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Monday 6th July


How are you all?  

Are you excited about the Summer holidays?  

We are hoping to go camping but we haven't booked anywhere yet, I'm not sure whether campsites are open yet.  We might go and camp in my sister's garden!

Yesterday we went to the beach at Felixstowe and met my sister and her boys.  It was a gorgeous sunny day.  I was a bit worried that it would be too windy but it wasn't!  

We paddled in the sea and the Martha and the boys buried Natasha in the stones.

We went for a walk/ scoot along the sea wall to get fish and chips.
I was quite proud of this picture that I took.

I love the way that it makes the sea look so ginormous.  

I loved seeing so many of you on our zoom quiz last week, thank you for coming.  

Keep having fun.

Love from Miss Smithson x x