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Mrs Coulson's Weekly Diary Entry


Hi 3W,
Hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine today!
Yesterday we planted some tomato plants into a hanging basket so I’m hoping they will grow nicely and we will have some tomatoes to enjoy at some point.
Tomorrow as you know is the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  We have decided to have a picnic in our garden with some yummy sandwiches and cakes. The weather is supposed to be beautiful so I am really looking forward to it.  We are going to make some gingerbread men and a cake (hopefully it will turn out better this time). 
I also wanted to share a secret with you all 🤫, It’s Miss Williamson’s birthday on Tuesday🥳So if you are able to perhaps you can send her a little birthday message on purple mash, I know she would be thrilled to hear from you. 
I have attached some pictures of my tomato plants, my beautiful bluebells that are flowering in my garden and my very lazy cat Poppy, who has loved lying in the sun on our table outside! 
Take care and speak to you next week.
Mrs Coulson Xx 


Thursday 07.05.20


Hi 3W,


It has been a lovely day today! I woke up at five o'clock this morning and was downstairs and working by half past five! It was so nice waking up early and getting a start on my work early, it gave me a lot of motivation! 


I've been able to speak to more of you today and that has been amazing! From the dances to the baking it sounds like you are having such a good time at home! One thing I have noticed is very common is a lack of motivation, I'm feeling that too. It is very tricky when you are at home with SO many other things around you, like you computer, playstation/xboxes, siblings, gardens, family, books, etc. It can be so, so, so difficult to keep yourself sat down at your table and working hard!


I have tried two things that has really helped me, the first is setting a timer of ten minutes. This helps me stay focused for a while. The other is a promise of a brain break. This normally isn't going on my computer, but a 2 minute dance or running 3 laps of my garden, then coming and sitting down to work again. I want to you try these at home when you begin to loose you concentration. If you are really struggling please EMAIL ME ON PURPLEMASH. I may not be at home teaching you, but I am still your teacher and want to help you. 


On a happier note, both my dogs are loving having me home so much! They have been following me around everywhere. I am sure if you have any pets they will be loving having you home too!


I have also started to write all of your reports, thinking about all the amazing work you completed at school, and thinking back on my memories of us all in class, the laughs, the chats and each of your amazing and unique personalities has made me so happy. We have made lovely memories in year 3 that I will cherish for a long, long time.


Miss Williamson


F.Y.I - Some ideas to learn creatively at home:

- Create a play based on one of the picture bellow, write a script and cast your family members or toys!

- Write a story based on one of the photo bellow, include one of these three in your story: A clumsy unicorn who loves bananas, a serious clown who hates anything funny, a silly giraffe who wants a small neck. 

- Create a P.E. lesson based on the word: jumping

- Build a blanket fort and plan how you will defend it against an army made of family members or toys!




Wednesday 06.05.20


Good Morning 3W,


I have spent most of today creating videos for your maths next week! I love being creative and have tried to make maths as creative as I can for all of you. I would love to hear about the different ways you have brought some creativity into your lives at home. 


Today I've had a phone call with some of you and it's great hearing how much fun you are having at home. I am really proud of all of you getting outside as much as possible and working hard, whether the hard work is focused on creativity, or your academic work its just really lovely that you are all still doing things that make you proud of yourselves.


Keep going!


Miss Williamson

Tuesday 05.05.20


Hello 3W,


It's been a crazy day today, I've loved hearing from some of you on the phone again today and am looking forward to making some more calls tomorrow! You're all getting so good at talking on the phone, I'm VERY impressed. 


I've spent most of today with my dogs working on my laptop, they've been very helpful! One of them even helped me with my reading video - as you will see tomorrow when it's uploaded.


Now that we've been home learning for a little while I've started to lose a bit of motivation, which is something a few of you have told me you have struggled with too. It really helps me to set timed goals, such a 20 minute timer to write. During these twenty minutes I am not doing anything but writing and when I've got to the end of my timer I feel so accomplished, it motivates me to create another timer! If any of you are needing a boost to your motivation I would strongly advise using this. If you have siblings, or your parents want get involved with their own work, you could even turn it into a contest! 


Other than work I've also been making sure that I get outside every day (even when it was cold this morning!), a bit of fresh air is so underrated! I have been told there are turtles in the pond on Great Notley, but am yet to see one! I want to challenge those of you who live on Great Notley to pop to the pond and see if you can find one, if you do get a picture and send it to me! If you don't find one I would still love to see photos of your walks or bike rides. 


I also wanted to let you all know that you can now send me picture on Purplemash, sending it on here means that I can respond straight away and talk to you about your work or photos! If you want to use purple mash to send me pictures you can attach them to the email by clocking the 'attach file button' once you have clicked on this you can choose 'from my PC', this will then let you select the photo from your computer and attach it to your email.


Hope you had a fantastic day!


Miss Williamson


Pictures to help with purple mash attach a file: