy the fun actitivites that we have planned for you. I'm so looking forward to watching your performance poetry. I do hope we have some budding poets out there!


Take care and keep smiling. See you on Zoom!

Mrs Greely xxxx





Friday 26th June

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Monday 22nd June


Sun cream and paddling pools at the ready! This week is going to be a scorcher!!! Make sure that you all make the most of the glorious weather - get out into the garden and have lots of fun!


I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend! The Sawtell household enjoyed watching the first Liverpool match since the Premier League started. A local derby is exciting at the best of times as my dad supports Everton. We had fun texting him before the match began but unfortunately it was an uneventful game - 0-0! Regardless of the score, it was nice to watch football again!


Today, I have attached a photo of a game called Boggle - use the letters and make as many words as you can in one minute! Have fun and let me know the words that you make (email via purple mash).


Have a great day.

From Mrs Sawtell

Friday 19th June

Morning Guys!

I hope that you have all had a good week and that you have made the most of the sunshine. I wonder where all of that rain that was forecast went? I think that we need to prepare for intense sunshine that is due to arrive next week – 29 degrees!!! JJJ Paddling pools at the ready!


This week, I have been for many walks and a few runs but I think that I am getting old as my hips are sore! I love to get out though so I must work through the pain!! What exercise have you been doing?


A big thank you to Thomas, Charlotte, Lucy and Lucinda who have kept us smiling through their emails! J It really does make our day when we receive copies of your work or pictures/information about what you have been up to.


Thomas has been busy with his home schooling and reading several books about famous footballers. A big well done for his amazing footballing achievement too – determination and great focus allows you to achieve many dreams! Well done Thomas.


Charlotte has created a 5SG word search so I have attached it below. Have a go at finding all of our names. I did and it was great fun!


Lucy has been working extremely hard and shared her wonderful Lighthouse writing, a fabulous poem that she wrote about plastic pollution and some great posters!


Lucinda regularly shares her work with us and this week was no exception! We loved your pollution poster – well done!


Can I also say a big thank you to Matthew who played scrabble with me! After my diary entry last week, Matthew emailed me with all of the words that he made from the scrabble pieces. He found a lot more than I did but we both made ‘knife’ which was the highest scoring word that we made!


Have a fabulous weekend with your family and enjoy completing Charlotte’s word search.

See you next week.

Mrs Sawtell

Charlotte's word search

Thursday 18th June

Today is another special day as Joe celebrates his 10th birthday.


We hope that you have a wonderful time eating cake, opening presents and celebrating becoming a double digit!!

From Mrs Sawtell and Mrs Greely

Wednesday 17th June

Still image for this video
I have attached some photos of Elliot's Crazy Golf course!

Tuesday 16th June


A special diary entry today as it is Brooke's birthday!


We hope that you have a special day and that you receive many lovely gifts!

From Mrs Sawtell and Mrs Greelysmiley


Monday 15th June

Still image for this video

Morning Guys!

I hope that you are all having a lovely week and that the weather hasn’t hampered any plans that you had made!

We have not done an awful lot this week so I don’t have a lot to share with you! L We have made some muffins and cookies, been for a few walks and I have been out running but other than that we have kept ourselves in the house and out of the rain!!

Thank you to Matthew for sharing this pictures of the puppies! I hope that you are able to get that cute little brown one! J Also, you wrote a very detailed letter to Mrs Burrell trying to persuade her not to open the school during the holidays! I think that it will definitely persuade her that it is not a good idea!! Lucy - thank you for your fabulous diversity and endangered animal posters! I really love polar bears!!

We have not received as many emails from you all this week! I am sure that you are doing lots of wonderful things at home but remember – we love to SEE what you have been up to as it makes us smile and keeps us happy. Please get emailing – we love to hear from you!!

We have also played several games so I thought that I would get you involved!!! Scrabble is one of my favourites so I thought that I would give you the letters that I picked and see who can make the highest scoring word. Please email me via Purple Mash with your word choices and I will crown the winner next week! Have fun!!!

E – 1 point                                                                                           K – 5 points

F – 4 points                                                                                         N – 1 point

U – 1 point                                                                                          I – 1 point

T – 1 point

Have a great weekend everyone! Look out for the sunshine…it is due to arrive on Saturday!! JJJ

Love Mrs Sawtell

Morning Guys!

I think that we all need to get out into the garden and do the sun dance as it is pretty miserable out there!! JJ I hope that is doesn’t rain too much.

It has been a quiet week in the Sawtell house – Ethan has had a tummy bug (how – I don’t know!??) and we have all felt a little tired and sluggish – I am hoping that it is the weather as we have wanted to wrap up warm and watch films a lot! Although this is lovely, it is much nicer when we can get outside and move around a bit more!

I hope that you are having a good week and that you are enjoying the activities that we have set for you! I would like to say a big thank you to Lucy, Lucinda, Joe, Brooke and Matthew for the work that you have emailed us on Purple Mash. The endangered animal posters and PowerPoints are fabulous! Well done.

I would also like to thank Euan for sending us his photos from his fishing trip. The fish that you and your brother caught were huge and I really enjoyed chatting to you about the differences between sea and lake fishing.

Did you all see the newsletter last week? If not, you are going to have Miss Lomas as your teacher when you move to Year 6! Although we will be VERY sad to say goodbye to you all, we know that you will have a great time with Miss Lomas!! If you have any questions that you would like to ask her please feel free to email her via Purple Mash – she would love to hear from you!

Have a great day. Keep Smiling J

Missing you all!

Mrs Sawtell

Monday 8th June


Hello you lovely lot!


I hope you are all ok and had a good weekend. The weather was pretty miserable, wasn’t it? I was supposed to have a barbeque in my garden but it had to be cancelled, twice! Instead, I went cycling with my son at Galleywood Common, in Chelmsford. He wanted to go on up and down the hills on the bike tracks which started off very fun until I fell off!! I was very embarrassed but luckily not too hurt! I’ve decided that I’m too old now for bike tricks!! We also went Geocaching at Hylands Park (like a treasure hunt where you follow the map to find hidden boxes). 


Last week I was in school with the Key Worker children and that was fun. My highlights were going on a nature scavenger hunt and making our own boats and testing them to see whose boat floated and sailed best. It was fantastic to be working in a team with Mrs Rolfe-Adams, Mr Hopgood and Mrs Thomas again! This week Mrs Latchford is joining us too!


I’m still missing you all very much and it’s lovely to hear from you. I really enjoyed seeing Ronnie’s photos this weekend as he has been so helpful to his family during lockdown which made me feel very happy and proud.


Take care and keep smiling.


Mrs Greely xxx

Friday 5th June


Morning Guys!

I hope that you have had a lovely first week back at school! It has been really lovely to chat to you all again and to share our news. It was amazing to hear how many of you camped in the garden during the half-term holiday – we will be a nation of campers after lockdown ends!!

Unfortunately, we haven’t received as many emails from you this week (thanks to Lucy, Thomas, Joe, Lucinda and Matthew who have!). We love to see what you have been up to so please get emailing! JJ

I have just been distracted from writing this diary entry as we spotted a fox in the garden. Amazingly, he just sat there for about 5 minutes, scratching himself and sniffing around. He was beside our football goal – I think that he was waiting for Ethan and Elliot to come and play!! J J J Could you imagine that!? J

Well… as promised, I have included the answers to the riddles that I posted on Wednesday. I hope that you had fun. Did you solve them??

Where can you find cities, towns, shops, and streets but no people?

A map.


How far can a fox run into the woods?

Only halfway, otherwise it would be running out of the woods!


What happens once in a lifetime, twice in a moment, but never in one hundred years?

The letter “M”.


Have a fabulous weekend!

See you next week

Mrs Sawtell x

Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning to you all!

It has been wonderful chatting to you all this week! Although you have all been at home for such a long time now, you are continuing to have fun and make the most of your time – well done! As we were unable to go on our residential trip to Flatford, Lucy and her family went for a visit! It was lovely to see all of her pictures and to hear that her older brother Jack, who went on the trip when he was in Year 5, told her about the buildings and some of the activities that she would have taken part in! Thank you Jack! Maybe you could plan a visit too?!


During our phone calls, we have been giving you your Sumdog password and username. Sumdog is a great place to play maths and spelling games. You can even earn rewards! It is easy to use and you can access it by clicking on this link or downloading the App.


My son, Elliot, has been having lots of fun trying to solve riddles over the last few weeks! He has even tried making some up of his own!! I thought that I would share some with you and see if you can solve them. I will post the answers on Friday! JJJ

Where can you find cities, towns, shops, and streets but no people?

How far can a fox run into the woods?

What happens once in a lifetime, twice in a moment, but never in one hundred years?


Have fun guys!

See you on Friday.

Mrs Sawtell


Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning!

Joe has created a PowerPoint of science experiments that you could try at home. If you do, please make sure that you ASK AN ADULT FIRST AND THAT THEY HELP YOU TO CARRY OUT THE EXPERIMENT!


We experimented with the marshmallows!!! Just 60 seconds in the microwave made the BIGGEST marshmallows that Ethan and Elliot have ever seen! yes


Also, take a look at some of the art work that you produced during our Flatford topic.



Monday 1st June

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Friday 22nd May

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Wednesday 20th May


Hello everyone!


What a beautiful sunny day it is today! I hope you can all get outside and enjoy it. We are planning to get the paddling pool out and do our work outside today to make the most of it. Don’t forget to wear sun cream and a hat though! Oh, and have an ice cream or ice lolly for me!


We are loving the emails coming through on Purple Mash. Feel free to say hi, ask us any questions or show us pictures or work on here too! Thank you to these children for their work this week:

Lucinda - we loved your labelled plant picture! 

Matthew – a detailed PowerPoint on plant reproduction, you are working so hard! 

Lucy – a beautifully presented pollination PowerPoint. 

Jacob – a fantastic piece of writing about the floating citadel. It was a joy to read! 


We miss you all very much and love to hear from you so keep those emails coming in! Its great to chat to you on the phone too. Demi and Joe, you both spoke so confidently on the phone yesterday and made my day!


Take care my lovelies!

Mrs Greely xx

Monday 18th May


Good Morning 5SG!

What a glorious day! Charlotte – I think that our ‘Sun Dance’ finally worked!!! It is due to be sunny all week so I hope that you all get to spend some time outside. Remember to wear sun cream!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! We had another lovely weekend together. On Friday evening, it was the return of ‘Dinner Date’ in the Sawtell house! This time it was Mark and Ethan’s turn to choose the theme. Look at the picture below - can anyone guess what our theme was? Euan, I think that you would have been happy with their choice! The menu consisted of the biggest burgers that I have ever seen – filled with chicken, bacon and tomato served with a side of homemade chips and for dessert we had crème brulee! Ethan enjoyed burning the sugar on the top but more importantly they tasted divine!!

After seeing Matthew playing badminton, we ordered a travel set so that we could play in the garden! Well…..what can I say!?!? It is brilliant! Remarkably, felt like a child again as I used to play badminton as a girl and it all came flooding back as soon as I held the racket! Ethan, Elliot and Mark couldn’t believe that I had been hiding such great badminton skills for all these years!! We play every day now!!

Thank you to Lucy and Chloe P for your emails via Purple Mash. Lucy – although I only got a few questions correct, I thought that your John Constable quiz was fabulous! Chloe – your cakes looked scrumptious and your John Constable PowerPoint was very informative!

We will look forward to receiving more emails and examples of the fun things that you are doing at home.

Have a good few days.

Love Mrs Sawtell

Friday 15th May

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Friday 15th May cont...

We have loved reading your emails on Purple Mash – thank you! The quality of your work is amazing! So a HUGE shout out to:

Lucinda for your amazing VE day letter, Flatford leaflet and John Constable PowerPoint! I didn’t know that John Constable wore only black after his wife died!!

Charlotte for your fabulous ‘well-being’ pictures – it is very important to take some time for yourself! Thanks also for making my tummy rumble with all of your homemade goodies!!! Well done for a great achievement with your shoe laces!!

Lucy – you will be a professional baker when you leave school! Your care was amazing – I loved the different coloured tiers within the dress! Thank you for telling me how to make my own!

Matthew for your amazing Flatford leaflet – I can imagine seeing that in a Tourist Information Centre! Also, I would to thank you for blowing my mind with your Roblox PowerPoint! It sounds like a very exciting game!

Ellie – I loved your VE day letter. If I had received that letter I would be so happy – you were extremely thoughtful and kind!

Jacob – I loved the use of questioning (especially your rhetorical question) in your VE day letter! Well done!

Brooke for producing a wonderful John Constable PowerPoint. I will look forward to getting a closer look when you email it to me!

What a busy week for 5SG! Remember – if you have anything to share with us or if you just want to say ‘Hi’ – send us an email via Purple Mash. We can’t wait to see what you have been up to!

Have a great day.

Love Mrs Sawtell

Wednesday 13th May

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Monday 11th May


What a difference a day makes! It was a wonderful treat having a longer weekend, especially as the sun shone for most of it!

On Friday, we took to our bikes once again. In the lovely sunshine, we cycled 37 miles to Heybridge Basin and back. Unlike last week, this ride was full of fun and we saw some lovely sights on the way. As we left the house, we saw the Red Arrows fly over us – they always manage to send tingles through my body, so fast and often with great meaning! As we cycled through the villages, it was wonderful to see all of the people in their drives, celebrating with their Union Jack flags and BBQ’s! There was a definite air of excitement and celebration which felt amazing! When we arrived at Heybridge Basin we ate our picnic – we needed the energy to cycle home! As we were eating, a boat worked its way through the lock system. There are three locks and when the boat reached the final gate the seagulls started to get VERY excited – flying around, shouting at each other whilst diving to collect fish! Once the boat had travelled through the final lock, I asked the Lock Master why the seagulls had got so excited!! Fascinatingly, the basin has fresh water (fresh water fish live here) and the estuary is salt water (salt water fish live here). Sadly, when the salt and fresh water meet (as the lock gates open) the fish don’t like it and either die or get confused. The seagulls were so excited because they knew that they could get an easy lunch!!

In the evening, we sat on our driveway to eat our dinner with the neighbours - who sat on their drives. It was a lovely time spent with some people that we haven’t seen or spoken to for a long time. During the evening, a young man (dressed in wartime uniform) came down the road riding an old bicycle with a radio broadcasting wartime songs. He looked fabulous but he must have been VERY hot! At 9pm we sang Vera Lynn - ‘We’ll meet again’. It was a perfect end to a lovely day!

Saturday and Sunday were much more relaxed, playing games in the garden, walking and cleaning the house – ready for another week of home learning!

I am looking forward to chatting to some of you this week!

Have a god day!

Love, Mrs Sawtell

Friday 8th May


Happy Bank Holiday Friday 5SG!

Today is a very important day in several ways!!! Firstly, it is VE day or Victory in Europe Day, which marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe.


Are you planning to celebrate in any way? The Sawtell Clan are going for a long bike ride and then returning home to make scones! We will then be joining the other families in our street to celebrate VE day with afternoon tea! At 9pm, we will all come together to sing ‘We’ll meet again’ along with the Royal British Legion after the Queen’s address to the nation. Although we will all be on our own driveways, it will be lovely to chat and see some of our neighbours – some of whom we have not seen for a while!


Secondly, it is Ellie Gray’s 10th birthday! Double digits! I would like to take this opportunity to wish Ellie a very happy birthday! I hope that it is a special day and that she receives some fabulous presents!


Whatever you do today or over this long weekend – have lots of fun and enjoy the sunshine!


From Mrs Sawtell

Wednesday 6th May

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Dear 5SG,

I am very sorry if I look a little serious on this video but I had to record it myself and couldn't concentrate on too many things at once!!smileyblush

Have a good day!

Love Mrs Sawtell

Monday 4th May

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