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Mr Pruce's Diary

Wednesday 8th July


Yesterday was my 30th birthday and I had a great day, made all the better by Fulham winning. The football season is usually over by the time it's my birthday so it was exciting to have a game. Being 30 isn't so bad, I don't ache too much yet...

Thank you to those of you that have sent in your picture of you from your first day at White Court. Those of you that haven't, your parents should have received an email with all of the details; please try and get them in ASAP.

I've got another run with Mr Pryke and Mr Hopgood today, I hope they can keep up with me...

I've really enjoyed being back in school with my 'smaller' class. I'm really sorry if I haven't been able to come and say hello (from afar), I will try and do it tomorrow or Friday.

Take care,

Mr Pruce

Wednesday 1st July


Hi 6P,


Welcome to July, the best month of the year, don't you think?

So tomorrow's the day that many of us are coming back to school, I'm really looking forward to it, I hope you are too. On the 13th of May I told you, on my diary, that I wanted to get a sub-20 minute 5km time. Well, I persevered, and after a few attempts, I managed it! 19 minutes and 38 seconds which I'm delighted with. What do you think my next running challenge should be? Let me know on Purple Mash emails or when you see me in school.


See you shortly!

Mr Pruce

See if you can find all of these animals. Which one is your favourite?

Wednesday 24th June


Hi everyone,


I've received some superb work this week, it's great to see you all showing me the high standards you're capable of :)

Summer's movie night looked really professional, especially with all the snack prices and has made me want to go the cinema even more. Matthew's Florence Nightingale PowerPoint was jam-packed with interesting facts and definitely taught me a thing or two! Olly used shadow to create a penguin drawing, which he decided to make 'evil' (of course). Keep it up everyone.


A while ago, I said I was going to try and get under 20 minutes for my 5km run. I gave it another go today and got 20 minutes 16 seconds, so I'm getting closer but not quite there. I'll try again next week (hopefully when it's cooler).


We are still waiting for 7 yearbook entries. I know it's gone past the deadline, but Mr Pryke has told me that if you get them in very soon, it'll be ok. So Max, Olivia, Reece, Charlotte, Mark, Kaitlynn and Amelia, get them in as soon as possible please. If you know that those guys don't check this and you'll be seeing or speaking to them, please give them a reminder!


See you soon,


Mr Pruce

Monday 22nd June


Morning everyone,


What a beautiful day it is today, looks like the rest of the week is going to be scorchio too! Enjoy the sunshine, but be really careful in the sun too: drink plenty and use sun cream!! Who remembers this song?


Reminder: you have 2 days to get your leavers yearbook entries in. All the details you need are on the Year 6 Home Learning page. At the last count, 6P was still waiting on 21 entries!


Have a great week, see you on the 2nd of July!


Mr Pruce

Monday 15th June


Hi 6P,


I'm sure most of you have seen that Mr Pryke is organising a leavers book for you. You can find all of the information you need on the Year 6 home learning page:

It's a really good memento to have of your time at White Court and that's especially true because of the 'unusual' way Year 6 has ended for you guys.

This must be done by midday on Wednesday 24th of June, otherwise you won't be able to be included in the book and that would be a shame as it'll be a nice thing for you and your friends to look back on in years to come and we don't want anybody missing!

If you don't think your friends would see this message, make sure you tell them about it.

Also, 6C and 6L have had more responses so far, and we can't be having that, can we?!...


Take care,


Mr Pruce

Wednesday 10th June


Hi everyone!

Hope you're all doing well and not getting too wet in the rain. It's been great to see so many of you getting in touch on Purple Mash, especially Khairah's baking, Summer's home learning and George's gardening.


Talking of gardening, I mentioned in one of my diary entries a couple of weeks ago that my garden is almost complete but I just need to build a water feature - well, it's all done!


Funnily enough, I've never built a water feature before, but I took it step-by-step and I'm pretty pleased with the result.

  1. clear the area you want to use.
  2. dig a hole (and find somewhere to put the mud!)
  3. put a plastic container in the hole - this will be your reservoir
  4. find a lid that fits your reservoir - your rocks will sit on this
  5. drill holes into the lid so that the water can find its way back to the reservoir
  6. lay some weed-proof membrane
  7. put the pump in the reservoir and make a hole in the lid large enough for the top to come through. Pumps in the UK don't come with plugs, so you will have to wire this too
  8. arrange rocks, stones and pebbles in the design you want and decorate with plants.


If you decide to do something similar, make sure you ask permission before digging a massive hole in your garden and get an adult to help you with the drill and the plug...


Take care, see you at the start of July!

Mr Pruce


P.S. No running this week (yet)

Thursday 4th June


Hi 6P!


So this week I've been into school to help with some of the key worker children and it was good to see everyone. Some of the classes are beginning to be changed around ready for the return of more children which is exciting. Mr Warden and Mr Harding have even painted some new things on the floor outside as well!

I've been doing some more running (obviously) and I managed to complete the challenge I set myself earlier in the week of going further than half a marathon, I managed 17.5 miles which is actually 2/3 of a marathon!

Olly sent me an email of him playing the Doctor Who theme tune on the keyboard which was very impressive! I've never been able to play an instrument but I suppose saying that isn't really showing a growth mind set, is it?! Perhaps Miss Lomas can teach me something as she seems to be able to play every instrument - I think I should start with the triangle...

Don't forget that you can email me (and your friends) on PurpleMash, just log in, go to the search bar and search '2email', then you can tell me what you've been up to, ask any questions or just be nosey!


Take care, see you soon.


Mr Pruce


Monday 1st June


Hi everyone,


Welcome to June! I hope you all had a great half term, hopefully you can tell me all about it when I call this week, it would be great to hear what you have been up to.

I've been doing a lot of gardening over the half term and my garden is almost how I want it now, just need to build a water feature/pond and that'll be it! I kept up with my running despite the heat and managed a half marathon, so I will have to try and beat that this week - wish me luck!

I'll be in school this week with Miss Castleman (I bet she's missed me...) sorting our classrooms out for when we come back over the next few weeks which is really exciting.

Take care,


Mr Pruce :)

Thursday 21st May


Hi 6P,


It's been great to see so much of your fantastic work and the fun things you've been up to being sent into me over the last few weeks - I've added some of them below. We've got Khairah's rocket, Olly's sunflowers, Annie's revolting recipe, Billy's VE Day cake and George's gardening.

I'm sure you'll all agree they look brilliant; please send me in anything you'd like to show too, I love seeing them!

Stay safe,

Mr Pruce


PS. I managed a half marathon on Tuesday. It was very hot but I got to see lots of lovely villages and finished off by coming down the Flitch Way from Rayne and along London Road through Notley :)

Wednesday 13th May


Hi 6P!


Hope you're all keeping well and staying active. I've been doing the same things as ever: phoning you guys, writing reports, going on walks and doing quizzes (won my first one on Monday yes). I've also continued with my running and managed to get a personal best for the 5km (which is 3.1 miles or half a million centimetres!!) I finished in 20 minutes and 23 seconds which I never thought I'd be able to do, but I tried and I managed it so it just goes to show that if you set your mind to things you can probably do them! My next goal will be to try and get it under 20 minutes - I'll let you know how I get on.


I'm going to be in school tomorrow and Friday so it will be nice to see some familiar faces and places. It looks like I may be seeing some of you in June, but there are still lots of possibilities so we shall have to wait and see - fingers crossed.


Take care,


Mr Pruce


Thursday 7th May


Hi everyone,


Was great to chat to Olivia and Isaac this week - hope you both had great birthdays!

I had quite a busy day yesterday; after making the water splash video with the teachers for you guys I was inspired to make a video of one of my holidays. It was all going so well until it deleted itself crying. I eventually got it done and am pretty proud of it!


I also went on the longest run of lockdown so far; I did just over 10 miles and went through Great Notley at the end, I wonder if I went past any of your houses!... 



Enjoy the bank holiday as best you can.


Take care,


Mr Pruce

Monday 4th May


Hi everyone, May the Fourth be with you.


Just a quick note to tell you to check your emails on PurpleMash - you have a message from a very special guest!....


Have a little look and let me know if you've got any questions for them.


Take care,


Mr Pruce

Friday 1st May


Hi everyone,


Welcome to May, is it just me or did April seem to last forever?


Yesterday, Mrs Ball asked the teachers to do a mixture of different wellbeing tasks to make sure we're all feeling happy and positive. The one I chose to do was 'Make a list of things you want to do once lockdown has finished.'

This is my list

  • See 6P again (obviously)
  • Go to Craven Cottage
  • Go on holiday
  • Eat a lovely meal at a nice restaurant
  • Visit my parents in Norfolk
  • Go to the cinema
  • Play 5-a-side with Mr Pryke, Mr Hopgood and Mr Tinker
  • Invite my friends round for a BBQ.


What would be on your list? Has our current situation made you appreciate these things more?


Take care, miss you all.


Mr Pruce

Thursday 30th April


Hello everyone,


It's been great chatting with you on the phone this week and especially good to hear about Annie's and Summer's birthdays! I'll try and phone the rest of you today and tomorrow. Remember that when you log onto you will need the school code which is whitecourt (all one word, all lower case) in addition to your username and password. There are loads of fun Maths and English games on there and you can try and get to the top of the leader board - you might find it easy to begin with, but it will get more challenging as you go.


Miss Castleman has told me that she's getting the children in her class to set her challenges which I think is a great idea! Some she's had so far include baking a cake (that the children get to judge!), seeing how quickly she can do a 'Beat the Clock' game on MyMaths and seeing how many of the circuit training activities she can do in 60 seconds! If you want to challenge me, you can let me know when we're having a chat on the phone, over the Home Learning email (, on Twitter (@mrpruce) or email me on Purple Mash.


Take care and stay safe.


Mr Pruce


P.S. the marathon training is going 'ok', but could definitely be better!


Monday 27th April


Hi everyone,


I hope you had a great week in the sunshine, I know all the teachers did - have you seen the video on Twitter? If not, you should be able to find it at this link


I'll be phoning as many of you as possible this week to see how you've been getting on and for a chat. I'll also be giving you some log on details for a new site called 'Sumdog' - these are optional extra challenges for you where you can earn coins as rewards for the tasks you do.


Last week, Mrs Ball wanted all the White Court members of staff to reflect and think of what we are thankful for, she put all these ideas into a video which you can find here Think about what you're thankful for - it could be anything!


Enjoy this week and don't let the rain get you down, try and come up with some of your own fun activities that can be done inside.


See you soon.


Mr Pruce


Monday 20th April


Hi everyone,


Hope you managed to make the most of your Easter break - we've been so lucky with the weather. Don't forget that you can let me know what you've been up to on Twitter if your parents have an account, my username is @MrPruce (very creative, right?!) or you can email the school on and it'll get passed onto me.


I've been doing lots of exercise - the Brighton Marathon has been rescheduled for September now so I best restart my training for that! When I call you all again, you need to make sure you ask me how much running I've been doing - that way I'll have no excuses!


I've been trying to get as many of my normal 'teacher jobs' done as possible: writing reports, looking at scores and doing some online training courses. But I've also made sure that I use this time to do jobs around the house. My latest task was to change the handles and hinges on all of my doors; I know this sounds very boring and you're probably thinking, "Why are you telling me this Mr Pruce?" But as I was doing it, I encountered some problems (hinges wouldn't fit, doors wouldn't close etc) and I got a bit stuck. Now if this was a task at school, it could be solved by asking someone for help (a friend or a teacher) or skipped and moved onto the next one. I couldn't use these solutions as no one can come to my house and I couldn't leave lots of doors dangling from my walls! So I had to persevere and be independent and eventually I was able to solve the problem myself by trying different approaches until I found one that worked for me. By door number 10 I could almost do it with my eyes closed! So, just remember, if you can't do something or you're struggling, that's absolutely fine - everyone struggles with different things, especially if they're new. Just persevere, look at things from a different perspective and you will get there :)


Speak to you soon.


Mr Pruce