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I had a few technical issues today so I hope it has worked properly.


Role on next week's book.


Thursday 7th May


Hi all, that is another week of home learning complete as we have our VE day Bank holiday tomorrow. Well done to those of you working hard at home, well done for those who are playing nicely with your siblings and an extra well done for those of you helping out at home.


I want to say sorry for missing our daily read yesterday, it was a very busy day and I lost track of time. There will be 2 installments today.

Thank you to Emma and Freddie for sending me their mask pictures. They look FANTASTIC!

Ashley your handwriting looked beautiful too - keep working hard.


I nipped to school this morning and did some work. It was lovely seeing a few familiar faces and catching up with them. The social aspect to school is something I am really missing - talking to the other staff members and all you children is what I love about working at White Court! 

The fence outside the school is looking lovely. Your pictures are brilliant and they really brighten up a tough time for us all. 


Don't forget, please send me any images and videos you want to share. I LOVE seeing all the things you are up to.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend together with your family.

Miss you all

Mrs Cullen

Many of you are video calling friends and family. Here is a document that will give you some ideas of activities you can do whilst speaking to the ones you love.

Tuesday 5th May


Today I have helped Poppy build a house for her dolls, been on a long walk and taught Poppy some arithmetic. I spoke to Amelie and Ellie - I tried a few more of you but there was no answer. I will try again tomorrow. I have also been on a video call with Miss Ly and Miss Williamson so we can plan the fun things you will be learning about next week.


Here is the link for chapter 2 of our story 

Enjoy and i will speak to you tomorrow



What book are you reading? Could you record it and send it to me on Purplemash?

Mrs Cullen

Monday 4th May


Hi all!

It was lovely to talk to Jonathan, Amy, Ashley and Thomas today. Thank you for making me smile like always. I could hear your smiling faces down the phone!


I have also loved reading Freddie's, Amy's and Emma's stories that you have been busy working away on all week! They were brilliant. They were all detailed, you used lots of the techniques we have learnt about too and they were punctuated very well. Keep them coming in, I miss reading your work each day.


Another shout out goes to the superstar that is Ashley. Once again you sent me your work through the Homelearning email. Your Roman road looked delicious and you learnt a lot while making it. The best part got to EAT it!


One thing I am really missing is something we do at the end of the day so copy and paste the link below and it will take you to video of me reading to you! Sit back, relax and enjoy our new class book. 

Enjoy your evening! 

Missing you so much, Mrs Cullen