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Thursday 3nd July 2020 - 3L zoom day!

Thank you to everyone who came this morning, it was one of the best hours seeing all of your lovely faces, it made me feel so proud, excited, nervous, emotional, all at once. 

I will leave a copy of the poem and the funny Letter of advice below and here is the photo of us heart 




Wednesday 1st July 2020

SPORTS DAY! Thank you for sending in so many of your photos! I hope you liked my demonstration video where i got very wet, if you haven't seen it, go and find it on the Home learning page, in the virtual sports day folder!

Tuesday 30th June 2020


Hey, I was in school today where we watched so much Deadly 60 on BBC iplayer, let me know if you are a huge fan too! We made lots of 3D animals which stood up, but I don't have any photos to show :( 

Can't wait for sports day tomorrow! Hope to see lots of photos! 


Miss Ly xxx

Monday 29th June 2020

A new week has begun, and including this, it is 3 weeks left until we break up for the Summer holidays! I can't believe how fast it has gone, but we all deserve a rest! 

This is a transition week, the last week with me, as your new teachers will be planning your work next week and the week after that. 

I hope you have all seen your Purple Mash emails which detail a zoom meeting we are going to have together on Thursday morning at 10am. I hope to see as many of you on there as possible, it will be great to see your smiley faces, and for you to see eachother too! Please bring a pen and something to write on, and get ready for a whole class zoom! 


I have been in school today, and I am in again tomorrow, but will still be checking your Purple Mash emails, I have really enjoyed playing the game with you, which is on-going if you'd like to play! Thanks to Megan, Elliott, Lewis and Ethan for sending me in your class photo! You look super grown up! 


Missing you all lots, and I can't wait to see you! 

Miss Ly xxx



Friday 26th June 2020

Still image for this video

Wednesday 24th June 2020


A message from Mrs Edwards:

Hello 3L 


How are you all - I hope you are all smiling - everything is always good when you have a smile - I thought I would send you all a special message - can you see it ?


You are all doing done amazing work and I 

always hear from Miss Ly  how you all are - miss you lots!


I have been very busy reading a story to Early Years - I made a sock puppet friend to help me with the story - it’s a SUPERWORM ha ha!! I have also been doing my home learning on my computer- I even made a jellyfish - can you see which items I found around my house to make it?


On Monday I had some very special post - Connor decided he would make me a card! 


I am so proud of my card from you Connor - look how happy it has made me - I am very proud of your beautiful drawing and amazing typing remembering your capital letters - thank you so very much - I miss you lots - keep smiling 😊


I have a very special rose in my garden that my mum gave to me many years ago - it is quite rare and it is called a blue moon rose - the rose is starting to bloom and it has an amazing scent !! It is a lilac colour - so pretty.


I have been enjoying my walks with my little friend Louis - can you spot him in the picture -we are enjoying the sights and sounds of nature on our daily walks.


Take care everyone - not too long to go now before the summer holidays - miss you lots - good bye for now 


Mrs Edwards 😊

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
This morning was really productive as I had 2 zoom calls before 12 o'clock! The first one was with Mrs Cullen and Miss Williamson and we talked about planning all the activities for next week which will be a transition week. We hope to focus on all the wonderful things you have done this year and celebrate all our achievements. My second meeting was with Mrs Collins and Mr Tinker to talk about some ideas for next year when we work together as a new Year 3 team! 

After my meetings, my tummy was rumbling so I made some pitta pizzas, I was going to take a photo to show you, but they were gone before I remembered haha! 
I will show you how to make them tomorrow as they are delicious and easy to make. You will need some pitta bread, tomato puree, cheese and any toppings you like. 

As I was doing my work this afternoon, I was sent an email from home learning and it was Megan's Boudicca speech bubble! Well done, Megan, for completing this and as I read it, it seems like you've done your own research aswell! I love how you have drawn your own picture! 

Checking Purple Mash every day, I really enjoy receiving your emails! This piece of work from Elliott made me really really smile! Thanks for sending your Boudicca work in online! 


I hope you have had a brilliant day, remember to put extra sun cream on tomorrow, as it will exceed 30 degrees again! I am going to see my grandma tomorrow and sit in her garden with my lunch.

Speak tomorrow, 

Miss Ly xxx 

Friday 19th/Monday 22nd June 2020

Hello you horrible lot! I've been missing you all awfully lots, every time we talk on Purple Mash, or I see photos of you, it makes me super proud of you all. Keep on going, there are only 3 weeks left until you can have your well-deserved Summer holiday! 

I just wanted to show you some of Annie's super work, she send me her work every week and I've picked out a couple of photos which I am really impressed with. Good girl for doing all of your work with so much effort, mummy and I are so so proud of you! I particularly loved how you had company with your Maths work, and the effort you put into your Music work! I love all of those compositions, that's why I chose them! 


On Friday and today when I was in school, we made some crafts and did some more draw with Rob. 

At the weekend, I did my nails again as they needed doing. Watermelons are such a refreshing snack which really remind me of Summer, I thought I'd go for something really fun! 


I will be calling you this week, even though the main way of communicating is on Purple Mash. I just love to hear your voices. 


Missing you lots,

Miss Ly xxx

Annie's amazing activities1

Thursday 18th June 2020

Hello everyone! 
I've had some work sent through from Megan today, she has produced a beautiful shield, and together with a sword, makes her look like a real Roman soldier!! 

Have a little read of Megan's marvellous medicine! 

I think grandma will be in for a fright! Well done Megan! 

One more day until the weekend! Have a brilliant Friday tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Hey 3L, I hope you have had a good day today, despite the sun not being out. Great weather for all of your plants growing outside, lots of you have been telling me that you've been growing things so I hope they are doing really well yes Eva has send me a picture of her Roman shield which I think looks great! 

Megan has been busy with her R.E. work looking at all the symbols recognised in Buddhism. I think your lift-the-flap poster looks great with your colourful drawings! 

Mrs Valentine says she misses you all! While she was having lunch today, she was watching some bird behaviour in her garden! There was a mummy bird and a baby bird who had just flown out of the nest! Mummy bird was trying to find some food for her baby bird. How exciting! 

If you could name the bird, what would you call it and why?! 


I look forward to seeing some more of your work on Purple Mash, Twitter and the home learning! 
Missing you lots! Speak tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing okay and working hard at home! I got a lovely surprise today on Purple Mash from Stanley who has sent me his recipe for his marvellous medicine! It sounds like you had great fun producing this work and well done for typing it up perfectly! Here is a sneak peek at Stanley's recipe:

This is a really imaginative recipe with some really good adjectives in! 


This morning, Mrs Cullen, Miss Williamson and I planned for next week, I decided to sit outside for our meeting and enjoy the lovely morning sun! Hello from my garden! 


I have found a cool activity for you to try if you want to, it is called roll a face. Roll a dice and whichever number you land on, you have to draw that feature. If you don't have a dice, like I don't, you can use one on google. If you type in 'Roll dice,' into a google search bar, it comes up on there! Use that.


Here is the sheet with features on, and a face I drew using the sheet, it's so fun! If you try it, take a photo and send it to me on Purple Mash and I will try and guess which numbers you got!

Hope you've had a great day today, speak to you tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx


Friday 12th/Monday 15th June 2020

Hello 3L! I've been working these 2 days and have some more drawings to show you! These are drawn from the Draw with Rob tutorials on youtube. If you give it a go, show me on Purple Mash or Twitter! 

I also made a caterpillar today with my bubble of children, see if you can guess which one was my one! I'll give you a clue, I used all the colours of the rainbow (: 

Missing you lots and wishing I can see you soon! 

Speak tomorrow, Miss Ly xxx

Thursday 11th June 2020


Hello you lovely lot! I have spoken to so so so many of you today and it's made me so happy to hear your voices! 

Ben has been working so hard and enjoying his work, he was assigning characteristics of Greek Gods to key workers today, he talked about postmen/women, bin men.women and lolly pop ladies/men! How lovely of you! Elena has been out for some lovely walks and has enjoyed playing games on her tablet, glad to hear you are happy at home! Megan has been doing all of her school work and has even been watching a documentary called 'Secrets of Pompeii.' How very interesting and fitting! Lily and her twin brother have been having sleepovers in mummy and daddy's room, she bought her teddies along, called Ellie, Sparkles and Kittens! Hope you had a wonderful time! Jayden tells me he is getting excited for next year and asked lots of questions which I was happy to answer. Ryan had a day out today with dad and Ollie and Ella while mummy worked. His daddy treated him to a battered sausage and chips which sounds yummy! Glad you're still loving being outdoors! We have recommended Fortnite Fitness to Ryan to try out on Youtube! Seb enjoyed his day at school today and met one of your new teachers! I will be in tomorrow so I hope to see you then! Teddy had a brilliant day at the beach the other week, it was really empty and he enjoyed building sandcastles using his bucket and spade. He even drew a lovely picture of it so he can remember this lovely memory. Alfie was happy to have Ellie-Rose back home after she's been in school for 2 days this week. I'm glad you are okay and enjoyed the peace and quiet!! Mick is also doing really well and enjoying his time at home. He has been outdoors lots and playing football with his brother! Eva tried to play me some piano but the app didn't work while she was on the phone. I'm sure you are amazing now! She was telling me about a walk she has been on recently where she saw Fabian!! He showed her where some tadpoles are! It makes me smile when you guys see eachother!! Larni was just about to enjoy some cake her sister has made for their dad's birthday on Sunday. She has been enjoying some colouring in and doing her home learning. Fintan is also still doing really well at home with his mummy, they have been busy at home playing lego, seeing his nanny and grandad in their garden! He has been busy building Avengers inspired objects using his lego! Annie has got some exciting news for us! Her tooth fell out, it is the 9th one to come out, we hope the tooth fairy has time to visit you during her busy shift! She has really been enjoying her home learning and is really proud of her sword! She was excited to tell me about her new blue chandelier in her room! Speaking of blue in their rooms, without knowing, Fleur and Annie have gone with a blue theme! Fleur is doing really well and was really excited to tell me about her new sweet peas she has planted in her garden! She planted them 2 weeks ago, and with this rain, we hope the sun comes out to help her plants to grow big, strong and green! The best part will be eating them! Ethan has been keeping busy and speeding through his home learning work this week, and along with Elliott and Edward, have loved returning to football training! Well done boys, you must keep your fitness up! 


I have loved phoning so many of you today, and seeing Jamie, Seb and Connor in school for a chat! I am in school tomorrow and I hope you all have a fab Friday! 


Speak tomorrow, 

Miss Ly xxx

Wednesday 10th June 2020


Happy Wednesday! 

Sorry I haven't made any phone calls today, I finished planning for next week and all of Topic is up and ready for you when you are. Lots of exciting things planned for next week! I will be ringing tomorrow morning and after lunch, so listen out for a ring! 

Thank you to Eva who has sent in photos of her doing her work! She played a spelling game, made her Roman sword and made some predictions about friction and it's effect on moving cars.

Ethan, thank you for taking me on a cool adventure with your clay making session! Your mummy and nanny are so lucky to be receiving such special home-made gifts! I hope you had lots of fun!

A huge thank you to Annie who responded to my letter with a flat Annie and a flat Tabitha, her cat! It made me really smile, I am going to laminate them and bring them on adventures with me, hopefully they will last longer in the rain! 

If you would like to write back to me, you can send them to school and address it to Miss Ly, or send me in photos and I will print out flat little yous and bring you on adventures with me! 


Missing you all terribly, continue to be good for your adults! 

Speak tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx

Great job, Eva!

Adventures with Ethan!

Flat Annie and flat Tabitha!

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Hey everyone! I've just had the pleasure of speaking to a few of you today smiley

My first victim was Lexi who was feeling much more happier than the last time we spoke. She has been enjoying her home learning and using Sumdog lots! I need to figure out how to reward you with coins! She has been seeing dad lots and going for lots of long walks, keep it up! Lewis was chatting to me about how he has been at home. He has also been enjoying Maths and has been on walks. He said he got lost 3 times! Tayla and Charley are also doing brilliantly! Tayla was very chatty on the phone, telling me about the robin living in her garden. The baby ones have all flown away, but mummy robin is making a new nest now. Maybe she is preparing for more babies! She has chosen your garden because you looked out for her so much, she trusts you! Charley didn't talk on the phone and can you guess why?! She was too busy gobbling down her pasta for lunch!!! Next I spoke to Rudi and his mum and dad, he was busy playing on his xbox today and having fun with his new headset talking to his friend. I'm so happy you are happy! He got a new bike for his birthday which he has been testing out, in fact, he is going for a bike ride again today! Enjoy playing Minecraft! I then chatted to Baylee's mum to see if him and all of his family are okay and he is doing really well. They have their hot tub set up and Baylee is enjoying being in it!


I have had a good day today, we had a teacher meeting on zoom to talk about planning activities and work for you all next week. It's great to see all of your hard work that still goes on at home! 

I am about to go and see my cousin at her house now and deliver her some cake and presents because she is turning 10 today! My nan lives with them so I will wave at her too laugh

Remember, if you need me, you can email me on Purple Mash any time you need to!


Speak tomorrow, 

Miss Ly xxx

Monday 8th June 2020


Youtube - Draw with Rob


Still image for this video

Friday 5th June 2020

Hey everyone, I hope you've had a really good week. We have uploaded work for next week so it's ready for when you are! I am working 2 days next week on Monday and Friday, so I may see some of you, I may not. 

I will aim to call you on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so listen out for a ring then! 

As you may have seen, your new teachers for next year are Miss Smithson and Miss Swan. They are lovely ladies and be assured, you will be in great hands. I am so sad our time has been cut short, but you will always be my horrible lot heart I've told them lots of lovely things about each and very single one of you, and they can't wait to get to know you too! I will always be here for you when/if you need me and I will still be ringing and emailing and tweeting you like normal so we need to make the most of our Year 3 experience together before the Summer holidays. 


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Speak soon,

Miss Ly xxx

Thursday 4th June 2020

I can't believe we have nearly finished the first week back since half term, how quickly has it flown by?! I am just going to leave this picture here today, if you know, you know cheeky

Let me know on Purple Mash if you know what this is all about! I miss you all so much! xxx

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Hello 3L! 

I hope you have all been really busy this week with lots of things to do, some of your adults may have returned to work this week, and I know you may be feeling a little bit worried so I have an activity here you might like to do! Mrs Croker has found another activity you all might enjoy hunting for. I will leave a picture below so you can do the activity if you wish! 

I wonder what things you might find! Can you sort them into different categories? Maybe in colour order, size, how they feel, if they are living or non-living. How else could you classify your findings?

We would love to see your treasure boxes!


Takre care,

Miss Ly and Mrs Croker xxx 

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you are all okay and getting back into the routine of home learning after a good week off! I have been finishing lots of tasks today and ticking my tick list has made me feel so productive! I have been sent some pictures of 3 of you doing some great things at home! 

Ryan cycled past school and found my picture on the gate! Missing you lots, Ryan! Well done for doing your family bike ride and I hope you smiled as much as I did looking for everyone in 3L! 

Eva decided to take ownership of her own learning yesterday and chose her own tasks to do, these activities interested her, so why not! 

Annie has completed the lovely topic task of linking characteristics of Roman Gods to her next door neighbour who works on the front-line. How inspiring! 

Well done you three! yes 


Tomorrow, I challenge you to tell someone in your house something you love about them. It could be to your mum about how much you enjoy her cooking and how how tasty it is. it could be to your dad and how much you love him spending time reading with you. It could be to a brother or sister who helped you with your learning. Saying something nice to someone takes little effort from you, but it could make someone else feel so wonderful all day long. Fill their buckets!

Speak to you tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx 

Well done, Ryan, Eva and Annie!

Monday 1st June 2020

Happy Monday you lovely bunch!

I was in school today and saw Seb, Connor and Jamie! They were the biggest trouble makers of the group!! I'm only joking cheeky 

This morning, I hope you saw the new year 3 video on Twitter, let us know what you thought of it! I will leave it on the Home Learning page.

At the weekend, I added 3 new videos to my youtube channel - I read Chapter 8 of The Bolds and 2 short stories I think you will really really enjoy! They are in the other folder, so go and check them out if you want to.I am really tired now after a long day, but I thought I'd check in with you all to let you know I am okay and I hope you are too! 


Missing your faces and I will be calling this week or next to see what you've all been up to!

Speak tomorrow, 

Miss Ly xxx



Friday 29th May 2020

It's Friday! Hope you've all had a brilliant week's rest, I know I've needed it! As a special treat, keep your eyes peeled for something on Monday morning! 

I am working on Monday with Miss Williamson and Mrs Haynes, so I will be ringing you all next week from Tuesday onwards. Your voices always bring a huge smile to my face and I can't wait to hear how you all are laugh 


I had a zoom meeting today with some of my friends as we played this game, I will add a photo below. It was really funny and we all laughed so so much! You can explain to your adults all the different word classes as you should know them all by now wink If you play, let me know!  

So 1 person asks the rest of the group to give them a ... noun, or food or whatever it asks for under that line and fills it in without showing the rest of the group the paper. Then they read it to the group and because they have no idea how random it is, it is hilarious!! 


I hope you all have a great weekend! Miss you lots!

Miss Ly xxx


Thursday 28th May 2020


Hey everyone! I hope you have had a really great day today! This morning, I had no motivation to do any work, so I did something else which makes me feel really good and productive. As lots of you know, I like having my nails done, so I did my nails using my gel nail kit. This is one of my most favourite designs and 2 of my favourite colours to paint on my nails. 

I also finished some crochet which I started. Mrs Burrell sent all the teachers a letter in the post and it felt amazing receiving something from school. It made me miss going to work so much, but it also made me feel so loved. In the letter was a postcard which inspired me to make the rainbow crochet. This is called a granny square laugh






This is it from me today, but we have a ...


Special message from Mrs Valentine! 


Dear 3L,

I hope you are all well, staying safe and alert!

It has been wonderful to see all your hard work you have been doing over the past few months and posted on line during school closure. You are continuing to do your studies at home with all the home learning that Miss Ly has set for you, well done!  We are all tremendously proud of what you are achieving at home.

I hope you are enjoying the photos and videos that we are sharing with you too? They have been great fun to do for you all.

I have also been busy, doing my online studies, cooking and baking with my children, enjoying nature walks and bike rides around our beautiful local countryside.

In my garden its been a joy to see the transition from Spring to Summer, watching my garden transform/change and the flowers flourish over the past few months.

Can you see the bumblebee on one of my flowers?



I know Miss Ly has been phoning you all and sending you all our best wishes from all of us but I must say it’s very strange not seeing you all for so long and miss you all. I bet you will have changed, grown-up so much by the time, we get to see you all!

Hope you all have enjoyed your May half-term, making happy memories and enjoying the glorious weather. Hopefully see you soon.

Best wishes, love Mrs Valentine xx

Wednesday 27th May 2020

We are half way through the week! Why not try some of these activities?! 

Show us what you decide to do to keep you busy! 


Lots of hugs,

Miss Ly and Mrs Croker xxx 

Tuesday 26th May 2020

Morning lovely people, here is another list of activities for you to have a go at! Hope you enjoy the lovely weather again today and put sun cream on, unlike Miss Ly yesterday...... surprise Must make sure I remember today! 

A drink I made yesterday which you might enjoy too is putting fruit in my water. I cut up an apple into eights and put 4 slices and 4 ice cubes into my water, it looks so pretty and tastes really good too! You could try adding orange slices, lemon, lime, mint, strawberries etc. Let me know if you try anything new! 

Enjoy the activities sent over by Mrs Croker! 

We miss you lots xxx

Monday 25th May 2020


Hello everyone, happy bank holiday! 

Just checking in with you with an activity you might want to try at home! Mrs Croker has sent me lots of ideas to share with you! 

If you have a go, send us pictures in so we can have a look! 


Have a great week! 

Love Miss Ly and Mrs Croker xxx

Friday 22nd May 2020

Hey 3L! 

Sorry I didn't write this day, I was so tired after my 2 days in school and had to tidy my class on Friday and make phone calls! 


I spoke to lots of you today and it gave me really mixed emotions! So so happy to hear your voices, but it made me miss you so much. I think you understand some of the same feelings as me and it's okay to feel sad sometimes. But then I did other things to make me happy, I will tell you what if you get to the end and read Lexi's phone call comment.


Elliott was my first victim cheeky and we spoke about his game me made! I wouldn't know where to start, so you are a genius! he said he might make some more, so we all look forward to it if you do! Ben and his sister built a box fort! He said it was in the style of a Roman villa, I can't wait to see it when it is finished! Lily was in the middle of having her lunch when I called, but she is doing okay! She has had her pool out and has been listening to songs and playing outside! Sounds like Summer to me! I called Eva on her little brother George's 3rd brithday! She has had the paddling pool out and has been enjoying the garden in the sun with her family, she is currently reading Amelia Fang. Ryan has had his pool out too, I will add a photo underneath! He had just finished building his Roman invention and it's a very original idea of building a toilet out of lego!! Love it! He has been busy cleaning out Daphne's run, and she has been very naughty! Ryan and his family have been baking a cake for his dad's birthday! I hope he had a good lockdown birthday! He told me this joke: A sandwich walks into a bar, the bar man says - Sorry, we don't serve food! :D Next, I called Jamie who was out on his walk with his mum and brother, he has submitted his poem into the Hamilton Trust writing competition! Good luck! Fintan was my next victim and we spoke for ages! he is really enjoying listening to The Bolds and will watch my new videos too. I told him I loved his picture on the fence and he told me how he created it. Fintan has been busy making lego sets, he reckons he has over 50 sets! His favourite is his Lego Ninja Turtles which takes up half of his table! He was speaking about his pyramid lego set too and his 2 Union Jack legos too! He is still enjoying sending newspapers and his home-made comics to his grandparents. Fleur was telling me how much she has enjoyed writing her Pompeii poem and building her Roman aqueduct. She is using cardboard and paint, I can't wait to see the finished product! She is currently reading George's Marvellous Medicine and has just finished The Midnight Gang. I spoke to Stanley quickly after his busy day, he was tired after his day of home learning and playing! He spoke about his colosseum and how long it took to draw the windows! I then had a little chat with Mrs Scrivener as it was good for my well-being! wink Next up was Annie! She was accompanied by her cat Tabitha and we spoke lots about how her week has been! She was super proud of her Maths work this week and thinks she has done really well! By the looks of the pictures, you have done an amazing job, I can see the resilience you have in working through the challenges and challenging yourself! Well done! Poppy and I spoke lots about her Roman garden she made using cardboard and paint! She, like Eva, is reading lots of Amelia Fang at the moment! As it was her birthday a few weeks ago, she created a wish list on Amazon and her family members sent her lots! What a fab idea! She has spent her weekend camping in her back garden with an activity of star gazing. She told me about her sightings of the Northern Star. Mick wants everyone to know he is okay! His mummy was out at work, but has told me that he is doing really well, baking and reading lots and enjoying time with his brothers and sisters. Lexi was my last phone call and boy was it emotional. She has been finding it difficult at home, like some of us and just really wants to get back to school and normality again. She has been talking to her friends lots which is helping her with her well-being, and has been meeting up with her dad for social distancing walks. We felt a little bit sad talking about it because it doesn't feel normal or natural seeing our loved ones but not being allowed to hug or hold hands. So, we made up a little challenge to help us with our well-being. 

We decided to write out the alphabet A to Z and write down all the things we see on our walks beginning with all the letters! I will add a photo underneath of what she found! This made me so so happy, and we promised to set little challenges to do with eachother! The next challenge is A to Z of things we can find around the house, you can join in too if you want an activity to do! 

I will add mind when I do it!


I hope you all have an amazing bank-holiday weekend, and enjoy the week off! I will post an activity to do every day so you are not too bored.

Speak soon,

Miss Ly xxx




Ryan's pool!

Annie's work!

Lexi's A-Z walk edition

Thursday 21st May 2020

Hi everyone, 

I was in school again today and as it was so so hot, we spent most of the day in the ICT suit enjoying the air con laugh 

We iced biscuits in the morning session and I will leave a photo of mine underneath. 


My first email of the day was from Megan via the home learning email, Megan really enjoyed making her Roman villa, especially as her Grandparents sent this in the post for an activity to do, to go along with the roman topic that she's enjoying learning about. I love how you've finished putting it together, you are so lucky to have such generous and kind grandparents! 

Seeing some of your work on Twitter made me so so happy! Some other children in 3C and 3W also tagged me in their work too! I love seeing all of your work, so I will leave photos underneath. 

Stanley finished his Colosseum, and Poppy made a Roman garden which I wish I was chilling in! 

Eva recycled her pool water and watered her garden. The flowers and nature will really appreciate this, so it is definitely encouraged! 

Ethan had an inset day yesterday and had a mid-week beach day in his garden, I wish I was eating ice-cream with you! 


Something else which made me smile today was seeing some of you on the fence, it made me feel like you were closer to me than you actually are. I miss you and I wish one day soon, we will see each other again and give you all air hugs, my horrible lot heart


Speak to you tomorrow, last day before half term!

Miss Ly xxx




Megan's Roman villa!

Poppy's Roman garden and Stanley's colosseum!

Eva recycling her pool water!

Ethan's beach day!

3L on the fence!

Message from Mrs Edwards!


Hello everyone - hope you are all well - I miss you lots but I am really enjoying seeing and hearing about all of your amazing things you are doing!

I have been doing some home learning too and I have been creative, going on lots of walks and taking lots of photos of nature.

I miss my PE activities with you all so I have been doing PE at home - on the trampoline and jogging around my garden ( with a little friend- can you spot him) - I am setting myself a challenge each week with the distance I can jog in my gardenl


Stay safe and well and have lots of fun with your families  - goodbye for now and I will speak with all soon 😊

Big hugs, from Mrs Edwards x

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Happy Wednesday! 

I've had such a chilled day at school with 10 children. We played outside for most of the day and did some home learning in the I.C.T. suit where the air con was a life saver laugh 

I came home today to some muffins on my doorstep delivered by my brother! One was blueberry and the other was raspberry and white chocolate, they were vegan and delicious! As I stepped in, there was a letter waiting for me! 

Last week, I wrote a letter to my opposite neighbour who painted a rainbow and displayed it in his window. I wrote to him saying how happy it made me to see such a beautiful rainbow, reminding me there is hope during this time. I will add a photo of his letter underneath, along with the muffins! I think I have a new pen pal now, maybe you could write a letter to someone, it might make their day like Jonah made mine! 


Hope you've all had a brilliant day finishing your Roman inventions, Eva has made the most fabulous ampitheatre! I will show you underneath! 


Missing you so much, speak tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx



Eva's ampitheatre!

Eating my muffins while I read my letter from my penpal! I did write my real name, but he likes calling me Miss Ly apparently haha!

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hello 3L! Hope you are well, I've had such a busy day today, so I am sorry if you looked for the diary entry and it wasn't here.

I started my day by phoning a few of you! 

Ethan would like everyone to know he is really enjoying spending time riding his bike, he has been all around his local area! He is doing something very exciting next week for half term and turning his garden into a holiday destination; I look forward to hearing all about it! Megan reminded me that today would have been class photo day, and although it made us feel sad we can't have it, I am sure we can have a class photo when we come back! She has been busy building a Roman village, inspired by a book her nanny bought her! She was so proud of herself for running a 5K without stopping, then did another 5K with her dad later that evening, doing over 20,000 steps a day, what a busy body! She told me a funny joke: Why did the sheep baa? Because it was in a baaaad mood! I then had a lovely conversation with Fabian who was telling me about his new obsession with tadpoles! I said I am obsessed with them too! We are going to learn about the life cycle of a frog together and he is going to research different types of frogs and do this project for his home learning, I really look forward to seeing/hearing all about it! After that, I spoke to Jayden for a good while, he was asking me lots and lots of questions about what I have been doing, and wants to ask some of you to email him on Purple Mash. He has been practicing his piano every week, and has given me a lovely idea of making some videos for you to teach you some Chinese and Vietnamese which I will record over half term, along with more chapters of The Bolds.

Speaking of reading, I got a lovely video and photo from Seb and he read me a few pages of his book! He was surrounded by his cuddly toys, like the ones in our reading corner and looked so cosy! I will add some photos underneath.

I went into school after my lunch, to see a very special member of our class, it was Connor! We were both equally excited to see eachother, as I would have been if was anyone from our class! We sang Christmas songs and chatted for hours, catching up! 

When I got home, I saw on Twitter, Annie's and Stanley's Roman invention structures! Annie's idea was delicious and made me want cake and Stanley was just getting started on his design, I can't wait to see the finished result! I was surprised you were not our riding your bike which you have told me lots about on our phone calls! As the weather is so lovely, you might be able to go out on your bike even more! 

I am going in to school tomorrow and Thursday so I will call the rest of you on Friday! 

Missing your great, big smiling faces,

lots of (social distancing) hugs,

Miss Ly xxx


DEAR time with Seb!

Annie's delicious Roman structure!

Cool Stanley making a start on his Roman structure.

Monday 18th May 2020

Happy Monday! 

I hope you all had a great weekend, I went for a walk in the woods and saw lots of oak trees which made me think of school! I wonder what you see on your walks? Look out for tomorrow's well-being May picture as I've done a nature walk and have put lots of pictures together.


I got an email from Elliott to play his game and it was amazing! I got 6 points and it was so fun, I can't believe how clever you are to have put that game together, I will definitely be playing it again, I might even ask my mum and dad to try it haha! 


Here is a link, you will enjoy it as much as I did! 


I hope it works, if not, email Elliott on Purple Mash and he can send you the link!


Ethan sent in a video of him reading his poem, I will add a photo of him reading it. I loved all the vocabulary you managed to fit in, mum said you had to rearrange bits, but this shows great editing so well done! I loved how enthusiastic you were, brilliant job! 


I will be calling lots of you tomorrow morning so listen out for the phone!


Speak soon,

Miss Ly xxx

Brilliant poem, not sure about the football kit... :D

Picture from my walk

Friday 15th May 2020


Hello lovely children,

I hope you have had a really good week, it has been a busy one for me! I have managed to upload some more chapters of The Bolds to the Rescue which are ready to watch, more to be uploaded tonight and over the weekend. Due to popular demand, lots of parents said they would like to see a mix of Chapters from 1 book, as well as little stories, so I will upload Room on the Broom and The Tiger who came to Tea aswell for you to enjoy. If you have these books at home, you could follow along smiley 

I have been sent so much work today from a few of us! I will add photos underneath.

Ethan has finally finished building his bike and sent in a photo of him riding it past the school! Doesn't it look cool!

Annie sent me her whole week's worth of work, I have chosen 4 pieces of work which really made me feel proud. Your poem is really effective, Annie, I love your bank of words!

Megan sent me 2 videos! 1 of her reading her Pompeii poem, which was very descriptive, and 1 of her French which I have sent to Mrs Truman! I love how confident you are saying the words in French, your pronunciation is really good!! 

Lewis sent me his french work too, he has added pictures of his dog and bunny rabbit, and his nanny's cat! 

You might tell me off for being nosy, but when I was approving emails on Purple Mash, I felt so proud of Elliott because he made his own game and sent lots of you a link to check it out!! Elliott! This is incredible! 


I can't wait to call you all next week, I am in school on Wednesday and Thursday to look after the children in school, but I will call and email you every day when I can! Missing you lots and lots, I hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Ly xxx

Look at Ethan go!

Annie's fabulous work!

Megan's French work!

Lewis' French work!

I cut my own hair, and read you 4 more chapters!

Thursday 14th May 2020

Hello everyone! Hope we are doing really well, again, I have had pictures of you from home doing your learning and other challenges to look at! I have been busy planning for next week again today and filming videos but unfortunately, the ones of me reading haven't been able to be uploaded :( I will try again tomorrow and over the weekend. 

Elliott would like is to see his work on Roman inventions he is really proud of! I have sent him a comment back on Purple Mash to say how proud I am of him, take a look!
As it's Thursday, lots of you have prepared your Science investigations. Lewis and Stanley have been busy, take a look at their photos! 

Ryan sent me a photo of his bug hotel a few weeks ago, he linked it to out topic and decorated it with a mosaic design. His brother also helped and they look fantastic!

Thank you for sending your work in, it doesn't have to just be work, it could be a photo of you reading to your siblings, or something you have cooked for dinner, any new skills really, I would love to see them!

My dad is coming home tonight as he is leaving some other people in charge of the restaurant for a while, they are on a rota so I will get to see him tomorrow! He will be back very late at night and I will be fast asleep! 

Missing you all lots, speak tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx

Elliott's Roman inventions page!

Lewis and Stanley's flower investigation set up.

Ryan's bug hotel/mosaic design.

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Half way through the week and the penultimate one before half term, how quickly has this time gone?!

I popped in to school today to make some phone calls and I spoke to Alfie! He was shy at first, like most of us have been, and I get it, it is very strange hearing me on the other end of the phone, but I just want to make sure you are all doing okay! Alfie is fine and like the rest of us, is missing everyone lots. Edward is okay too and keeping busy at home playing Football Billionaire, I hope I got this right, and learning to take turns and share with his family. he loves challenges his dad is setting him and enjoying some quality time with Amber his dog too! I spoke to Elena too who has been busy doing lots and keeping busy at home with her family. I will try and call more of you this week, if not, it will definitely be next week.


I wanted to ask you to think of something you could tell me about during our conversations, so I would love if you told me your favourite joke or riddle, or funny story so we can both have a laugh! 


Thank you to all of you who have sent me work in today, Megan, I will keep your clock diary a surprise for now as we want to put everyone's together but super well done for sending it in so quickly! 

Eva, thank you for keeping me entertained on Twitter with your photos, I love seeing what you are up to! 

Those of you who are feeling worried about doing the work, please do not worry. You know you can email me any time to ask questions, or if you don't understand anything, we are trying to do out best to teach you the best we can from our homes. Even if you are not doing the work, you are every day learning new skills, or spending time with adults who you might not usually have the time to spend with. We want you to look back at this time and smile smiley


I miss you lots and plan to record some more videos tomorrow of me reading so look out for those! I have also cut my hair so look out for that haha!


Missing you lots,

Miss Ly xxx 

Eva has made us all biscuits!

A sneak peek at a day in the life of Megan!

Tuesday 11th May 2020

Hello 3L! 


Hope we have all had a good day, I've been busy planning lessons for next week and if you did today's Maths, you would have seen what a day in my life looks like at certain times! I hope you do one and if you do, please send them in. We would love to put them all together and see what Year 3 get up to!

I have been sent some amazing work today by Lewis, Ryan and Eva, I will add the pictures below so you can see too.
I love marking your 2dos on Purple Mash and I mark every piece of work you do, so keep going! Fintan was really proud of achieving a really high score on the ? and ! task. Seb has been asking for more challenges on mymaths so I have set you some time activities on there, go and check those out! 


As I miss my dad already, he challenged me to do some baking today, so I tried making quiches from scratch. I mixed flour, butter and salt in a bowl to make the short crust pastry, then I fried some bacon, chopped it into small pieces and whisked up 3 eggs. I will add a photo of how they turned out, and I had them for dinner tonight with a side salad and orange squash.


It's Miss Williamson's birthday today so we had a zoom call with all the teachers and adults of Year 3, it was so lovely to see everyone!


I wished we were all in our classroom, so I can read to you. Seb emailed me today to tell me he enjoyed hearing me read The Bolds! If you haven't seen, I have recorded myself reading Chapter 1, 2 and 3 and uploaded them onto Youtube! I would love to see some videos of you reading as I miss reading with every single one of you horrible lot!! laugh cheeky


Take care and I will speak to you tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx 

Lewis's topic work and clock!

Ryan enjoying his Topic work!

Eva and her brother Harry enjoying listening to Mrs Cullen read!

My quiche dinner!

Monday 11th May 2020

Hello everybody, happy Monday!

Today has been productive as ever, as is every Monday I feel. I was a little bit worried and sad this morning because my dad went back to work. He drove into London this morning to deep clean our family restaurant. Tomorrow, he is expecting a food delivery and he will prepare some of the food, then he is going to open to takeaways from Wednesday. Some of you may be worried if your adults are expected to go back to work, but we just need to keep the faith that they will be really careful and still adhere to social distance rules. They will look after themselves and be really really careful. 

I enjoyed taking part in the English today, well-being Mondays. Take a look at mine and Lewis's sheets about what makes us amazing. Thank you for sending it in, Lewis! If more of us send them in, I will add them to this post and we can find them altogether.

I spoke to Ryan on Purple Mash and asked him about his rabbit Daphne. You might want to email and ask him about her too!

I have recorded a video of me reading The Bolds to the Rescue, our class book which we were in the middle of. I have started at the beginning incase you have forgotten what has happened! 


Take care and remember, we care about you very much, you are being amazing heart

Speak tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx