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Mrs Collins' Daily Diary

Hi Class 4C,

My diary page has now moved to the Home Learning folder. You will find it in the Year 4 section. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Mrs Collins

Friday 1st May

Good afternoon Class 4C. I hope you are having a good day and have had a good week, even if the weather hasn't been so good. I have really enjoyed talking to some of you this week and hearing about all the things you have been doing. I liked hearing about the tasks you have been completing and especially enjoyed finding out the fun things that you have done whilst being at home. I even learnt some new facts about rainforest animals from some of you. If I haven't spoken to you this week, I will call at the beginning of next week.


Thank you for the emails, via the Home Learning email.

Well done Lily-Mai on your letter to your Auntie and your creative writing. I also liked your sketch of a leopard. It was great!

Holly your rainbow artwork was amazing! Well done!

Isla well done on your fact file about a sloth. Your drawing was great and I liked how you organised the boxes.

Thank you Ethan for your letter to me. I enjoyed reading about what you have been doing. Painting a money box sounds like a good idea.


I hope you have a good weekend,

Mrs Collins

Thursday 30th April

Good morning everyone! Well, I had a good day yesterday, chatting to family and friends and it was great to see all the teachers in a virtual staff meeting yesterday afternoon. I managed to dodge the showers on my walk and completed some online Maths learning too.

I am so impressed with the rainforest posters that I have seen via the Home Learning email and Twitter.

Well done Alfie E, Lily-Mai and Alfie R. Alfie E I liked your snake and spider that you drew, Lily-Mai your bubbles with information in are fab and Alfie R I liked how you draw the trees in different layers and your crocodile.


Also I found out that we had two birthdays this week. Happy Birthday to Jemima and Noah! I hope you both had a good day, even if it was a bit different from other birthdays.


Have a good day,

Mrs Collins

Wednesday 29th April

Hi Class 4C, how are you today? I am fine and enjoyed seeing the White Court staff on a virtual meeting this morning. I have also spoken to my sister and seen my nephew William playing and walking around. Yesterday it was lovely to speak to some of you and hear what you have been doing and I am looking forward to talking to the rest of you soon. Last night I also spoke to the Year 4 team members which was lovely. I am so grateful for being able to keep in contact with everyone.


Recently, I have been thinking  about trying a new craft and wondering what to do. Have you tried or learnt something new, or completed something that you have been meaning to do or try for a while? If you have any ideas for what I can try, please let me know via the Home Learning email or show me what you have been doing.


We have signed up to a new website, called Sumdog. This enables you to practise Maths, Spelling and Grammar through different activities and games. Information will be available on the Home Learning folder and we will tell you your log in details via email (in Purple Mash) or on the phone. You will need the code 'whitecourt' to access it too. Look out for the information, if you would like to go on it.


Have a good day,

Mrs Collins

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Class 4C. How are you all? I am fine and ready for another day planning activities and completing my school tasks. It is a shame to see the rain this morning, the sunshine always makes me smile, although I know it is good for the garden and all the plants. Look out for some extra activities, which you can do indoors, on the Home Learning section.


I will be continuing my phone calls this week. Remember I am calling to say Hi and see what you have been doing, not just school tasks. I enjoyed watching Yhana's video on Twitter. Have you seen any of the videos which the staff at White Court have been doing?


I hope you all have a good day, even if you are inside,

Chat soon,

Mrs Collins

Monday 27th April

Good morning Class 4C.

Well it is Monday again and I hope you all had a good weekend. Happy Birthday to Mrs Grimwood today!

I enjoyed talking to my friends and family this weekend and went on a couple of walks. I also baked a cake, read my book and spent some time in the garden. What did you do at the weekend? I saw that Lily-Mai had an indoor camp.

It should have been the London Marathon yesterday, I wonder whether any of your parents, family members or friends were going to take part. Did you do any challenges instead? Well done to Jemima for your fundraising!


I hope you have a good day and I am sure that all of you are trying your best,

Mrs Collins

Friday 24th April

Morning Class 4C, how are you? I hope you had a good day yesterday. If you have already looked at the Home Learning for today, you might have seen that I forgot to upload the activity for English - task on the suffix 'ous'. Sorry! It is now in Friday's folder.

Whilst on my walk yesterday, I was thinking about the changes that I have seen since I have been walking some of the routes near my house. Thinking about how the trees have changed, more rainbows are appearing in windows and I have seen a few teddy bears appear, looking out at the passers by. Yesterday I even saw an egret near the river that I walk along. Today I would like you to think about how your garden has changed or have you seen any changes on your walks or daily exercise.


I hope you have a good weekend,

Mrs Collins

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning Class 4C, how are you all today? I am fine and ready for a day planning activities and completing some school related tasks. Thank you for the video on Twitter Lily-Mai, I liked how you completed my scavenger hunt challenge. I wonder how many of you have seen my video on Collective Nouns. I was quite amazed by what some groups of animals can be called.


I have just heard that today is Prince Louis' 2nd birthday. I know that Harrison and Lauren J have celebrated their birthdays whilst being at home, in March but I wondered if any of you have celebrated a family member's birthday recently.

Also today is St George's Day and there is some information on our Home Learning page. If you would like to do an activity, then see if you can recreate the St George's flag. You could draw it, make it out of collage etc. Be creative!

Email me your creations using the Home Learning address.


I hope you all have a good day,

Mrs Collins

Wednesday 22nd April

Hi Class 4C. How are you all doing? I hope you had a good day yesterday. I had a video call with the Year 4 team last night and it was lovely to see everyone. We all miss you and hope you are staying safe.


Thank you for my email Isla and I am pleased that you are enjoying the Living Things topic Lily-Mai.

Have any of you guessed any of the teachers from the baby photos? Can you spot which one is me?


Have a good day,

Mrs Collins


Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Class 4C. I hope you had a good day yesterday and enjoy what you do today. Yesterday I had a virtual staff meeting with Mrs Burrell and some of the teachers, which was great and planned some things for this week. In the evening, I took part in a virtual meeting for the WI group, which I am a member of. There was at least 50 ladies all online at the same time and we took part in a scavenger hunt. I had to get ten different things, one was something I had baked and something to do with magic. I got the cookies which I baked at the weekend and a copy of one of my Harry Potter books.


My challenge for you today or this week, is to complete your own scavenger hunt. Can you find an item which starts with the letters spelling out WHITE COURT SCHOOL? E.g. W = a water bottle, H = a hat etc.


Remember to share anything which you have done via the Home Learning email and Twitter. It was lovely to see Lauren J's Easter things, Isla trying some Science experiments, Lily-Mai building a maze, out of Lego, for her hamster and Holly sewing the letter H. They all looked fantastic! Well done to Emily too for all your activities which you have completed. I liked your Anglo-Saxon outfits.


I am planning to call you all this week, so listen out for the phone.

Have a good day,

Mrs Collins

Monday 20th April

Good morning Class 4C, how are you? I am fine and have had a good couple of weeks. I hope you have had lots of fun and enjoyed doing different things. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been walking (some days), baking, completing Code Breaker puzzles, gardening, reading and talking to my friends and family. Last night I completed a quiz with some of my friends (via Zoom) and it was great fun! Have you completed any quizzes or challenges recently?


As a Year 4 team, we have also begun planning activities for the next few weeks. Now that we are in the Summer Term, we are starting some new topics which we hope that you will enjoy!


Hope to chat to you soon,

Mrs Collins

Monday 6th April

Good morning Class 4C!

I hope you all had a good weekend. Over the weekend, I completed a few Codebreaker puzzles and learnt lots of new words. One of the words was rorqual. Rorquals are the largest group for baleen whales. Have you completed any challenges or learnt anything new?


Well done for a super couple of weeks and I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter!


Mrs Collins

Friday 3rd April

Morning 4C, how are you all? Well we have almost completed our second week of Home Learning and it sounds like, from the conversations that I have had with some of you, that you have been very busy. I am so proud of all your efforts and am looking forward to hearing and seeing more of what you have been doing. Well done Isla on your salt dough creation! I like the colours that you have used and how you have included your two cats.


Yesterday I did some tasks for Mrs Burrell and Mrs Brewster and spoke to some of you on the phone. I also went for a walk and saw lots of rainbows, in the windows of the houses that I went past. In the evening, I stood on the doorstep and clapped to say a big thank you to all the NHS staff, carers and key workers for an amazing job that they are doing. At 6pm, I watched West Ham beat Bradford City 5-4 in a game from the year 2000. West Ham were 2-4 down and showed great determination to win the game. What determination and perseverance have you shown this week?


I hope you have a good day and a great weekend,

Mrs Collins

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Class 4C, how are you?

I hope you had a good day yesterday. It was lovely to speak to some of you on the telephone and hear what you have been doing. It sounds like you have been very busy playing games, cooking and completing some of the Home Learning tasks. I am looking forward to calling some of you later today and tomorrow.


Yesterday I went for a short walk and read some of my book. I also did some planning and even had a team meeting with     Mr Tinker, Miss Swan and Miss Smithson. It was lovely to speak to them and see them on the video chat.


What are you going to be doing today? Remember to keep me posted via the Home Learning email and Twitter. I really enjoyed reading your writing Lily-Mai and well done on a super Easter card Jemima! I am sure you are all working hard and I am excited to see what you do over the next few weeks. I am going to try and record a video today so look out for it later or tomorrow.


Have a good day,

Mrs Collins

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Class 4C, how are you all today? I am fine and keeping busy. Since being at home, I have been planning activities for Home Learning and completing some other school tasks. I have also completed a 1000 piece puzzle and baked some cookies. My attempt at baking some bread wasn't very good but I will try again another day. One thing I have enjoyed doing is watching videos, of my nephew William learning to walk. He is now taking a few steps on his own, which is making me smile.


Apart from the Home Learning tasks, what have you been doing? Remember you can get your adults to email using the Home Learning address and Mrs Burrell will forward them on to me to see. The address is:

Also I am getting use to using Twitter and your adults can tweet the things you have been doing.

Well done Isla on your stained glass paintings, they are great! I liked your Anglo-Saxon outfit Lily-Mai, well done!

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone does in the next few days. I will also be calling you soon to have a chat.


Have a good day,

Mrs Collins