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Miss Williamson's Daily Diary

Mrs Coulsons Weekly Diary


Hello 3W,

Well I can’t believe today is May 1st and another week has gone by!
The weather has definitely not improved, let’s hope the weekend will be nicer for us to get into the garden again.
Last week I told you I was going to make a lemon cake, well I did and it turned out a DISASTER!!!! It came out of the oven very flat but the one good thing was although it was very flat it still tasted delicious! I guess I just need some more practice so will have to persevere.
Tonight I am going to have a home Cinema night.  We have got some sweets and popcorn and are going to close the curtains and turn the lights out so it’s like the cinema.  My children are deciding on the film therefore it will probably be either a Marvel or Star Wars film. 
I have had a little free time this week so I decided to do some drawing, as a lot of you know I love ‘Disney’ so I have drawn some Disney characters, have a look below and see if you can recognise them. I really enjoyed drawing them and it also helped me to relax.  If you have any free time, I would love to see your Disney or Marvel drawings. 

Take care!

Mrs Coulson Xx



Wednesday and Thursday 29.04.20 - 30.04.20


Hi 3W,


The weathers been a bit rubbish over the past two days! I've really missed working outside, enjoying the sun. Having to find stuff to do inside whilst it rains is pretty tough, I would love to know any rainy day activities you have been doing (send a photo to the home learning email!).


I've really enjoyed the phone calls that I've had with some of you this week, it's always such a treat to hear how happy you are all. You're keeping positive and thinking about all the good that is happening, I couldn't be prouder. I've been reflecting on all the positives in my life at the moment as well and have made a list. 

- My Mum and Dad

- My Sister (who is home from uni because of lockdown, and is the BEST cook!)

- My Dog

- FaceTime with friends

- Chocolate

- Tea and Coffee

- My Laptop

- Having time to read a good book


reflecting on the good in your life gives you such an amazing feeling! It could be that your thankful to have an xbox, colouring pencils, or time outside. I challenge you all to write a list of what makes you happy.


Miss Williamson


FYI: Phone calls for most will be done on a fortnightly basis so if you have not heard from me this week I will be phoning you next week. 


Tuesday 28.04.20


Hi 3W!


I have had such a fantastic day creating videos for your maths next week, I've got a white board and everything! I love creating these videos and hope that they are helping you out, although it is strange talking to my laptop instead of all of you!


I've been really enjoying having time to read my book and it's been reminding me of how much I love sharing books with all of you so I'm going to start weekly videos of these pages of me reading a story to you. Please play the video above to listen. 


Keep going with your home learning, I am so proud of all the work you have been doing! The work you have been sending to the home learning email is amazing, as is the work on twitter. Each week most of your parents have been telling me how much effort you have been putting into your home learning, you're all fantastic!


Miss Williamson

Monday 27.04.20


Hello 3W,


Today I have spent getting back into the swing of things with work. I've found this week so much easier and feel like I have my focus back! Hope you are all feeling the same way.


I think taking regular brain breaks is really important when we are working hard, whether it's standing up and having a little dance, or starting a new 5 minute task. For my brain breaks I've been drawing and sketching. This brain break can be put down easily when my 5 minutes are up and allows me to express my creativity and shut off my brain for a bit! What type of brain breaks do you think you would enjoy? Remember it should only be for 1-5 minutes. 


This afternoon I went for a walk with my sister, mum and dogs, we we to see if we could spot any turtles in the pond in Great Notley as we had been told there are some there! I was super excited to see the turtles as they are one of my favourite animals (the order is sloths first, then dogs, then turtles). We didn't see any turtles but the little ducklings were very cute and my dogs loved chasing some of the birds on the green! We did keep them away from the ducks though!


I hope you are all enjoying the outside still even though the weather isn't nice!


Miss Williamson


WC: 20.04.20 - Mrs Coulson


Hi 3W,

Miss Williamson has told me how superbly well you have all been getting on with your home learning, lots of lovely creative work being completed too! 
In the Coulson household, my 3 sons are now all at home and are completing their home learning, the dining room table gets very busy with all the books etc sprawled all over it! 
I hope you have been enjoying the gorgeous sunny weather that we have been having, I have enjoyed being able to sit in my garden enjoying all the flowers and plants.  We also have a badminton net up so I have been keeping fit by playing badminton with my family - what games have you been playing? 
This afternoon I am going to do some baking and make a lemon cake and maybe some chocolate brownies, my youngest son made the chocolate sticks that Mrs Burrell made on her daily challenges, they were yummy! Have you made anything tasty to eat? 
I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of our household pets, Hawkeye is the hamster and Poppy is our cat - she is 15 years old now and is enjoying laying in the sun in our garden.
I hope to hear more from Miss Williamson about what things you have been doing.
Take care

Mrs Coulson Xx


Thursday and Friday 23.04.20 and 24.04.20


Hello 3W,


It's been a crazy week getting back into the swing of things! I hope all of you have been ok getting back to your home learning. Remember the first week is always the toughest.


I've began to create my own reading journal to help me set myself goals. Theres so much to do at the moment finding a quiet time to read has been tricky for me, especially whilst I am at home with my dogs, tv, and family. I've set myself a target to read 50 pages by the end of the week. Why do you guys have a go at this at home?


Phoning you all has been so nice for me! Any of you who have not had a call from me this week will be having a call on Monday so don't worry!


One thing that I am really noticing from talking to all of you is how creative you all are. Not only are most of you really enjoying reading, but you are also going outside and creating games, baking and cooking, your drawing and crafting, some of you have conducted science experiments with crystals or caterpillars! It's amazing how much different things you are all doing and it all sounds very, very exciting.


Keep on going and continue to build you imaginations!


Miss Williamson


I've got a a creative writing challenge for you if you fancy a bit of a challenge over the weekend, or want to do some creative writing next week: 


Write a short story based on this picture, use the questions bellow and the writing guidance on the 'home learning support' page to help you out. 


  • What’s happening here?
  • Give the creatures names.
  • Why does the purple creature have a peg on its nose? Why are its cheeks bulging?
  • Is the large character an ogre? A troll? Something else?
  • Why does he have his foot in a bowl?
  • How is he feeling? Why?
  • Why are there flies around him?
  • Add thought bubbles to this picture.
  • Which character do you like the most? Why?
  • Which character can you best relate to? Why?

Tuesday 21.04.20


Hello 3W!


I have had a VERY busy day today. I have gone into school and gone to get some stuff from our classroom, I said hello to the cat in the hat who has been very busy reading all our cupboard books! I also had a look at all of the writing you had done at school before you started your home learning journey. I still cannot believe how much progress you had all made over the two terms, you are all superstars! 


After I got back from school and had a little play with my puppies I began to tackle my to do list! I have found that making a list of everything I need to do for work every day has really helped me to be as productive as I can! I draw pictures next to each task as I am a very visual learner. If any of you are struggling with the amount of work set for your home learning and do want to try and do as much as you can try writing out a to do list.


Once I had finished all my work I went for a walk with my dogs, it has been such a lovely day today, I hope you all had a chance to get outside and enjoy the warm, sunny weather!


Miss Williamson 


 Here's  my dog after her walk, I think she's just as sleepy as me after today!


Monday 20.04.20


Hello 3W!


I really enjoyed talking to you all on the phone and hearing all about you easter holidays filled with easter egg hunts, playing outside and spending time with your family! It's great that some of you have carried on reading lots of exciting books, Lydia and George have been reading the Demon Dentist by David Williams and Lacie has been reading the Long Whale Song by Jacqueline Wilson. I absolutely love reading and am really excited to hear about all the books everyone else has been reading! I've been reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Charles Lutwidge and it's been an amazing read that I would definitely recommend. 


Other than reading, I have also had a really nice time celebrating my sisters birthday! She turned 22 on Friday and we spent the day baking her a chocolate fudge cake and watching her favourite scary films! It was very strange celebrating her birthday in our house but was lovely spending so much time with our family. 


I hope you are all feeling ready to start up with your home learning today, remember that our learning superhero's are now on our class page to help you out with your learning!


I would love to see some of the things you are all getting up too! Send a picture to to share with me!


Miss Williamson