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Miss Williamson

Hello 3W,
Wow, what a hot week of weather we have had this week - I have even been in my children’s swimming pool as I was so hot!!
This week I spoke to Lacie, Lydia, Sophie and Jessica. I just can’t believe how mature and confident you all were on the telephone.  It was so lovely talking to you all and hearing what you have all been up to. I promised Lydia a picture of our hamster Hawkeye, so you should find it below. My pets have been very hot this week and they scrabbled about to find some shade. I’ve posted a picture of Poppy the cat relaxing in the garden.
Well 3 more weeks of Summer term left now, I can’t believe that you will soon all be in Year 4! 
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I will speak to you next week!
Take care

Mrs Coulson Xx 


Hello 3W,
Hope you have all had a wonderful week!
This week I spoke to a few more of you - Henry A, George and Coby, it was so lovely having a chat with you! George told me all about the sparrow nest in his bush, I do hope those 3 baby sparrows are doing well George and that their mummy is feeding them lots of juicy worms!! 
I have some very exciting news - Mrs Coulson is adding a new family member to her household.  My children finally convinced my husband and me to have one of my sister’s dogs puppies.  I have put photos below! We will be welcoming the puppy at the end of July, just need to think of a name now, my children like the name Pepper so it might be that! You all know I have a cat called Poppy, so Poppy and Pepper sound quite good together. 
It’s going to get very hot next week so I hope you are all ready with your paddling/swimming pools!!
Have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you next week.
Take care!

Mrs Coulson Xx 


Last Week's Daily Diary


The story for this week is called Leaf.

Hi 3W,
Hope you have all had a good week and have managed to find lots to do although the weather has not been very nice, the weekend is looking so much better so that’s good news!
I was very lucky to be able to speak to Archie K, Charlie and Lucy on the telephone this week.  It was so lovely to speak to you and to listen to what you have been doing, you all sounded so grown up on the telephone.  I have really missed seeing everyone in the class so it was really nice to hear from a couple of you, I am going to be calling a few more of you next week so I am very excited about that.
My week has been quite quiet apart from home learning with my children and completing some school online courses but I have been making some treats for us to have.  This was a new treat I made, white chocolate, marshmallows and party rings - it is very tasty and very sweet!! 
All the rain this week has helped my tomatoes and beans to grow, I have put a couple of pictures below, can you see the little tomatoes growing? 
Take care and I will speak to you next week.

Mrs Coulson Xx 


Hello 3W,

Well we are into Summer Term 2, the Summer is always my favourite season of the year! Not today though with the cold, wet, and windy day!!! 
I hope you all had a lovely week last week? We spent most of the week in the garden enjoying the sunshine, playing badminton and making the most of the swimming pool. 
Last night I had a lovely catch up with the year 3 team on zoom, it was so nice hearing what they have been doing and seeing them on the screen.  Miss Williamson has asked me if I would like to call some of you from next week, so I am very excited that I will be able to talk to a few of you about what you have been doing. 
I have continued my gardening and now as well as growing tomatoes and beans, I am now also growing cucumbers, lettuce and leeks. I hope they grow well and the slugs and snails don’t manage to nibble on them.
Finally, you remember that I told you my sister’s dog had puppies, well each day she sends me photos or a video of them. They are now starting to walk and have opened  their eyes. I so wish I was able to go and see them and have a cuddle, they are so cute! I’ll leave you another picture below. 
Take care and speak soon.

Mrs Coulson Xx 




Miss Williamson and Mrs Coulson's letter to 3W

Miss Williamson's Daily Diary

Mrs Coulson's Weekly Diary


Hello 3W,
Hope you have all had a fabulous week, the weather has been wonderful the last few days which has really helped.
This week a friend surprised me by leaving some beautiful flowers by my front door, it really cheered me up as I miss seeing her! I have put a picture down below to show you.  Have you done anything to surprise someone or to be kind? 
As the weather has been very warm my children were desperate to have the swimming pool out.  It is a big pool so took so long to fill up (most of the afternoon) but they have really enjoyed splashing about in it.  Next week the weather is supposed to stay nice so I might even have a dip in the pool myself!! 
My husband managed to buy some more flowers for the garden so this afternoon I am going to find some pots to set them in, my garden will look lovely by the time I’ve finished, I don’t normally have the time to spend so long on it, I wonder what things you have all been doing to occupy your time?
Next week is 1/2 term so no home learning, I hope you have a super week and enjoy the sunshine.  Miss Williamson let’s me know what you have all been up to.

Take care

Mrs Coulson Xx


Mrs Coulson's Weekly Diary


Hi 3W,
Another week has gone by and I hope you are all okay?
On Tuesday, as you know it was Miss Williamson’s birthday, all the staff in year 3 had a zoom meeting and sang “Happy Birthday” to her.  It was so lovely to see everyone’s smiling faces and that’s what I really miss about school, seeing all your happy smiling faces.
My sister had some exciting news for me this week, her dog Koda had a litter of 5 puppies! As I am unable to currently see my sister she has been updating me on the IPad daily and sending me pictures of the puppies, I will pop a picture on below.  They are so adorable! 
I have been busy with some school work/online courses and helping my youngest son with his home learning.  We have also now got a runner bean plant which we will plant this weekend.  The weather is supposed to get warmer over the weekend so it will be good to get into the garden again.
Take care and I will speak to you again next week.

Mrs Coulson Xx 


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