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Monday 1st June


I hope that you all had a great half term! Where did that week go!? I spent most of the week trying to tidy up and organise my garden. I've spent the last couple of years renovating my house, so it was definitely time to give my garden some well-needed attention! I helped to clear the patio and build some planters to make it look a bit neater.


We had to take a few trips to the recycling centre to get rid of some rubbish. I think lots of people have been making good use of this time to help clear out and tidy their houses and gardens, as the queues at the recycling centre were very long!

This afternoon I went on a lovely walk around Brookes Reserve with my nieces and nephew. I decided to leave my dog Olive at home to have a rest, as the sun would have been too hot for her. I took her out for a walk later on in the evening when it was a bit cooler. My nieces and nephew were very excited to find a cool den, which they chose to stop and have a little rest in. 




 I hope that you all had a lovely half term and managed to get some rest! I was worn out just reading Isabel's diary! It sounds like she's been having an amazing time with her family. I look forward to seeing and hearing about what you've all been up to.


Speak soon,


Miss Swan x