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Wednesday 1st July 

Hello 1S!

Firstly, I would like to say a big happy birthday to Emily. It was lovely that we got to sing happy birthday on our zoom call and hear all about your day. I hope you enjoy your cake later! 

Secondly, thank you so much to everyone that made it onto our class farewell zoom call. It was SO lovely to see you all, I can't believe how grown up you look. I also can't believe that it's already time to say goodbye. Please do have a look at the work for this week as it's full of lovely reflection activities. The one of Friday is a favourite of mine! Please remember that you can email me on purple mash and send photos etc on twitter and to the home learning email. I am still waiting for quite a few photos to make our big class photo so please do send them over ASAP (you can find further instructions on the home learning page). 

You can find our two pictures from Zoom below, they really made me smile. 

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week

Miss Stead laugh


Monday 29th June

Good morning 1S!


I hope you had a lovely weekend? Please remember to email me on purple mash if you haven't already, i'd love to hear from you! 

Also, it is transition week this week so please have a look on your home learning page (link below) as there are some really lovely activities for you to do to help us all reflect on the year we have had. They're all really fun so please give them a go. 


Have a brilliant week!

Miss Stead laugh


Friday 26th June 

Hello 1S! 
I hope you’ve had a brilliant pirate day? I know we did in school. I’ve attached some pictures for you to see! Please send me yours so I can see what piratey activities you’ve been up to. 
Thank you for voting which book you would like me to read next week, the one which won was “Aliens Love Underpants” so that will be posted next week. 
Have a lovely weekend and take care 

Miss Stead laugh

Monday 22nd June 

Hello 1S

Did you have a good weekend? I hope you’ve been enjoying the lovely weather, I know I have!

Thank you very much to those of you who have emailed me on purple mash, I am really enjoying reading your replies and having a conversation with you. If you haven’t already then please do log on and send me an email, I’d love to hear from you. 
I am still enjoying seeing the work/ pictures / videos your adults send me on twitter and the home learning email so please keep sending those through! Well done to all of you for a fantastic start to our Pirates topic! 
I would like to remind you all that it is National Schools Sports Week. Active Essex are putting a lot of events on online this week so please check it out and have a go at them, how about you try a new sport? 

I know how much you all love sport at school so I’d really like to see you all having a sporty week and trying some new activities. Enjoy! 
I hope you have a brilliant week. 
Take care 

Miss Stead laugh

Friday 19th June 

Hello 1S! 

I hope you've all had a good week? 

This week I have emailed all of you on purple mash. This is a great way to stay in touch so please feel free to reply and message me on there. I will be checking it frequently. 

I would like to wish Michael a very happy 6th birthday! I spoke to him and he was busy playing with his new toys and is going to enjoy a picnic later. It sounds like he's having a brilliant day laugh

Have a lovely weekend. 

Take care 

Miss Stead smiley

Monday 15th June

Hello 1S! 

I hope you all had a good week last week? I am still phoning those of you not in school so I look forward to chatting to you again soon to find our what you've been up to. 

Last week, I was in school on Thursday and Friday with a few children from 1S. It was lovely to see some familiar faces although we missed the rest of you a lot. 

On Friday it was Mackenzie's birthday. I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing her a very happy 6th birthday! She told me all about the new dolls house she got, it sounds amazing! 

I would like to remind you all that pirate day is coming up, it is on Friday 26th June! On this day we would like you all to dress up as pirates (whether you are coming into school or not) and complete some of the fun pirate activities we will give you for that day. Please send us lots of pictures and videos, we will be dressing up and posting pictures as well. I hope you're as excited as we are? 

How are your sunflowers getting on? Some of you have told me that you're still completing your sunflower diaries. Mine are growing quickly not but I need to re-pot them this week. I'll post another picture of them once I have. 

I hope you have another lovely week. Keep it up, you're all super stars! 

Take care 

Miss Stead laugh

Friday 5th June

Hello 1S!

I hope you have had a brilliant week? I am glad to see so many of you are enjoying our new topic of 'Pirates'. I have seen some lovely pirate houses by Emily, Lucy, Charlie and Freddie R, well done! 

I would like to wish Tegan a big happy 6th birthday for tomorrow! I am looking forward to speaking to her and hearing all about it. 

I hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in school next week and speaking to the rest of you on the phone! 


Following the tragic news surrounding George Floyd this week, we at White Court feel it is important to have informative discussions surrounding diversity. As teachers we have put together some books and resources which we feel will enable us all to educate ourselves and reflect on what has happened in an age appropriate way. Please use at your discretion. 


All Are Welcome - Alexandra Penfold


I Am Enough- Grace Byers


A Rainbow Of Friends- P.K. Hallinan


2 Books which do not have You Tube links but are lovely: 

Little Leaders Exceptional Men In Black History - Vashti Harrison

Little Leaders Bold Women In Black History - Vashti Harrison

Monday 1st June 

Hello 1S! 
I hope you all had a lovely half term? We’re so lucky that the sun was shining all week! I’m looking forward to hearing about what you’ve all been up to. I enjoyed relaxing in the garden. 

Last Monday, during half term I spoke to Isla as it was her birthday. Happy birthday Isla! She sounded like she was having SO much fun, she couldn’t choose a favourite present but got a guitar and lots of other lovely gifts. She also enjoyed camping in the garden with her family, lucky Isla! 
Hopefully you’ve all received your flat teachers in the post now, I’m really looking forward to seeing what adventures you take us on laugh
How are your sunflowers doing? Scroll down to see a picture of how big my 6 sunflowers have grown. They’re getting big now! Remember to update your sunflower diary! 
I hope you have a fun first week back, I’m looking forward to seeing lots of amazing work! 
Take care 

Miss Stead smiley

Thursday 21st May 

Good afternoon! 

I hope you are all ok and having lots of fun in the sun? From those of you that i've spoken to and heard from on twitter it sounds like you're enjoys playing in your pools and going on long walks/ bike rides. I've been doing the same as well as trying to do some more running. It's a bit too hot though! 

I would like to say a big happy birthday to Elsie B! It is her 6th birthday today, she told me on the phone that her favourite presents were modelling clay and a new watch, how exciting! We hope you had a lovely day Elsie laugh If you scroll down you will see a picture of the birthday cake Elsie made, it looks yummy! 

How are your sunflowers coming along? I've seen a few pictures this week and they'e all looking very good. I have replanted my ones that got eaten but luckily I still have two which are growing quite nicely, I will attach a picture of them! 

This week I have particularly  enjoyed seeing your lovely sunflower paintings, thank you and well done to Emily, Freddie R, Freddie S, Charlie and Oliver. I am sure you have all done lovely Van Gogh style paintings!

Next week is half term and we will be going into our last half term as Year 1's! I can't believe how quick it has gone!!

I would like to say a huge well done to you all for being such superstars with your home learning. We all miss each other lots but you're doing really well! Keep it up laugh

Take care 

Miss Stead 


Monday 18th May 

Hello 1S!

I hope you all had a nice weekend? 

I wanted to share this link with you:

If you have a look you will see that Isla in our class is in the Braintree and Witham Times for an amazing act of kindness at a local care home. We are very proud of her! 

I hope you are still looking after your sunflower and they're growing nicely? 

Enjoy the next few days of sunshine! 

Take care 

Miss Stead laugh

Thursday 14th May 

Good afternoon 1S!

I hope you're all having a brilliant week? 

This week I have managed to speak to Lucy, David, Oliver, Ewan, Charlie, Darcy, Hassan, Grace, Michael, Archie, Alexia, Freddie S, Pola and Isla. It was lovely to speak to them all and head about everything they've been doing. It sounds like you've all been busy working hard but also having lots of fun, which is the main thing! I look forward to being in touch with the rest of you next week. It's also been great to see your work and activities on the home learning email and twitter, it seems lots of you have been enjoying yoga. I've also seen a lot of brilliant practical maths. Well done smiley

You should all have your sumdog login in's now. I hope you have fun playing on there! 

How are you sunflowers getting on? Sadly an animal has come along and eaten mine during the night so I am going to have to plant some more this weekend I think. I still have one left which I will continue to post pictures of. I hope yours are doing better than mine!

We have only got one more week now until half term then you can all have a well deserved break, how exciting. 

I'm so proud of you all for being such superstars! 

Take care 

Miss Stead laugh

Monday 11th May 

Good afternoon 1S! 

I hope you all enjoyed your 3 day weekend? We were very lucky that it was such lovely weather. What did you do to celebrate VE day? I know Jaxson made some lovely bunting for his stay at home party and Elsie S did a whole day of VE day learning on Friday, well done! 

Over the weekend i noticed my sunflower seeds had started to grow. If you scroll down you will see a picture of them. How many can you see growing so far? This would be a great second entry on your sunflower diary. It's great to see so many of you growing sunflowers at home. We can have a class competition to see who's sunflower grows the tallest! I know a lot of you are growing other fruit and vegetables as well which is brilliant. I received a picture of Emily's sunflower diary entry already today which was great and very neat, well done Emily! I was also impressed by Emily and Freddie R's healthy snacks they made, they looked too good to eat! I know how much 1S enjoy P.E. at school so I have loved seeing your own P.E. and yoga lessons which you have filmed and sent to me, thank you. 

I will be phoning some more of you this week, I can't wait to hear about what you've been up to. 

Take care 

Miss Stead smiley

Thursday 7th May 
Hello 1S!
I hope you have another brilliant week. I'm so glad the sunshine has come back! Did you all enjoy the P.E. lesson we filmed for you? 
This week I have been busy calling lots of you. It is so nice to hear about what you've been up to. It's safe to say you're all missing each other a lot! If you haven't heard from me this week then I will be in touch next week.  
A lot of you have died your hair crazy colours which made Miss Stead chuckle. I think it's a great idea. I have also been looking at all of your brilliant work you've sent me over twitter and the home learning email. I have seen loads of practical maths! Well done all of you! 
On Wednesday Mrs Goodwin challenged her class to wear fancy dress when doing their home learning. Miss Stead also gave it a go, scroll down to see the picture, I think it will make you laugh! I would love to see you give this a go? It's a very fun idea. 
If you haven't already then have a look on the White Court website or twitter and you will see a funny video of some of the adults from school dancing. Can you spot me and Mrs Vallance? 
On Tuesday I popped into school quickly and bumped into Grace, Lucy and Alfie, what a treat! It was lovely to see all of the pictures children and teachers have drawn on the fence outside school. If you haven't done one yet then please do. We just need you to draw a picture of yourself on A4 paper with your arms out to the side so when it's put next to another picture it looks like you're holding hands. Miss Stead has done one! I wonder if any of you have spotted it on the fence? 
I hope you all enjoy a safe and fun 3 day weekend! I look forward to speaking to more of you next week. 
Take care 
Miss Stead 

Monday 4th May 

Good afternoon 1S! 

Did you have a lovely weekend? On Saturday I had a pamper day as recommended by Isla, it was lovely and so relaxing! Thank you for the suggestion Isla, i'll post a picture of it tomorrow laugh As promised, I also ate lots of cake whilst celebrating my Mums birthday. As some of you will have seen Miss Drury, Mrs Goodwin and myself have been busy filming a P.E. lesson for you to do at home. This can be found under the Wednesday folder for this weeks home learning. Please send in pictures and videos of you giving it a go, we would love to see! 


As I am sure you will agree, it is more important than ever at the moment that we are all doing nice things to help and support our well being and mindfulness. Mrs Ball has kindly set up a 'PSHE' folder and a 'Well being May' folder which you can find on the home learning page of the website. Here you will find lots of lovely things which us teachers are doing to support our well being but also great activities and resources to support you. It would be brilliant to see you all joining in with well being May. 


As promised here are my pictures of me planting my sunflower seeds. I can't wait to see how they grow. If you have planted yours make sure you're keeping a close eye on them as next week we're going to be asking you to write a sunflower diary. If you haven't then don't panic, you still have time or you can base your sunflower diary on my one as i'll be posting updates of it as it grows.  


Take care 

Miss Stead smiley

Pamper day!