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This diary has moved! It can now be found under 'Home Learning' > 'Year 6'.

Thursday 30th April


Hello everyone,


It's been great chatting with you on the phone this week and especially good to hear about Annie's and Summer's birthdays! I'll try and phone the rest of you today and tomorrow. Remember that when you log onto you will need the school code which is whitecourt (all one word, all lower case) in addition to your username and password. There are loads of fun Maths and English games on there and you can try and get to the top of the leader board - you might find it easy to begin with, but it will get more challenging as you go.


Miss Castleman has told me that she's getting the children in her class to set her challenges which I think is a great idea! Some she's had so far include baking a cake (that the children get to judge!), seeing how quickly she can do a 'Beat the Clock' game on MyMaths and seeing how many of the circuit training activities she can do in 60 seconds! If you want to challenge me, you can let me know when we're having a chat on the phone, over the Home Learning email (, on Twitter (@mrpruce) or email me on Purple Mash.


Take care and stay safe.


Mr Pruce


P.S. the marathon training is going 'ok', but could definitely be better!

Monday 27th April


Hi everyone,


I hope you had a great week in the sunshine, I know all the teachers did - have you seen the video on Twitter? If not, you should be able to find it at this link


I'll be phoning as many of you as possible this week to see how you've been getting on and for a chat. I'll also be giving you some log on details for a new site called 'Sumdog' - these are optional extra challenges for you where you can earn coins as rewards for the tasks you do.


Last week, Mrs Ball wanted all the White Court members of staff to reflect and think of what we are thankful for, she put all these ideas into a video which you can find here Think about what you're thankful for - it could be anything!


Enjoy this week and don't let the rain get you down, try and come up with some of your own fun activities that can be done inside.


See you soon.


Mr Pruce

Monday 20th April


Hi everyone,


Hope you managed to make the most of your Easter break - we've been so lucky with the weather. Don't forget that you can let me know what you've been up to on Twitter if your parents have an account, my username is @MrPruce (very creative, right?!) or you can email the school on and it'll get passed onto me.


I've been doing lots of exercise - the Brighton Marathon has been rescheduled for September now so I best restart my training for that! When I call you all again, you need to make sure you ask me how much running I've been doing - that way I'll have no excuses!


I've been trying to get as many of my normal 'teacher jobs' done as possible: writing reports, looking at scores and doing some online training courses. But I've also made sure that I use this time to do jobs around the house. My latest task was to change the handles and hinges on all of my doors; I know this sounds very boring and you're probably thinking, "Why are you telling me this Mr Pruce?" But as I was doing it, I encountered some problems (hinges wouldn't fit, doors wouldn't close etc) and I got a bit stuck. Now if this was a task at school, it could be solved by asking someone for help (a friend or a teacher) or skipped and moved onto the next one. I couldn't use these solutions as no one can come to my house and I couldn't leave lots of doors dangling from my walls! So I had to persevere and be independent and eventually I was able to solve the problem myself by trying different approaches until I found one that worked for me. By door number 10 I could almost do it with my eyes closed! So, just remember, if you can't do something or you're struggling, that's absolutely fine - everyone struggles with different things, especially if they're new. Just persevere, look at things from a different perspective and you will get there :)


Speak to you soon.


Mr Pruce