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Monday 03.05.20 - Adding Fractions

For math today you will be adding fractions. Please watch the video before you begin the worksheets. 


Please have a go at the main worksheet, if you feel as though you need more practice to feel confident I have also provided practice worksheets, each of these have stars on them that show your chilli challenge level:


1 star = mild chilli

2 star = medium chilli

3 star = hot chilli


It is up to you where you start, think about how confident you feel after watching the video.


I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO DO EVERY SHEET, I expect one to be done, however if you do want to do more work you can have a go at as many sheets as you want. 


Miss Williamson



Magic Maths


Please read the worksheet and have a go at the activity


this is to be completed AS WELL as your main math lesson