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Miss Stead's Daily Diary

You can now find my diary on the home learning page! 

Friday 1st May

Good afternoon 1S! Happy Friday laugh

I hope you have all had a good day? I planted my sunflower seeds today, i'll post some pictures on my daily diary next week! Have you planted yours? As of next week I will be doing my diary a couple of times a week but please keep checking in on here. 

Well done for another fantastic week! It has been great to speak to lots of you and receive your work through twitter and email. Keep it up! 

It's my Mums birthday this weekend so i'm sure i'll be busy eating lots of cake, looking forward to hearing about what you've all got up to. Enjoy your weekend! 

Take care 

Miss Stead smiley

Thursday 30th April 

Good afternoon 1S! 

How are you all? 

Today I have had some lovely phone calls with Alfie, Charlie and Freddie S. It is great to hear all about what they've been up to. Charlie's really been enjoying yoga, Alfie's got a new bike and Freddie's been practicing on his brothers bike. Good job boys! I have been sent some lovely work over twitter and through the home learning email. Well done Elsie S for your brilliant retelling of Mabel's Magical Garden. Also well done to Isla for some lovely videos, she made a sheep pencil holder out of toilet rolls, cotton wool and pipe cleaners, amazing! I've also seen pictures of brilliant work/activities from Emily, Oliver, Charlie, Freddie R, Freddie S. Well done everyone, keep it up!! 

Take care 

Miss Stead smiley

Wednesday 29th April 

Good afternoon 1S!

I hope you have had another lovely day full of fun learning! Today I have begun to call you all to give you your sumdog usernames and passwords. I will continue with this throughout the week so don't worry if you haven't got yours yet. I hope that those of you that have are enjoying the resources on there. 

Elsie S made up her own P.E. lesson / workout routine last week and posted a video of it to twitter. Today I gave it a go, it was EXHAUSTING! Here's a time-lapse of my attempt. It's not as good as Elsie's but it certainly was good fun, well done Elsie! I wonder if you can all have a go at home? It consisted of sit ups, press ups, lunges, high kicks and burpees, very tricky. 

Take care 

Miss Stead laugh

Elsie’s P.E. Lesson

Still image for this video

Tuesday 28th April

Good afternoon 1S! 

I hope you're all well? What a shame that it's raining today, I wonder how many of you have been out jumping in the puddles? 

I have been looking through all of the lovely work you've been sending in over twitter and email. A big well done to Tegan who has also learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers, you should be very proud of yourself! I have also seen that lots of you are growing vegetables and sunflowers which is brilliant, i'm sure they're appreciating a bit of rain. During my phone call with Isla today she told me that last Saturday she enjoyed a pamper day at home, it sounded really relaxing. I'm going to try one this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for a picture! 

As a school we now have access to a website called 'Sumdog'. I have attached a PDF with information on what sumdog is and i will be phoning you this week and next with your usernames and passwords. Once you have logged in the school code is 'whitecourt'. Enjoy using sumdog! 

Take care 

Miss Stead smiley

Monday 27th April

Hello 1S! 

I hope you had a lovely weekend, i'm sure you've all been enjoying the sunshine just as much as I have! I wonder if any of you spotted Mrs Shambrook throwing water over me in the video on twitter? 

I've been in school again today with Mrs Vallance. We have had a lovely day but miss you all lots. We have been busy making a REALLY tall tower with the children at school today. I wonder if you can make a tall tower at home? Please remember to keep sending in your work and activities to the home learning email and twitter. I love seeing what you're all up to! 

I have had a few people ask for a second exercise book. If you are in desperate need of one then we do have some kept in the office at school which could be collected. If you are happy to use your own paper then it is not essential to have another exercise book, we do not mind what you do your work on laugh

Take care 

Miss Stead 

Friday 24th April 

Good afternoon 1S! 
Today I have been in school looking after key worker children with Mrs Vallance and Mrs Reeve. We have had a lovely day and it was great to get back to normal just for 1 day. It was very strange being at school without you all though. We miss you lots! 
Thank you all for trying so hard this week. I hope you’ve had lots of fun! Please have a lovely weekend.

Take care

Miss Stead ☀️

Thursday 23rd April 

Good afternoon 1S! 
I hope you’re all well today and enjoying the lovely weather? I know I have been! I’ve been trying to do a bit of gardening in my spare time. 
I wanted to say a big well done to Oliver and Lucy for sending me videos of them practicing their counting in French, I’m really impressed! 
I am going into school tomorrow and will get to see Mrs Vallance which I’m really looking toward to. I know she’s been missing you all a lot as well! 
I thought a nice challenge for today would be to make a reading den to enjoy some DEAR (drop everything and read) time in. This could be done indoors or outdoors, be as creative as possible! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 

Take care 

Miss Stead 😊

Wednesday 22nd April

Good afternoon 1S!

How are you all getting on with your acts of kindness? I have been calling some people who i know may be feeling lonely in this time. 

Today i have been busy phoning some of you as well. It really has put a BIG smile on my face talking to you all. It's great to hear that you're trying so hard with your work but also enjoying the sunshine. Today when i spoke to Clyde he was splashing around in the pool which sounded like great fun! 

Thank you everyone for sending me your updates to the home learning email and twitter. Emily i love that your favourite part of the story was when the characters became friends again, that's so lovely! Elsie S your video of your maths lesson was lovely to see. Also thank you to Hassan, Charlie, Freddie R, Ewan and Tegan for sending me pictures of your activities/ hard work. You're all doing such a good job! 

I will be doing more phone calls next week. Please keep up the hard work and continue having lots of fun. 

Your challenge today is to look at Mrs Burrells post under 'home learning' on the website and try to work out which baby picture is Miss Stead? Enjoy! 


Take care 

Miss Stead smiley

Tuesday 21st April 

Good afternoon 1S, 

I hope that you have all had a lovely day and enjoyed the sunshine? I have been enjoying the sunshine and teaching my Mum to play badminton in the garden today. What have you been teaching your families? 

Thank you Emily for sending in your fabulous work to the home learning email, it was great to see. I have seen amazing stem sentences from Emily and Freddie S! Freddie S even set me a super maths challenge. Also a big thank you to Freddie R, Isla, Elsie S, Charlie, Lucy, Jaxson and Tegan for tweeting me some of your brilliant work! Isla, i LOVE that you made 119 rainbow cards to cheer up local residents, such a lovely idea. It has inspired me to write to  people to cheer them up, thank you!

Your challenge today is to do something kind. For example you could write to someone, phone someone or help someone in your house? I'm looking forward to hearing about your acts of kindness. 

Take care 

Miss Stead



Monday 20th April 

Hello 1S! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. I will be posting on this page ever day to keep in touch with you all! 

I am really enjoying seeing what your up to and your brilliant learning so please keep tagging me and sending over pictures. It has been great to see the new skills you have learnt. If you don't already follow me on Twitter then follow me- @MissStead3. 

As today was our first say of summer term i have been very busy (as i know you have as well) setting all of your online work, thinking of fun things for you to do and phoning some of you. I have now managed to speak to nearly all of you which has been great. I've loved having the opportunity to catch up with you all and hear about the adventures you've been on and the learning you've been doing. It sounds like you're all working so hard and having SO much fun which is brilliant! If i haven't spoken to you on the phone yet then i will be in touch this week. 

I will be posting challenges on here that you can complete if you want to. I will make them lots of fun and you can post photos to Twitter to show me, make sure you remember to tag me! Don't worry if you don't have Twitter, you can send them to the email Mrs Burrell gave you if you want me to see any of your brilliant work. 

I have heard that lots of you have learnt to ride a bike over the Easter break, i am so impressed! Your challenge today is to teach someone else (maybe a member of family you live with or aunts/ uncles/ grandparents etc on facetime) a new skill. I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose to teach them! Have fun 1S. 

Take care 

Miss Stead