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Mr Tinker's Diary

Friday 17th July


Good afternoon 4T. Firstly, thank you to all of you who voted for me in today's ice bucket challenge. I can think of no better way than ending the year with ice-cold water chucked over me laugh. For those who wish to see me splashed with (a lot of!) water, you can see the video on the FOWCS facebook page...


Finally, as I said on our final zoom call the other week, it's been a pleasure teaching you all this year. It's a shame we didn't get to finish the year properly but i'm still glad I had the opportunity to teach all of you this year. I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I looked forward to seeing all your faces back in September! As a little token of my appreciation for all your hard work, I've created a piece of word art which I've sent to you all via ParentPay. I hope you all continue to excel in Year 5. In fact, I know you will!


Take care of yourselves,

Mr Tinker.

Tuesday 7th July


I hope you're all having fun completing the activities Mrs Sawtell and Mrs Greely are setting you. Remember, if you're not sure where to find the work, you can find it here...


Thanks for sending in your brilliant work from last week. All your amazing videos and pictures for the Sports Day made me smile a lot! Charlie, I really enjoyed watching you and sister compete in your 'virtual' sports day. It looked like a lot of fun! Freya, you showed great teamwork when working with your sister to complete the different tasks in your garden. Thomas, I really enjoyed you and your brother competing with each other. You're both very competitive!! Lastly Nadya, I really enjoyed reading your Rainforest poster. You included loads of detail, well done! Check out their amazing work below....

Friday 3rd July


Hey 4T,


So, it was great to catch up with you all and see what fun and exciting things you've been doing! Apologies for poor connection on the call, but I was still able to see and hear what you've been up to. I hope you enjoyed seeing all your friends again and it was lovely to see so many faces smiling back at me! Next week you will start to do some activities with your new class, with Mrs Greely and Mrs Sawtell, and it will give you an idea about what to look forward to next year. However, I wanted to let you know that i'm still here if you need me. If you need to contact me, just drop me a message on Purple Mash or get your Mums or Dads to contact the school. To finish with, here's an image of our 'virtual' class photo for 2020....! Have a great weekend. smiley


Mr T.


Friday 26th June


Morning 4T,


I had another great day in school yesterday and I was joined, again, by Max, Charlie and Austin. Because the weather was hot like a oven we decided to have a nature scavenger hunt! We had to find a whole list of things in the forest area ranging from a red flower to a spider cobweb. There was a range of bonus points as well for those who could find the largest leaf, the smallest stone and the straightest twig. Austin obviously had his Weetabix that morning as he he found the largest leaf and  the straightest twig! Well done, Austin! We had a fab day of home learning and then we finished the day making our own penguins out of card. If you want to give it a go yourselves, follow these easy steps on YouTube.


Charlie, I really enjoyed your activity where you used a credit card to buy sweets at the shop. Very creative! And lastly, you did a wonderful thing in writing to your local MP, James Cleverly, to show your solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. It's great you got a response too. Well done!




Wednesday 24th June


Hi 4T,


The sun's back! Thank goodness. Hope you're doing fun things in the garden today. Just wanted to quickly remind you to check your Purple Mash accounts as i've sent you all an email today. I'm looking forward to your responses. Don't forget to tell me an activity which you've enjoyed doing the most this week!


Finally, Freya I really enjoyed looking at all the fun work you've been doing with your sister. Looks like you had a great time! laugh

Monday 22nd June


Morning 4T,


Hope you all had a nice weekend? On Sunday, I spent some time with my Dad on Father's Day. What with lockdown, I haven't been able to spend much time with my parents, so it was lovely to catch up with them. My Dad is funny man and always has a hilarious joke or story to share with me. I have always learnt a lot from my Mum and Dad, and our parents act as brilliant role models for us. We always have something to learn from them and (believe it or not!) your Mum and Dad have so much wisdom, knowledge and advice to give to you. Today, I want you to ask your parents some questions and learn something new from them. It could be to ask them to tell you a silly story (like when I ask my Dad) or it could be to give some advice on some work you're finding tricky. Below are some great questions you can ask your parents....


1. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

2. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be and why?

3. What was your favorite band growing up?

4. What’s your fondest memory of me as a baby?

5. How much money does a person need to love life?

6. What is your most embarrassing moment?

7. What was the best gift I ever gave you?


It's fulfilling getting to know our parents a bit more and, as a bonus, you might learn something new too! I hope you have fun seeing a different side to them!


Mr Tinker.

Friday 19th June


Hi 4T,


It was great to see some of you in school yesterday. In my class I was joined by Max, Charlie and Austin from 4T. We had a great day and, after finishing our home learning, we had a go at drawing our own Superhero bear! We watched a professional illustrator on YouTube - Draw With Rob - and he helped us draw our character step-by-step. All the children loved drawing their own superhero and we were all super impressed with Mrs Grimwood’s artistic skills when she drew hers! If you want to have a go at drawing your own characters, you can following Rob’s excellent instructions about drawing different characters…


Finally, we ended the day making origami animals using paper. Given that the boys have had practice this year making origami (who remembers the Christmas trees?!) they did really well. We made a cat, rabbit and finally, the trickiest, a fish. I was impressed with my whole group!


So, how did you get on with Wednesday’s quiz? Hope it got your brain cells ticking! Here are the answers. Let me know your scores. Especially if you got full marks!


1. What is the perimeter of a regular decagon with sides of 23cm? 230cm

2. Which ocean and continent is the smallest? Arctic and Australasia 

3. What is one hundred and forty two point eight seven written in digits? 142.87

4. The blankets belong to the babies. They are the babies' blankets. 

5. Which of these was NOT a Greek city state? Rome.

Wednesday 16th June


Morning 4T,


I hope some of you found the ideas about staying in contact with your friends useful. The teachers use Zoom and Whatsapp all the time to keep in contact and i'd be pretty lost without it! One of the things I miss about school is learning new things (yes, even teachers learn stuff at school too!). Feeding our mind and imagination is one of the greatest things about school... along with the school dinners and playing football at break :). I've devised a little quiz for you today to help test those little grey cells! Now some of these require some research, so if you get stuck, ask an adult to help!


1. What is the perimeter of a regular decagon with sides of 23cm?

2. Which ocean and continent is the smallest?

3. What is one hundred and forty two point eight seven written in digits?

4. The blankets belong to the babies. They are the ____ blankets.


What goes in the missing space:







5. Which of these was NOT a Greek city state?







Good luck! Answers on Friday!


Mr Tinker.

Tuesday 16th June


Hello 4T,


Hope you're enjoying your week so far? It's been so great listening to all your stories on the phone and finding out what you been up to. It seems that a lot of you are really missing school and missing all your friends. All the teachers feel the same way and are missing you a lot. Remember, there are lots of ways to stay in contact. The best way is to log into Purple Mash and send an email to someone you're missing. Don't forget to check to see if you have any messages waiting for you...


Using apps like your parents Zoom and Whatsapp accounts also allows you to stay in contact with your friends and family. If your parents do have access to your friend's parents numbers, there are a few things you can do:


- Set up a virtual playdate: With Zoom and other accounts, you can have two or more conversations with your friends.


- Look to create a neighborhood scavenger hunts: If you know some of the children in your area, ask your parents to organise your very own scavenger hunt with them!


- Write and send a letter! Since we've had a lot of practice in Year 4, have a go at writing a letter to a friend and hopefully they'll respond and send you one back!


Remember, if you are really missing your friends, the teachers and I are always around for a chat. Don't hesitate to let me know, because I love a good natter laugh.


Mr Tinker.

Monday 15th June


A message from your new Year 5 teachers...


Hello from Mrs Greely

Still image for this video

Hello from Mrs Sawtell

Still image for this video

Friday 12th June


Happy Friday 4T.


How are you all? Yesterday, I spent the day in school looking after some of the children and it was pleasure to have Max and Charlie in my group! It was also fab to see Franklyn as well, who was in Miss Smithson's class. We had good fun and, in my class, we made lady bugs out of card. Charlie, yours was amazing and Max you were a star for helping your sister make hers. After we finished that, we decorated our own gingerbread rainbows using icing and sprinkles. Boys, I hope they were delicious after you took them home and ate them?! 


I've had some great chats on the phone with the children and, if I haven't got hold of you yet, i'll try again today or next week. Freya, thanks for sharing your many jokes and making Mr Tinker laugh. The best one which tickled me was...


Why did all the children eat their homework? Because it was a 'piece of cake'! laugh laugh


It's been great to hear what you've all been up to and Mrs Tinsley and I are missing you greatly. Ruby, I loved reading your research report on the deepest oceans! And Aimee, your brilliant ICT skills helped you in making a wonderful report into hurricanes. Well done both!

Wednesday 10th June


Good morning all,


Hope you are all well. Just wanted to say a big well done to all the children sending in their work in. Joseph, I really enjoyed your work on the food webs. Your oceans food web was incredibly detailed! Keep up the good work. Charlie, your joke made me laugh! You are quite the comedian laugh


What do you call a bear without any teeth? A gummy bear!


Thanks again to those children sending in their work. It continues to make me smile. Unfortunately, the sunshine has disappeared and we now have a lot rain. But do not despair! I want you to appreciate the indoors and all the things which make up your home. There are some people in this country, and world, who are not as lucky as us and have no home to go to - and no roof over their head - when the weather gets bad. So think about activities you could do in your cosy home. You could play a board game, read a book under a blanket or bake some treats! But be grateful for the things which keep us warm and happy!

Mr T.



Tuesday 9th June


Hi 4T,


I hope you've been finding the work OK this week and getting back into your daily routines. I've spoken to some of you on Purple Mash as I find it a great work to stay in contact. Check your emails and see if there is a message! Remember, if you are missing your friends, you can send them a message on there and hopefully they'll reply! I've already had some great conversations on there. Gracie, you really made me laugh with your joke: 


What do cows eat for breakfast?   Moooooooooosli.laughlaugh


If you can beat her funny joke, let me know! For today, I would like you to make someone laugh or feel happy. It could be by telling them a funny joke or showing an act of kindness. Maybe make them a drink. Help someone with their work. Or do some jobs around the house, which your parent will be so thankful for! 


Remember, if you see someone without a smile, give them yours. smiley


Mr Tinker.

Monday 8th June


Morning 4T,


I hope you are had a good weekend? So, some of you may have seen on Mrs Burrell's news letter where you'll be going next year. I can confirm that in Year 5, you will be with the lovely Mrs Greely and Mrs Sawtell. Now, some of you may have had the delight of having them as your teachers all the way back in Year 1 (that's a loooooong time ago). Not only are Mrs Greely and Mrs Sawtell lovely people, but they are also brilliant and caring teachers, so you'll be in good hands for your time in Year 5! I've already explained to them that i'm sad to have to let you all go. I really would love another year with you all!


Thank you for sending in the fantastic work, it continues to make me smile! Charlie, I really enjoyed your planned report on rabbits. You used a lot of detail and it looked like an interesting read! Also, your Darth Maul face paint looked wonderful (albeit a little terrifying!) Freya, you collage of your hard work was great to see. It's been a pleasure to see you working so hard. Please keep it up! And Ruby, I absolutely loved your recreation of The Great Wave - it was wonderfully creative! Bonus point if you see her in among the waves....! Check out their hard work below....

And finally, Ruby would love to introduce her next family addition. Say hello Betty!

Wednesday 3rd June


Hello 4T,


I hope you are all getting back into the swing of things? I've had some great chats on the phone already and it's been brilliant chatting about the things you've been up to over the half-term. Being away from school has made us really appreciate some of the things we take for granted in life. Namely, friendships - the time spent chatting and laughing with our friends -and learning - discovering new and exciting things. Over half-term, I wrote a letter to my future self explaining what lock-down has meant for me and the things I will always appreciate in the future. If you have 5 minutes, give it a quick read! Look forward to continuing our catch-ups on the phone.


Look after yourselves,

Mr Tinker.

Tuesday 2nd June


Welcome back, 4T!


Hope you all had a wonderful rest? The weather has been so nice recently. Did you know that May was the hottest May ever on record?! It's been toasty! I popped in school today and it was lovely to see the children and teachers. I'm also going to be in school on Thursday, so if you're in I will looking forward to seeing your faces!


So now we're all back, i'm looking forward to ringing you all over the next couple of weeks. But this time, i'm going to give you a little task. When we chat you need to tell me either a funny joke, for example...


What do sharks do when they have a big choice to make?... Chews wisely!


or a clever riddle. For example...


Where can you find cities, towns, shops, and streets but no people?.... A map!


Look forward to hearing your brilliant jokes and riddles! Hope you're all finding the Home Learning OK. Remember to share your brilliant work to my Twitter Page @MrTinkerTweeter.


Stay safe,

Mr Tinker.

Friday 22nd May


Just a quick message to say have a wonderful half-term guys. Try and do something a bit different if you can, visit somewhere you haven't been before or reach out to another relative you haven't spoken to in a while. Stay Safe. And enjoy your break! Also, have a go at the Purple Mash Competition (Can be found in Year 4 page w/c 18.5.20) or on Purple Mash Home page. I look forward to seeing those who enter!


Mr. Tinker.

Thursday 21st May


Good morning again, 4T. Firstly, Charlie I loved your collage of the different things which make you smile. It was wonderful to see White Court School on there too! I certainly miss coming into school and seeing you lot as you definitely make me smile and laugh! I also enjoyed your Rainforest Forehead Detective game which you played with your family. It made me chuckle! 

Je suis très impressionné.

It has been good fun chatting with all of you on Purple Mash. Some of you have been chatting with each other, and as I said before, it's a great way to stay in contact. Half-term is fast approaching and we're expecting a bit of good weather. My advice would be to write a list of all the things you want to do with your week off. That way you can plan and prepare for your activities, rather than let the week drift by. With such nice weather, it would be a crime to be stuck in doors! So, think about what things you want to do and who in your family could join you. Here's an example of mine.


- Go on a super-long bike ride with Mrs Tinker

- Walk Hendrix around a new field

- Draw a picture of something outside

- Practise playing the guitar

- See how many keepy-ups I can do

- Bake some cookies! 

Wednesday 20th May


Hello 4T. I've just got back form a lovely walk with my dog. On my walk today, I spotted lots of different things to do with nature. I love this time of year between Spring and Summer as all the trees are in bloom and you get to see such a wide-variety of birds and animals. Hendrix enjoyed sniffing the plants too! How did you get on with your walk yesterday? Did you make a list of all the things you saw about nature?


Today, I have a few meetings with the other teachers where we video call each other. We're thinking about you and missing you greatly. Yesterday, I spoke with Mrs Collins, Miss Smithson and Miss Swann; it was so nice to chat to them. I know some of you have been speaking to each other on Purple Mash which is a brilliant way to stay in contact.


Today's well being task is to make a mural, using photographs of your friends and family. A mural is a work of art drawn and designed directly on a wall using paper. Speak to your Mums and Dads and see what photographs you can find! Don't forget to share your great work with me! 


Mr T.

Tuesday 19th May


Good morning, Year 4. Hope you're continuing to enjoy this brilliant weather. I'm still getting 'green fingers' and pottering around in the garden, trying to make it ready for the summer! I have enjoyed putting together some of the videos for you to help with your Maths work. I hope you've found them useful.


Today, when you go outside for your exercise, I want you to notice the nature around you. It could be out on a walk or in your garden. What trees do you notice? What plants do you see? What creatures and animals can you identify? Try and take a pencil and paper with you and write down all the different things you see. How many can you write down? We're lucky enough to be surrounded by green spaces (like parks and gardens) and it's something we don't always appreciate. Go forth and be one with nature!


Mr Tinker.

Monday 18th May


Good morning. Hope you are well and had a good weekend? I made good use of the weather and did a bit of gardening. In my front garden, I decided to plant some flowers and bushes which made the garden look more vibrant and exciting. They say if you enjoy gardening you have 'green fingers'! Why might that mean do you think? What things did you get up to this weekend? Oliver, I was so impressed with your arguments for and against the Premier League season returning. Your argument that “sky sports and BT sport would be able to broadcast it again and make money” was a great point. However, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “…the players would not be able to obey the social distancing rules – how can they stay 2m apart on the pitch?” I hope they decide soon, because I’m missing my football! Charlie, I really enjoyed the shop you made to buy and sell things with money. “Sellers Shop” made me laugh. I also enjoyed your photo of the horses. What a great talent you have!


So keep up the good work for this week. I look forward to seeing all the great bits of work you do and it really makes me and the other teachers smile. Today's well being task is to make your very own picnic (my favourite!). So get outside and enjoy today's weather by having a bite to eat and drink. Have a great day 4T!


Mr T.

Friday 15th May


Morning 4T. Both Mrs Evans and I have been ringing round this week to see how you all are. It's been great chatting to you and learning about what you've been upto! Some of you have made me laugh with some of the things you've been doing! Today, we have a special guest for my diary and it's from our very own Mrs Tinsley...


Hello 4T!


I thought that it would be lovely to write and say hi to you all. I've missed your smiling faces, however I have seen some amazing photos of what you've been up to and the fantastic work that you have been producing.


I have been busy doing lots of gardening in this fantastic weather and tidying up my house. I have found things in the backs of cupboards that I'd forgotten I had!


Also my beautiful cat, Buttons expects an hours walk in the garden each day.


Take care and stay safe and hope to see you all soon.


Mrs Tinslay 


Thursday 14th May


Morning 4T.


Not long now to the weekend. Thank you again for sending in your great work. Joseph and Abi, I really enjoyed your brilliant money work and well done for finding the right amounts. Aimee, I really liked your animation which you made on Purple Mash. It looked fantastic! Freya, It's clear you have been working incredibly hard and I enjoyed the guitar you made from bits of junk.


This week I have been getting into my baking. I have been experimenting a lot with different ingredients and I really enjoy making cookies! I've never done much baking before, so this is something new for me to do. For today, I want you to think about doing something new, something which you haven't done before or something you haven't done for a very long time.


Lastly, my extra bonus point for best joke goes to Charlie for making Mr Tinker laugh...!


"Why did the kid throw his clock out of the window? Because he wanted to see time fly!"


Wednesday 13th May


Happy Wednesday, you lot! I hope you're all having a good week? Gracie I really enjoyed your rainforest picture which your drew. It's clear you put lots of effort into it, so a big well done! Today for our well-being activity, it's a karaoke challenge!! Now, karaoke is where you get to sing to your favourite song in front of family (if you want to). I know there are a few dancers and singers in 4T, so I expect you to give it go? Think of your favourite song and search for it on YouTube with your parents. For example, "The Greatest Showman, karaoke'. Good luck!


Mr T.

Tuesday 12th May


Hello 4T. Firstly, a big well done to Thomas for his amazing rainforset poster. It looked amazing! Unfortunately, I can't seem to upload it to my diary but it was definitely worth mentioning smiley. Also, Freya I really enjoyed hearing about your long walk with your family. It was great to hear all the fun activities you did including painting rocks and your 10km walk. Keep up the good work. I will be continuing to ring round this week to see how you all are, so keep an ear out for the phone!

I hope you all are having a chance to read at home. Try and recreate your own Drop Everything And Read time and have 20 mins to yourself in a quiet corner. It could be in your bedroom or on a comfy chair in the lounge. If you have finished your school books, have a look at the Oxford University Press website, who are giving away their ebooks for free. See what ebooks they have and ask your Mums and Dads to download it for you.


OK....ahem.....What do you call a factory that makes 'OK' products?


A Satisfactory laugh


Today for your well-being task I would like you to think about making your own joke book. Go round the house and ask everyone to think of one or two jokes to put into your book. Once you've finished, read them out to your family and have a little laugh! Bonus points for the best joke which makes Mr Tinker laugh.... :).



Monday 11th May


Good morning!


I hope you all had a great, extra-long weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. What things did you get up to? Did you get a chance to celebrate VE day with your family...or even with your neighbours? I saw some wonderful pictures of the work you completed for VE day. Charlie and Joseph, it was a pleasure to see you outside in the sunshine, completing your VE day activities.I particularly liked Charlie's quote about the Second World War, "The world must know what happened and never forget". Such a message is so important, especially in today's world.


Today I want you to focus on being creative. Being creative means using our imagination to create something original or new. I see this day-in and day-out within Class 4T, as we're a very creative bunch of children! Today's well-being task is to design and make your own board game, so this gives you an opportunity to be very creative. It could be on any topic and you can make up your own rules! I look forward to some of games!


Mr Tinker.

Thursday 7th May


Hey Year 4. I've seen some really great work over the course of this week which makes me feel somewhat proud of all your hard work. Joseph, it was wonderful to see your proud cloud and all the other bits of amazing work you've been doing this week. Gracie, I thought your bunting was brilliant; you can see you spent a lot of time doing it!


Tomorrow will be a bank holiday, so you get to relax and have fun. Make sure you do something which makes you smile and laugh! Look forward to chatting next week.


Mr Tinker.

Wednesday 6th May


Thanks for sending through all the great work you've been doing. It's brilliant to see the fantastic effort you're all putting in! Charlie, I really enjoyed your motivational quote. What a great message to share. Ruby I really like the toy you made for Bert. Hope he hasn't chewed it yet laugh. Take a look at their amazing creations...



Today's well-being activity is to make a proud cloud and fill it with all the things that make you proud. What things make you proud? Being proud means feeling pleasure and happiness for your or others' achievements. I'm certainly proud about how mature and sensible Class 4T have been in the last few months whilst school has been closed. So think about the different people and things in your life which make you happy. It could be your own achievements, like getting a swimming award or reaching a new belt in Karate. It could be your parents who keep making you laugh and stay positive. I look forward to your ideas.


Keep safe,


Mr Tinker.

Tuesday 5th May


Morning Troops!


Yesterday I set you all a little quiz to think about how we recall our knowledge. Sometimes, like the riddle and maths questions, we have to think carefully about it and read over and over again to help. Other questions, like the four oceans questions, require us to remember from the back of our mind. Some of you might remember studying the continents and oceans back in Year 2 with me! A special well done to Joseph, who scored 5/5 for his efforts! So here are the answers...


1. Solve the riddle: What has hands but no arms and a face but no eyes...?



2. Susie the snake has up to 20 eggs.
She counted her eggs in fours.
She had 3 left over.
She counted them in fives.
She had 4 left over.
How many eggs has Susie got...?

19 eggs


3. What are the four oceans called?

Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and ....... the Southern Ocean for bonus point!


4. Which language is spoken in Australia?



5. What is the name given to an animal that only eats plants?



This month, we are going to be talking a lot about our well-being. But, what is well-being? Well, it means... being well! Not only does it mean keeping our body healthy and well, but also keeping our mind happy and healthy. Throughout May, we are going to be giving you a well-being activity to try and do each day (see the well-being calendar on the Year 4 Home Learning page). Each day is different and the purpose is for you to have a bit of fun and to relax. Don't worry, the teachers will be joining in as well, so keep your eyes out! Today's challenge is to put a poster up in your window using a positive inspirational quote. Give it a go and don't forget to share your work with me on Twitter @MrTinkerTweeter. Good luck!


Mr T.

Monday 4th May


Good morning again Year 4.


I hope you all had a good weekend? During the weekend, my friends and I phoned each other and had a great quiz. Although I didn't win I had a great deal of fun and laughed a lot. Quizzes are fun because they test our knowledge. Do we know the answers? Can we think hard enough to find it? Sure, we can always search for it on Google, but where's the fun in that? (plus it's cheating!). So, today I want you to use your knowledge to help you answer the following quiz questions...


1. Solve the riddle: What has hands but no arms and a face but no eyes...?


2. Susie the snake has up to 20 eggs.
She counted her eggs in fours.
She had 3 left over.
She counted them in fives.
She had 4 left over.
How many eggs has Susie got...?


3. What are the four oceans called?


4. Which language is spoken in Australia?


5. What is the name given to an animal that only eats plants?


Knowledge is remembering the facts, information and skills you learnt throughout your life, either at home or at school. So, the answers to these questions you've probably learnt at some point! But can you think hard enough and remember them...?


Good luck and i'll reveal the answers tomorrow.


Mr T.