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Mr Tinker's Daily Diary

Friday 1st May


Good morning 4T,


Sorry for my absence this week, it seems a while since I've been on here! I've spent this week in school looking after some of the children from Early Years all the way up to Year 6. As you may have seen on Twitter, Mrs Tinsley, Mrs Latchford and I spent some time making a wonderful painting with the children. We all painted our hands and made hand prints to resemble the leaves on a tree. It was our way of saying thank you to the all the NHS staff who have been working incredibly hard keeping us safe.


Thanks for all those who have shared their hard work with me. Ruby, it was lovely to see the doll house you made and painted. Charlie, I love the different types of work you are doing in your garden! Gracie, I really enjoyed the letter you wrote to Rachel! I look forward to seeing the great work you produce next week.


As the weather has become more wet this week, I have been missing the sunshine we had. For the weekend, I would like to leave the following question: Would you rather it be warm and raining or cold and snowing everyday? Look forward to your answers!


Have a great weekend.

Mr Tinker.


Monday 27th April


Good morning Year 4,


Another exciting week and lots of fun activities to look forward to. I will be continuing to ring around the class to see how we all are and what things we've been up to. Keep the great work coming in, it's nice to see all your amazing work and fantastic efforts. I will be in school this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, looking after those children who are in school. If you happen to be those days, I look forward to seeing you!


At the end of last week I talked about the things you were grateful for. I hope you had time to think about the things which make you happy and you deeply cherish. Right now, I'm grateful for a cup of tea and a slice of toast! Keep your great ideas of the things which make you grateful coming in.


Look forward to speaking to you all this week,

Mr T.

Friday 24th April


First week back, done and dusted!


I hope you've all had a good week and are all looking forward to the weekend? As discussed this week, I also hope you've managed to apply a routine to your working day. Try and continue this routine next week and the week after. You will soon get used to it after a while! Continue to show random acts of kindness to someone in your household no matter how big or small. It will mean a lot to that person.


Last night at 8 o'clock, we clapped with the rest of our street to show our appreciation for all the front line workers and care workers who are doing such an important job during these difficult times. Some of you may have parents or grandparents who are busy helping those in need, and you must be very proud. I'm certainly grateful to those people for all their hard work and bravery. Throughout today and the weekend, I would like you to think about what you're grateful for. It could be a person, such as your brother or sister; something you like doing, such as playing netball; or it could be a favourite thing, such as a toy. Send a pic to the Home Learning website or to my Twitter account @MrTinkerTweeter!


Have a great weekend, Year 4 and enjoy the sunshine. Before I go, I just wanted to share a little message with you all...


Thursday 23rd April


Morning 4T,


What great weather we've had for the last couple of days? As I said in my earlier post on Monday, I hope you got a chance to go outside and do something a bit different. I'm doing a lot of running at the moment and managed to run 10km yesterday. Although, I did feel very tired at the end! Thanks again to all the children sending in their excellent work. Charlie, it looked like you had fun on your 'flight' to California. Abigail, super effort with those Maths calculations. You run out of room on your whiteboard you did so many!


Today is 23rd April which is St. George's Day. For those who are unsure of who St. George is, I want you to do a little bit of online research about him. Who was he? How long ago did he live? What was he known for? I would then like you to think about what things you enjoy and make you proud about England. Is it the English food, like Fish and Chips? The people? The weather?! For me, I always enjoy watching England men and women play football. I always feel proud when seeing them play. Especially when they win....laugh


Throughout this week and next, I will start making phone calls to see how you all are and how you are coping with your home learning. Look forward to chatting soon.


Mr T.


Wednesday 22nd April


Hello 4T,


Hope you're all OK and now settled into your daily routines. I want to say a big thank you to all the children who have been working incredibly hard at home and sharing their amazing work through my Twitter and the Home Learning email. Gracie, I really enjoyed the artwork you made with your family. Charlie, well done for helping your sister Elsie with her investigation about living things. Freya, your mini chocolate sticks looked delicious! Save some for me... :)


This morning, Mrs Tinker made me a cup of coffee as I started some work. I didn't ask her to, but it was an lovely act of kindness. Kindness is being friendly, generous, and considerate. Today I want you to think about what random act of kindess you could do? It could be to help your brother or sister with their work (like Charlie has done!), to help your parents or grandparents with jobs around the house or to make someone laugh or smile. Don't forget to share your acts of kindness with me at @MrTinkerTweeter and i'll share it on my diary tomorrow!


Mr T.

"Kindness - it costs nothing, but means everything"

Tuesday 21st April


Good morning Class 4T.


How's it feel to be back at school? "But Mr Tinker, we're not at school. We're stuck at home!!" I hear you all cry. Well...although we are at home, we still get to do school work. And learn exciting new things!


It can be hard when we're stuck in the same environment. It's hard to think about other things with so much around to distract us. Particularly, its hard to think about work! However, if we get used to doing work each day, at a certain time, that will help us. It's all about routine. Here's an example of routine you can do each day to help...


8:00 - Wake up and have breakfast

9:00 - 10:00 - Maths learning

10:00 - 10:30 - Breaktime!

10:30 - 11:30 - English and Writing

11:30 - 12:00 - You choose! Maybe read a book? Draw a picture? Mrs Burrell has load of great ideas on the website. Or check the Year 4 website.

12:00 - 1:00 - Lunch time!

1:00 onwards - complete your topic work. Do another activity.


Routine makes doing work that little bit easier, because it means we get used to it and it's less of a shock! So give it a go. Remember reward your hard work with a break. When I finish some work, I have a nibble on my birthday cake...! It is delicious by the way.


Monday 20th April


Welcome back 4T,


I hope you had a relaxing Easter break and had a chance to recharge your batteries! We were lucky enough to have such brilliant weather, without a raindrop in sight. Although we can’t go to parks or playgrounds, there is still loads of things we can do outside in this nice weather. Over the holidays I went for lots of nice walks and explored places I never thought of going before. Have you been for any nice walks with your family or done anything nice outside?


If you go for a walk this week, or go outside, try and explore somewhere different with your family. It could be walk to another street, a walk along a river or a walk to a new pond. Have fun!



Our walk to Hylands Park in Chelmsford. What nice weather we had!

Friday 3rd April


Hello 4T,


So, we made it! After a whole term of solid, exceptional hard-work, we’ve finally reached the Easter holidays. I hope you’ve got lots of fun things planned? Whether you get to go outside or not, make sure you relax and have lots of fun. During the Easter holidays, I hope to get outside and do a bit of gardening. I really want to plant some flowers and vegetables. I was thinking of planting strawberries, courgettes, potatoes and carrots. What else do you think I could grow? And then, if the sun is out and shining, I plan to put my feet up, put my sun shades on and read a favourite book! Currently I’m reading a booked called ‘Capital’ by John Lancaster which is about a group of residents who live on a street in London. What are you all reading at the moment? Have you read a brilliant story recently? 


Keep the great work coming in. Charlie, it was a pleasure to see you working so hard with your writing. Ruby, you and Bert managed to produce a great piece of writing together! Remember, any fun things you do over the holidays you can send to the Home Learning email address.


You’ve deserved your Easter break this year, so make sure you switch off and do something which makes you smile.


Look after yourselves,

Mr T.

Thursday 2nd April


Good morning 4T!


First of all, I hope you are all well and are enjoying the extra time spent with your family. Although some of you may be finding it hard not seeing your friends at school, we’ve been given a great opportunity to do lots of fun things with our brothers, sisters and parents. So make the most of it! I’ve already seen lots of great work and activities sent to me through Twitter and the Home Learning email address, so a big well done for working really hard! Oliver, great work for solving the maths puzzles. Charlie, brilliant detective work in finding those archaeologist tools. Ruby, it really looked like you enjoyed the scavenger hunt. Olivia, super work for helping your little brother with his maths! Gracie, great work with your amazing drawings!


So, what other fun things have you been up to? Hendrix and I have been going for some great walks (whilst making sure we are 2 metres away from other people!) although it has been a little cold recently. I really hope that sun comes out soon to warm things up! Think I might put my apron on and do a bit of cooking today!


Remember, if you do any fun activities or want to share your amazing home learning, you can get an adult to email it to Or they can share it through my Twitter account, @MrTinkerTweeter.

Look forward to seeing all the great work you’re doing. Remember, look after each other and stay safe.


Mr T.