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** From Monday, my diary will be moving to our Home Learning page.  **

Friday 1st May Part Two

Evening Class 1GW,

Happy Friday! I hope you have had a great day today.  

Abigail was busy this morning counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and James enjoyed playing with his toy farm and learning some animal names. 

This afternoon, we planted our sunflower seeds! I planted a sunflower kit and Abigail and James planted 'Giant' sunflower seeds.  Abigail is very excited to be able to compare and see whether her one will be giant.  

A special thank you to Alina and Alfie for your updates today.  You have certainly been very busy.  I have loved seeing your work.  Alina, thank you for completing our challenge.  Your masks were so beautiful and I hope you enjoyed them.  Alfie, you read your Mabel's Magical Garden story so well, I enjoyed listening.  

Jocelyn, Harry, Alina, Elsie, Xavier, Oliver C, Rory, Elliott, Emily, Sienna, Zak, Ava, Antonio, Freya and Logan have all accessed our new website Sumdog this week which is half of our class,  amazing!  A special well done to Alina, Emily, Oliver C,  Xavier, Ava and Freya who have logged in today.  Alina has answered 119 questions today! Well done Alina. 

Your challenge this weekend is to enter the following competition.  I will add the template for this below. I would love to see your entry.  Please add a photo on Twitter @MrsGoodwin16 or email to 


NHS Competition

We're looking for students to design a banner which thanks and shows support to the NHS and key workers, for their dedication and hard work during this pandemic. 

We'll pick 5 winners, who will have their artwork recreated by our talented designers and printed on to a big 3x1m banner for you to proudly attach to your school gates! 

To enter, your students simply need to take a photograph of their completed worksheet and email it to alongside their full name, age and details of their school


Have a great weekend, 

Mrs Goodwin


NHS Competition Template

Friday 1st May Part One

Good morning Class 1GW,

I am so excited! Today is the day that, if you have not already done so, you plant your sunflower seeds! Today I will be planting mine and I will be updating you on its growth.
Have fun, 

Mrs Goodwin

We Plant A Seed

Thursday 30th April

Hello Class 1GW,

I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely day today.

Last night I made some banana bread to use up some bananas.  I will include the recipe below in case you would like to try it.  It is so easy to make!

This morning, Abigail was busy measuring different objects and learning how to improve sentences to make them more interesting.  James enjoyed kicking and rolling his football.

I enjoyed speaking to Oliver K, Xavier, Emily, Freya and Nancy this afternoon.  It was great to hear how busy you have all been.  I am so lucky to have nearly spoken to every child in our class this week.  

Today has been a busy day on Twitter which has been brilliant.  It is great to receive lots of notifications so I can share your learning with you, and you can all see what your friends are learning.  A special thank you to Finley, Alina, Rory, Freya and Alfie for your updates today.  It was amazing to see more than one photo/video from each of you.  Freya, your note to Macy was great and was such a lovely thing to do.  It is a brilliant way to keep in contact with your friends.  

So far in just a couple of days Jocelyn, Harry, Elsie, Alina, Rory, Xavier, Elliott, Sienna, Zak, Antonio, Logan and Freya have all tried our new website Sumdog, which is amazing! Jocelyn has answered 388 questions today!! A huge well done to you ,Jocelyn. 

 Tomorrow's challenge is to make a mask. Use your imagination.  It could be painted, drawn or use the recycling at home.  I am looking forward to seeing what you create. 

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Goodwin

Banana Bread

Wednesday 29th April

Hello Class 1GW,

I hope you managed to find a break in the weather today to go outside or perhaps you made the most of the rain, put your wellies on and went for a splash in the puddles during your daily exercise. 

We had a very busy morning completing Abigail's English, Maths and Phonics tasks from school. James enjoyed sorting farm animals, playing with his dinosaurs and mark making with his new pencil case which he has grown rather fond of... it now goes everywhere he goes! 

This afternoon, I spoke to Jocelyn, Ethan, Elliott, Finley, Olivia, Sienna and Alexia.  It was so lovely to speak to you all and to hear about the exciting things you have been up to.  It was wonderful to hear that Jocelyn and Olivia have been so helpful at home by helping with jobs.  I wonder if you can think of a job to do?  Thank you to Freya, Antonio, Elliott, Alfie, Xavier, Rory, Alina and Sienna for all of your wonderful updates today via email and Twitter.  It has been great to see your learning as well as lots of fun things you have been doing today.  I am amazed that so far Harry, Jocelyn, Alina, Elsie, Rory, Zak, Antonio and Logan have all accessed our new website Sumdog.  It is a very fun way to continue your learning.  

This afternoon, Abigail had the most amazing time creating an obstacle course inside and dancing her way around it whilst listening to Justin Timberlake's 'Can't stop the feeling'.  Your challenge tomorrow is create your own obstacle course.  Perhaps you could time yourself and listen to your favourite song.  Ask an adult to record you - I would love to see!

I have a joke for you....

What kind of tree fits in your hand? 




A palm tree.

Have a great day tomorrow,  

Mrs Goodwin

Tuesday 28th April

Hello Class 1GW,

I hope you have all had a lovely day... splashing in puddles! 

It has been so wonderful to speak to Lacey, Ivy, Zak, Alfie, Alina, Ava, Logan and Theo this afternoon.  I was very impressed to hear that Theo can now ride his bike with no stabilisers.  Lacey is becoming the perfect baker, I look forward to some tasty things to try when we are back at school.  When I called, Logan was busy hunting for objects made from different materials.  I was so happy that he still found the time to talk. smiley  I will be calling the rest of you very soon, keep the paper and pencil nearby for your Sumdog username and password.  I am delighted that Harry, Zak, Rory and Elsie have already logged in to explore the new website! I hope you are all enjoying it. 

A special thank you to Jocelyn, Antonio, Emily, Rory, Alfie and Noah for your updates today via Twitter and email.  It is great to be involved in your learning.  Emily, Noah and Rory you were so brave to be recorded, well done!

Tomorrow's challenge is to go on a rainbow colour hunt.  Can you find an object for every colour of the rainbow?  Remember to post a photo to Twitter @MrsGoodwin16 or email

Have a great day, 

Mrs Goodwin

Monday 27th April 

Hello Class 1GW,

I have had a lovely afternoon speaking to Elsie, Frankie, Chanelle, Oliver C, Antonio, Macy, Levi, Harry and Rory.  It was so great to hear about the activities that you have been completing at home.  So many of you have made the most of the sunshine recently, by jumping on the trampoline, riding your bike, riding a scooter, splashing in the paddling pool and playing Swingball.  Leaning wise, Purple Mash seems to be one your favourite things to do.  Chanelle, I was so impressed with your knowledge of planets.  Rory, your ant farm sounds so very exciting.  I will speak to the rest of you very soon. 

When I call, I will be giving you your username and password for an exciting website which we have joined, so have some paper and a pen nearby. I will attach a document below which explains Sumdog ( in more detail.  The school code is 'whitecourt'.  You will need your username, password and the school code to log in.  If you have any problems with the username and password I provide, please email

A special thank you to Antonio, Levi, Alfie, Rory, Alina and Freya for your updates today via email and Twitter.  It has been so amazing to be part of your learning today.  I know Freya and Alina have also taken part with our baby photo competition, I wonder who else has had a guess.  Here are the answers...…..

A Finley

B Freya

C Levi

Thank you so much for the baby photos, it made a very fun activity.    

I know so many of you are enjoying Joe Wicks in the mornings.  Tomorrow's challenge is to create your own exercise routine.  This could include jumps, turns, press ups, sit ups, hops, skips etc...  I look forward to seeing them - perhaps if you are feeling brave, you could be recorded! 

Have a fun day, 

Mrs Goodwin

Information about Sumdog

Friday 24th April 

Hello Class 1GW,

Happy Friday! It has been a very hot day today. After completing lots of work this morning, we had lots of fun in the garden this afternoon.  Abigail made a den for her school which she really enjoyed.  I made some white chocolate chip cookies.  Abigail and James demolished these within seconds whilst sitting inside the den.... there were crumbs everywhere! I will include the recipe below in case you would like to give them a try. 

A special thank you to Finley and Alfie for completing our challenge.  The body drawings looked wonderful and I was so impressed that you both included the organs! Well done, amazing work.  Finley also completed Mrs Burrell's challenge.  Remember to keep an eye out for her video each day on the home learning page.  There have been lots of fun ideas so far, we will be making the flapjacks this weekend.  

Oliver K, I was very impressed with your handwriting, you have been trying so hard.  Keep up the hard work.  Antonio, your work looked great.  I loved how you used sticks to support your learning.  


I have received some baby photos of children in our class.  Competition time.... I wonder whether you can guess who they are?  I will add the answers on Monday.  







Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Goodwin

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Can you make a den this weekend?

Still image for this video


Thursday 23rd April 

Hello Class 1GW,

I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine today.  I have continued typing your reports in the garden.  We are very lucky to have such beautiful weather.  

It has been great to hear about your learning today.  Elliott, thank you for your lovely drawing of your favourite part of Mabel's Magical Garden and what super maths work.  Thank you to Freya, Finley, Rory, Alfie and Xavier for your updates today.  Such amazing French counting, super arrays and three fantastic musical instruments from Finley and Alfie - thank you boys for completing our challenge.

Yesterday, Abigail completed a challenge for her school and I thought you would enjoy it.  Tomorrow's challenge is to draw around a member of your family and label their body parts.  If you would like a challenge you could have a think about which organs we have and where they are.  You are welcome to draw this outside with chalk or inside on paper.

Have fun,

Mrs Goodwin 


Wednesday 22nd April 

Hello Class 1GW,

I know from seeing all of the tweets and emails from your parents today that you have been very busy. I have received many Twitter notifications which has been fantastic. I love seeing what you are learning and the fun activities you are doing at home, in your garden or on your daily exercise. It is great to see so many of you taking care with your work... it looks just like the work you produced at school. Well done, keep up the hard work, I am so proud of you all! A special thank you to Antonio, Alfie, Elliott, Noah, Alina, Emily, Xavier, Finley and Freya for sharing your wonderful work, it has really made me smile. 

James has been back in his role play shop this morning, serving shopping orders... luckily his shop has flour and eggs! Although, he soon took away the orange I had ordered when he realised I did not have any money to pay for it! Abigail has been busy looking at number patterns on a hundred square and drawing her favourite part of Mabel's Magical Garden - just like so many of you were today. smiley I will include a photo below. I wonder if any of you liked the same part of the story?

The weather has been beautiful today but I know tomorrow is going to be hot! Have lots of fun but remember to take care in the sun.

I was lucky to speak to all of you before the Easter holidays.  I will begin my calls again next week, to have a catch up and to say hello! I cannot wait to hear what you have been up to. 

Tomorrow's challenge is to make a musical instrument.  Have a hunt in the recycling at home and find some rice or beans in the kitchen ... do not forget to ask your parents first.  Perhaps you could take the instrument outside to play in the sunshine.  

Have a great day, 

Mrs Goodwin


Tuesday 21st April 

Hello Class 1GW,

Today is Queen Elizabeth's 94th birthday! She is very lucky to have two birthdays but today is her actual birthday. Did you celebrate this today?

We had a picnic lunch outside in the garden, which was lovely in the beautiful sunshine.

Abigail continued to explore times tables today and looked at solving the 5x and 10x by counting in 5s and 10s to support. Then she looked at using capitals and thinking which nouns (common or proper) need capital letters.  

James had lots of fun pretending to work behind an ice cream stand, serving ice creams and using the till in the shop.

After our lovely picnic lunch, we planted some tomatoes. We are so excited to see how long these take to grow. Have you planted anything recently? Soon, we will all be planting sunflower seeds and watching them grow.  Do you have your seeds ready? Don't worry if not, you still have time if you would like to join us in growing sunflowers or you can watch ours grow on here (hopefully!).  

Antonio, Alfie and Xavier it was great to see your wonderful maths work today.  You worked so hard! Finley, thank you so much for completing my challenge. You presented the different words so neatly. 

Tomorrow's challenge is to explore what you can do in one minute. Perhaps ask an adult to time you.  You could see how many jumps you can do, or skips or perhaps how far you can run if you are in a big field for your daily exercise.

Have a great day, 

Mrs Goodwin


Monday 20th April 

Hello Class 1GW,

What a sunny day it has been! smiley

The first day back has certainly been a busy one.  This morning, Abigail joined you in learning the story of Mabel's Magical Garden.  We also discussed seed dispersal.  This is what was happening when the seeds were flying everywhere!

She also started to learn the 2 times table whilst linking it to what she already knows about addition.  James matched penguins, did some cutting and played with his toy farm.  

This afternoon, we had a lovely game of giant snakes and ladders outside in the garden.  I think we will get the paddling pool out later this week.   

I have been so impressed.  You have all been working so hard today and have made a great start to Summer Term.  Oliver, I really liked your 'er' work, it was brilliant and it was great to see you challenging yourself. Antonio, great work counting in 10s and what super planting.  I cannot wait to see it grow!

As well as these updates via the home learning email, I have seen many on Twitter.  Elliott, I was so very proud to see you explaining your learning so confidently in a super video!

Tomorrow's challenge is to paint or draw a picture of something which begins with the first letter of your first name.  

Have lots of fun, 

Mrs Goodwin


Sunday 19th April 

Hello Class 1GW,

I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing Easter holiday.  This week looks set to be a very sunny week, which is perfect to take your learning outside with you and to enjoy the sunshine.  A huge well done to Freya for completing our Easter challenge by making a wonderful princess egg.  I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of your updates on Twitter, and I cannot wait to see what fun the rest of you had this Easter.  Did the Easter Bunny visit you? Did you bake anything delicious?  Remember you can send photos to or tweet them on Twitter @MrsGoodwin16. 

We have been outside today for a walk.  We are very lucky to have a nature area and a huge space to run about not far from our house.  When we returned I made my first pineapple upside down cake.  I will include a photo below.  We enjoyed this with custard this evening... I think I need another walk or run tomorrow!

Tomorrow's challenge is to make a zoo! You could use playdough, Lego, Duplo, recycling, wooden blocks or you could paint or draw it instead.  I would love to see them and I know my daughter is missing our visits to the zoo, so I think she would like to see them too.  Her favourite animal is a flamingo. 

Have a lovely day tomorrow, 

Mrs Goodwin


Friday 3rd April 

Hello Class 1GW,

What a busy day it has been.  Abigail completed tasks from her school this morning and James made me a delicious meal in his role play kitchen.  This afternoon, I finished my phone calls to each of you.  I spoke to Levi, Oliver, Chanelle, Zak, Elsie, Finley and Theo.  Elsie, I am sure you will soon be enjoying your newly decorated bedroom.  Oliver, the chocolate brownies you made sounded amazing... I think I will bake some of these next week as they are my favourite!  Chanelle will soon be bouncing so high on her new trampoline in the beautiful sunshine that we have been promised. 

It has now been two weeks of home school and you are all working so hard.  I have really enjoyed speaking to you all on the phone this week.  Many of you were excited to share your news which was lovely to hear.  You have been very busy and are doing well at combining work and play. 

When James was enjoying his nap this afternoon, Abigail spent some time in the garden with our guinea pigs, Bean and Bo, and made a birthday card to send to a friend from school tomorrow.  I will include photos of Bean and Bo below. The strawberries in the fridge keep disappearing... I wonder who is eating them?

Well done to Alfie, Alina and Antonio for completing the tower challenge.  Alfie your tower was so tall! Antonio, you modelled your hat from our hat challenge with such a smile - thank you! I really loved seeing all of these via Twitter and email. 

Your challenge this Easter is to design a new Easter egg.  Your design could be 2D or 3D. You could paint, draw or perhaps make the egg from craft resources or recycling that you have at home.  You could even design and make the packaging for your Easter egg.  Can you think of an exciting name for it?  Please add a photo of your Easter egg on Twitter (@MrsGoodwin16) or email a photo to 

I wish you all a fantastic Easter break.  I hope you have lots of fun and have plenty of time to rest.  I will be back with my diary entry updates in a couple of weeks. I look forward to seeing all of your adventures on Twitter. smiley

Enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Goodwin




A special hello from Mrs Donaldson

Still image for this video


Thursday 2nd April 

Hello Class 1GW,

Another lovely day today.  A busy morning with my daughter and son working so hard on their own work and activities.  This afternoon, I continued my phone calls to each of you.  I spoke to Xavier, Frankie, Elliott, Macy, Ivy, Emily, Noah, Rory, Harry, Lacey, Logan and Alexia!  It was so lovely to speak to all of you and to find out what you have been doing at home so far.  Alexia, thank you for taking time out of your play to share your news so excitedly!  Emily, I forgot to ask whether you had a photo of the birthday cake you so kindly made for your mummy - a big happy birthday to Emily's mummy!  So many of you told me how you were so excited for Easter and were hoping to be munching some chocolate very soon.

Alfie thank you for the email - whoops a mistake was made on the bar model maths sheets (Tuesday’s task).. did anyone else spot it?  Each of the bar models should have two number sentences with the equals sign at the beginning and two number sentences with the equals sign at the end. 
I know lots of you are starting the day with PE with Joe.  An alternative is Cosmic Kids on YouTube which is a fun yoga.  There are lots of different themes including Frozen, Trolls and We're going on a bear hunt.  My daughter really enjoys this and it can be accessed at any time during the day.  This is certainly lots of fun! 

Tomorrow’s challenge is to make a tower.  How tall will your tower be? Perhaps you could have a competition with your family - who can build the tallest tower? Your tower could be made from recycling, wooden blocks or perhaps use items in the kitchen... remember to ask your parents first if you decide to use these. I wonder which items stack on top of each other.  Please add a photo of your tower on Twitter (@MrsGoodwin16) or email a photo to 

Have a great day tomorrow! 

Mrs Goodwin

Making amounts of money

Still image for this video


Wednesday 1st April 

Hello Class 1GW,

Happy April Fool's Day!  Has anyone played any tricks on you today, have you seen any in the newspaper or on the television?

I have had a lovely day today. I started my phone calls to each of you and I spoke to Ava, Alina, Olivia, Oliver, Jocelyn, Ethan, Sienna, Freya, Nancy, Antonio and Alfie.  It was so wonderful to speak to you all and to find out what you have been doing so far at home.  I was so proud to hear that so many of you have been helping with jobs such as washing up, making your own snack and helping to cut vegetables for dinner.  I know you have been working very hard as well with your school work which is fantastic.  I am looking forward to speaking to the rest of you very soon.

My daughter watched Frozen 2 this afternoon for the second time this week as a treat for working so hard on her own school work this morning. Have you seen Frozen 2? Which part is your favourite?  My son enjoyed typing away on my laptop which I had left out after making the phone calls...

Tomorrow’s challenge is to make a hat.  This could be a silly hat, a colourful hat, an animal hat, a tall hat, a short hat or any other type of hat.  It could be made from recycling that you have at home or search your garden for things to stick on to your hat. Please add a photo of your hat on Twitter (@MrsGoodwin16) or email a photo to

I am so excited to see them all.

Have a great day tomorrow! 

Mrs Goodwin


A quick activity

Still image for this video
This idea could be used for subtracting numbers as well as adding numbers.


Tuesday 31st March 

Hello Class 1GW,

I hope you are enjoying being at home and spending lots of time with your family. I have really enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful things you have been up to so far on Twitter.  If your parents upload a photo, please ask them to tag me @MrsGoodwin16 so I can see.  If your parents do not have a Twitter account, they can email photos to and Mrs Burrell will send them to me. smiley

I have been busy uploading your work to the website, looking at Twitter and also thinking of some lovely tasks for you to complete after the Easter holidays.  I have also been spending time with my daughter and my son.  My son is a little spotty as he has chicken pox, but he is now beginning to feel better. 

I will be setting a challenge here for you to complete each day.  It will be fun and practical.  Of course you can choose whether you would like to complete this challenge and, if you do, I would love to see it!

Tomorrow’s challenge is to create an A4 picture of a rainbow.  This could be displayed in your window at home to make someone smile as they pass by, or share on Twitter to make others smile. #rainbowsfornightingale @RainbowsNhs

Have a great day tomorrow and I will speak to you very soon. 


Mrs Goodwin