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Mrs Cullen

End of Year poem

Thank you to everyone who joined the class Zoom today! I had such a lovely time with you all that it made me miss even more (if that is possible!) 

Playing games and reading to you really made me miss going to work! 


For those of you who couldn't make it I did awards for all the class. See your award below...

Amelie – art award, your art work is always amazing!

Riley –  enthusiasm for school award, you always come to school with a smile

Katie – reading award, you read and answer comprehension questions every single day!

Jayden – passion award, you are always keen to learn

Lucas – handwriting award, your handwriting is always beautiful

Ola – self belief award in maths, you believe in yourself much more than you did at the start of the year

Kaiden – independent award, you always work independently trying your best

Ruby – challenging herself award, you push yourself in each lesson


Thank you again all of you for being an amazing class to teach! 


Hi everyone, 


We are now into our second week of Summer 2. It wont be long before it is the summer holidays!


I hope you all saw the newsletter and know that Mrs Stock is going to be your new teacher next year. She is a brilliant teacher and I know you will have a lovely time together. I have told her just how amazing you all are :D


I have been sorting more of the garden and it seems to be growing more colourful by the day!

I have enjoyed the return of the warmer weather in between working too.


I know a growing number of you are going back to school now. I am so proud of all of you for adapting the way you have. Change isnt easy but you have taken it in your stride and have shown me how mature you are. Well done, you should be proud of yourself.


I want to ask you a favour. I miss seeing all your faces so i would love to see some drawings of you. Have a go at drawing yourself and send it to me in an email. 


Speak soon Mrs Cullen

Happy Thursday everyone!

Thank you to Charlie for the email of you baking with me and Mrs Haynes. Thank you to Genevieve for sending me your tongue twister and story you have written. Thank you to Emma for you art work and picture of your modern day Roman god. Thank you to Ashley for sending me his English work. YOU ARE ALL WORKING INCREDIBLY HARD AND I LOVE TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Keep it u all of you i could burst with pride! 

Well done to all of you doing your maths on Mymaths too! 


We made the most of the sun on Tuesday and spent the day in the garden on the slip and slide and relaxing in the pool. We went shopping and i got some new books ready for next year yesterday. Poppy and i baked some cakes and went on two long dog walks yesterday too. 


Today looks like a rainy day so i will continue to call some of you but i am not having much luck this week, everyone seems busy but i will hopefully have time to try again. 


Mrs Cullen

Hello everyone!


It is the 2nd half of the Summer term!

I have had the most wonderful half term spent in the garden. We have been in the pool every day (and Ralphy!) and enjoyed many water games. It has been so nice to spend some quality time away from screens and the internet. 


Today we spent the morning working and then we went to Finchingfield for s picnic at lunch. We fed the ducks and had an ice cream there too. It was so lovely seeing the little ducklings swimming along behind the mummy.


I have called some of you and will continue to call tomorrow. I hope you have had a nice first day back of home learning and i will speak to you all soon.

Mrs Cullen


Thursday 21st May


Another glorious day!

After a lovely early morning work followed by a morning of homeschooling. I have spent time planning for after half term (with my little buddy, can you spot him in the picture?). We then spent some of the afternoon in our paddling pool listening to music.


We will be looking at Georges Marvelous medicine so don't forget to listen to me reading it to you before then, continuing our work on the Romans and starting a new science topic all about Forces and Magnets.


I love this time of year in school and am really missing it. What do you do when you miss someone you love? 

I would like to set you a challenge for over half term. This time of year means class photos! I would like you to draw our class photo. It could be set in the classroom, on the field or in the hall like normal. 


Poppy and I have been doing lots of Mrs Burrell's Challenges. We made some art from leaves and flowers today. 


Enjoy your weekend, enjoy a week off from Homelearning next week! Spend time in the garden, do some baking, explore our lovely nature here in Essex and I will see you all soon.


Mrs Cullen



Wednesday 20th May


It has been a very busy week this week! Sorry i haven't left a diary for a while. 


I have been into school today to sort out the classrooms for next term ready for some children to return to school. I took lots of things down from the windows and saw our light experiment that we had started. Can you remember when it was our sun safety lesson to our light topic? We  put sugar paper with black shapes stuck to them in the windows....well i took them down. Can you see in the pictures below what happened to the colour of the paper? Why do you think this is? and what does this mean in day to day life?


 I saw a few faces i had not seen in a while so that was nice....although i just wanted to hug them as i have missed them tremendously but while i was there i got to taste the cookies Josh's mum dropped off! It was so delicious. Thank you, yum yum yum!


When i got home i spent some time with Poppy in the wonderful out door spaces we have near us and began writing some of your addresses on envelopes ready for a little surprise we have for you.


Have a lovely day tomorrow. Speak soon.

Mrs Cullen, your very proud teacher who misses you dearly!

Wednesday 13th May


Not a lot to report today as I have been food shopping and then my new dining table got delivered! Which I cant wait to eat my breakfast at in the morning....what should i have?


Thank you to Charlie and Harry for sending me your work today! It was brilliant.


Day 3 of George's Marvelous Medicine has just gone live - the link is on the Year 3 home learning page too.


Speak to you tomorrow 

Mrs Cullen

Tuesday 12th May


Today is Miss Williamson's Birthday! Happy Birthday to her. We celebrated with a zoom chat and all the staff joined in to sing to her. We were rather gutted we didn't have cake though!


I spoke to Jake, Kutcher, George, Scarlet and Kaiden today. Thank you for taking time to talk to me, although it makes me miss you even more, i love hearing about what you have been getting up to!  Your enthusiasm for the activities and games you are playing at home makes me smile from ear to ear. Poppy I tried calling you so i will try again tomorrow.


Thank you to those who have sent me your AMAZING work! Ashley, Amelie and Freddie I love your time learning videos! Emma, Your diary was well organised and beautifully presented like always! Thomas reading your 'I am amazing work' made me really miss you. You have worked so hard on your reading and I am glad you know that and i love that you help look after you cousins.


On our walk today looking at habitats we saw wild rabbits grazing in the sun and found some recognisable leaf shapes,  don't forget to listen to today's installment of our story and I will speak to you tomorrow.

Mrs Cullen 



Welcome Week 4 and to another week at home!


I enjoyed speaking to Joshua and Charlie on the phone today. You both sounded like you were smiling which then makes me smile too! I loved your Holiday village idea Josh and it was lovely to hear Charlie has been playing with his friends online. 


I have videoed our first installment of our next story and will add the link below. The new story is Roald Dahl's George's Marvelous Medicine because this will be our book we will focus on next half term and i would like you to hear the story before we start our learning. 


Over the weekend we enjoyed a family VE day celebration to commemorate the WWII soldiers, families and children. We made scones, bunting and decorated a Victoria Sponge. We then enjoyed some family time in the garden with a yummy BBQ for dinner. It was lovely to create some lasting memories of this important day in history. 


Speak to you tomorrow!

Mrs Cullen