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Monday 4th May


I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

We all went for a walk along the river which is very close to where I live.  I knew the river was nearby but didn't realise how close it was.  Have any of you found anything near to your house that you didn't realise was there?

Today we've done some gardening and the girls have done their school work.  Our vegetables are growing well in their little pots, we will need to plant them in the garden soon.  The problem is, when we plant them in the garden it will be easier for little bugs like slugs and snails to eat them which would make me very cross! 

How many of you have been on 'Sumdog'?  I know Matthew has done lots so well done!  Let us know what you've done and share the best things with your friends.

Thank you Emily for your email showing us your amazing drawings, fact file and poster.  I'm very impressed with your art skills and how much you've already learnt about the rainforest.

Keep smiling and take care

Miss Smithson x