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Mr Hopgood's Diary

Tuesday 30th June

Hi 5H I hope you all had a good weekend and are enjoying some of the activities we have set you on Home Learning this week. As some of you may be aware we are having a Year 5 quiz on Wednesday at 12:30. To take part all you need to do is copy the link that will be on the this weeks Home Learning page. You can then take part in it, along with some of the Year 5 staff. At the end you will be able to see where you came on the leader board! I have also sent out a zoom meeting invite to your mums and dads for you to attend a good bye meeting online with me! It is at 1 o’clock on Friday and we will be playing some games and sharing things you have been up to! It will be so nice to see you faces and for you to see member so the class you might not have seen for a while. I hope you are all staying positive and safe, you have all done so well over these last few months, I could not be prouder of you! 


Mr Hopgood 

Tuesday 23rd June

Hi 5H, hope you are all good and had a lovely weekend. I had a busy weekend, I managed to build two brick flower beds for my garden and also bard up the garage roof to store things up in it. I was in school last week and a again it was lovely to see and teach the key worker children! This wee we are planning for the start of your transition to Year 6. Next week will be review Year 5 and doing so activities to celebrate the time we had together. Then after that the next few weeks will be you doing work/activities for your new Year 6 Teacher, Mr Pruce. As of next year all the classes in the school will be known as animals rather than a number and letter, i.e 5H. Each teacher has chosen an animal which will know be their class name. SO you might want to guess what animal Mr Pruce chose for your class, bet you can guess mine! All the classes will be told their names on Friday. I will be making a few phone calls this week but remember if you want me to call you because you need help or support with something then send me an email on Purple Mash. Enjoy the warm weather this week, stay positive and I will speak to you soon.


Mr Hopgood

Tuesday 16th June 

Good morning 5H, I hope you are all good and had a lovey weekend! It was very hot on Sunday so I took a trip to the beach which was lovely, got to play in the sea and had quite a few ice creams. I also did some diy, boarding up the rafters in my garage so I can store things up there, it involved a lot of cutting and drilling! Like it said on our home page this week, we are reducing the number of phone calls being made because we are all going into school much more regularly now due to us welcoming more children back to school. You may hear from me if not and you have a question or want to chat then email me on Purple Mash. I am in school this week should be fun and I’ve seen a couple faces from our class which has been lovely. Hope you all stay positive and safe and I will speak to you soon. Missing you all. 

Mr Hopgood 

Tuesday 9th June 

Hi 5H, hope you all had a good weekend! I managed to go on a long run with my brother at the weekend, however we got caught in the rain 6 miles from home so we got very wet! As some of you have seen, on Friday you were told which teacher you have next year. You have been extremely lucky to get Mr Pruce next year, he is a fantastic teacher, with lots of experience and a great sense of humour! Over the next few weeks we will be changing our home learning to transition projects/work for you to do for Year 6, which is exciting! Myself, Mrs Rolfe and Mrs Greely were in last week and we are in this week again looking after the key worker children! You might not hear from us as regularly now on the phone but if you have any questions, please email us on Purple Mash and we can then reply to you or ring you. Hope you are all good and staying positive. Missing you all as well! Mr Hopgood 

Monday 1st June

Morning 5H, I hope you all had a nice Half Term break, hopefully I will get to hear what you've been up to this week when I call you. I had a very busy Half Term, I started my new project which is to extend my patio in my garden. so I had great fun hiring a micro excavator and digging up part of my garden to lay the new patio. I've levelled it all and next weekend I am going to lay the paving slabs, wish me luck! I have been on a few runs around where I live which has been good, keeps me healthy and happy by doing lots of exercise. The weather has been so lovely and warm so I have been able to go on lots of walks around the countryside. I have also had quite a few barbecues which I absolutely love, lots of burgers have been cooked and eaten this week. I set up my cameras this weekend in the nature reserve so I am going to leave them out this week and see what I capture on them. I am in school this week, helping to prepare the school ready for Foundation and Year 1 children and I am also in school on Wednesday with Mrs Rolfe looking after our Key Workers children. I will be making my phone calls this week so I hope to be hearing from you all. Hope you are all staying happy and positive.


Mr Hopgood


Hi all, hope you are all ok and had a fantastic weekend and also a good time celebrating VE Day in your own way.

On my daily walk on Friday I was so staggered at just how many houses had been decorated with Union Jacks and banners celebrating VE Day. It was so lovely to see and it made me feel a real sense of pride about the history of our country. I was also lucky enough to see the Red Arrows fly over and they never fail to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

In the evening we had a BBQ, and I got to cook my favourite, minted lamb steaks!!!!! We sat out the front of the house eating with the other neighbours doing the same in my road. Saturday and Sunday were very hot and I made the mistake of getting sun burnt in the garden so now I am a lovely shade of pink! I'm starting a new project in my garage by boarding the roof for storage which I'm excited about as I have been learning about how to do it in my DIY 'Bible'.


I have uploaded some help videos for the maths on the school website to give you some tips if you get stuck with it. I had a great time in school last Wednesday and it was nice seeing the school and some of the pupils. We made Union jack flags, played lots of sports on the school field and watched Chicken Little in the afternoon. I am in school again this Wednesday so will hopefully have some more stories to tell you about next week. We also have some more fun and games for you guys that the teachers are doing, so keep a look out for these.


I am looking forward to chatting to some of you this week, some of you may here from Mrs Rodrigues or Mrs Truman as I am in school this week.


Have a great week, missing you all!


Mr Hopgood


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