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Miss Ly's daily diary

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hello 3L! Hope we are all okay, I have managed to speak to a few more of you today on the phone and on Purple Mash!

Stanley, I loved seeing your Roman poster which you spent a few days working on, it was beautifully decorated with lots of information too! I enjoyed hearing your story and loved the Roman style names too (: I am very proud of you going out on your bike, riding uphill and downhill, keep going!

Seb, we spoke on the phone AND through Purple Mash! I can not wait to see your powerpoint presentation, I might ask you to plan next week's lessons and make powerpoints for them haha! It was terrific hearing your voice, I could tell you were really smiling. It was lovely to hear you spotted lots of Notley rocks while out on your bike rides, they make me smile when I see them in my walks too.

Charley and Tayla, it was wonderful hearing about the wildlife that you are so lucky to have on your doorstep! It's great to know you are keeping an eye on the Robin and her 3 babies, isn't it lovely to witness! Facetime has been a life saver for me too, so I am glad you are using it to talk to your friends lots.

Annie, after the giggles, it was so good to hear about all of your hard work! I was super impressed by your mosaic! It was so detailed and such a lovely design. I am really glad you are enjoying writing your Pompeii story, I would love to read it when you have finished!


There are a few more of us I will ring tomorrow, please listen out for the call!


FYI - next week, our daily diaries will be moving to the Home Learning page so you can find them all on there when you open up the week's worth of work.

Reminder: Go to the Children tab on the Home page, click on Home Learning, Year 3.


Speaking of learning, I have finally finished knitting my scarf! I have since revisited the world of crochet which I have previously tried and failed miserably haha, but with a positive attitude, I tried again and watched a youtube video so I could learn it slowly. I kept pausing and rewinding to copy and now I can make a heart without watching the video! Here is a picture of my creation!


I will speak to you tomorrow!

Miss Ly xxx


P.S. Take a look at Megan's fraction wall! These are very impressive, 3L!


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Hello everyone, I spent today phoning more of you, lots of us are saying we are enjoying the learning a lot this week and it's only Tuesday!

Elliott, it was great to hear you've been enjoying using Purple Mash still. I hope you carry on enjoying the topic work, we've got lots of activities planned and I'd love to see them!

Fabian, I was so impressed to hear you have learned your 8 timestables! Keep revising your 3, 4 and 8s! 

Jayden, my goodness you were excitable! Once you stopped giggling, I enjoyed our chat about not feeling scared or nervous anymore. You are right, the less we think about it, the less scared we feel! Jayden would like to ask everyone to email on Purple Mash again as he misses you all lots! 

Baylee, it was lovely to hear about your den building, swing-ball, drawing and arts and crafts and time in your hot tub! Sounds like a very fun time at your house!

Ryan, hearing you had just enjoyed pizza made me feel so hungry! I was really impressed that you have been learning about fractions practically - the best way! Ryan cut his pizza into quarters!

Rudi, what a busy boy you have been! A 7 mile bike ride with your family sounds terrific! I have loved seeing you pop up on MyMaths and completing activities, you are doing really well!

Fintan, I could hear how happy you were through the phone! It sounds like you and mummy are having the best time playing with all your lego! A good clear out and sort out is always good. I'm glad you wrote your comics in the end, and I can't wait to see your mosaic which you are going to build tomorrow!


My POA is to ring the rest of you tomorrow, so listen out for a call!


I had a call this morning with Mrs Cullen and Miss Williamson to plan some exciting lessons for you next week, I have enjoyed making more WAGOLLS as lots of you have been saying how helpful they are! I particularly enjoyed Monday's lesson so keep an eye out! This evening, I am hoping to finish knitting my scarf! Here is a photo of it so far, wish me luck!


Speak tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx


P.S. Annie sent me her work on parts and functions of a plant! Eva has written a great character profile for her story.Take a look at Ethan and Annie's fraction walls! These resources will be really useful for finding equivalent fractions, something Annie is really getting the hang of now! Good girl! Ethan's mum sent a really lovely message thanking us for extra videos, resources and examples, please let us know through the home learning email if there is anything more you think might be useful and we will try and provide! We are glad you are finding the learning more accessible now!


Monday 27th April 2020

Monday is slowly becoming one of my favourite days now! It means the start of a new week, new adventures to pursue and lots of motivation.

I started the day by creating each of you a log in for a new website resource called Sumdog - I've emailed you your log in details on Purple Mash, so go and explore that if you wish.

I just want to say thank you to Seb for emailing me on Purple Mash, it was lovely to hear from you and how well you are doing on Purple Mash, also, your baby photo really made my heart happy! Have you played guess the teacher yet with your family?! 


One of my most wholesome parts of today was ringing some of you and hearing what you have been up to!

Lewis, it was great to hear from you! I'm so happy you have your sister there and you have been enjoying your walks and seeing some wonderful animals out such as deer, alpacas and rabbits! Hearing about you relaxing in your hot tub makes me very jealous! But I am glad you are keeping safe and enjoying gaming with Elliott also! 

Edward, you were a little bit shy and feeling a little bit sad after seeing our Year 3 message, I understand and miss you lots too. I can't wait to go back to school again and see your lovely big smile! Well done for being good at home for mum and dad and enjoying your topic and Maths work!

Megan, I can't wait to see your peacock glass painting! Great to see some reflect ed going on there, with being yellow the first time, aiming to get to blue! I'm glad you have been enjoying your walks with your family and I look forward to hearing about/seeing your banana bread! It's one of my favourites!

Ethan, my goodness you have been busy! It's great to hear your independence has been strengthened this week with your home learning work, you should be very proud. Ethan would like everyone to know he took apart his BMX bike yesterday! He has started a project with his dad and is going to restore/re-vamp it, we cannot wait to see the finished result, well done! 

Lexi, we had a little emotional moment on the phone today, talking about how much we want to return back to school! I can't wait to see you again, but I know you are working hard at home. Keeping in contact with friends is very important, so keep emailing away!

Eva, you and your family must be very fit now, joining in with Joe Wicks every morning! I know you are missing your friends, but keep facetiming and emailing them, as I am sure they love hearing from you! Keep the work coming through on Twitter as I love to see it! Well done for practicing your piano skills also, practice makes perfect!


I will be calling lots more of you tomorrow so listen out! If you haven't heard from me at all yet, please email me your most up to date contact number on Purple Mash or via the home learning email and I will make you a priority.


This evening, I will be taking up knitting again, I used to be really good and knitted scarves and hats and I want to get back in to it! What new skills have you learnt in this time? I would love to find out next time I can you!


Take care and I will speak to you tomorrow! 

Miss Ly xxx


P.S. If you want a giggle, check out this video to see what I along with a few other teachers got up to last weekend!



Friday 24th April 2020

It's Friday! We are ending the week on a high, 3L! It has been such a busy week, the first one back after the Easter holidays and how quick has it gone?! I had a very busy day today doing school work, a bit like you. But I was very excited because my dad cooked done of my most favourite foods - pho. It is a Vietnamese noodle dish made from beef stock, beef, rice noodles, bean sprouts and lots of secret ingredients he says. It is so delicious and if you ever get the chance to try it, please do! I will add a photo of it below. I had a huge bowl for dinner then felt so full up. I remembered earlier in the week, my brother nominated me to do a 5K walk/jog/run and donate £5 to the NHS. So I did this after dinner and nominated 5 more people to join in. How long do you think it took me?!

As it was dark, I followed the cats eyes on the floor to lead me home and I will add some pictures below for this as well. I Hope you all have a lovely weekend, the sun is shining, spreading happiness! 

I will be calling you next week or the week after to see how you all are as I miss you terribly! So listen out for a call! 


Speak next week,

Miss Ly xxx

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Hello 3L! 

Hope you've had a good day and have been enjoying this glorious weather! One of my neighbours is having a BBQ, I can smell it and it is making me so hungry! I made some iced tea this morning to have in the garden. 

I used 1 lemon (if you roll it like a rolling pin, it becomes more juicy!), 1 tablespoon of sugar, 4 Earl Grey teabags and some sprigs of mint leaves from the garden! This makes 1 pot of ice tea. I added hot water, then waited for it to completely cool before adding ice cubes! It tasted delicious!

I have been busy with my home learning tasks today, have you enjoyed some of today's learning activities? I enjoyed making the WAGOLL for Science, showing the names and functions of parts of a plant. 


Following on the theme of learning, making lists and taking breaks, I want to talk about goals today. Setting goals are important as it gives you something to work towards. For some children, the goal might be to complete all the tasks by 1 o'clock, for another child, it might be to complete one of the activities in that whole day. What I am trying to say is that everyone works differently, just like we all learn differently. Today, I set myself a goal - to complete 3 of my home learning tasks, have some down time in the sun and finish 1 report. I used my tick list and am proud to say that I reached my goal! Reflecting on my learning today, I must say that I found it really emotional writing the report, it made me miss you all so so much that started feeling very sad. I cannot say how proud I am of you all, you may not realise it because learning in school is very fast paced, but you have adapted to this really well and taken it in your stride. Mrs Croker can also vouch for the amazing progress we have seen from you all this year. Coming up from year 2, you have entered a new Key Stage, new routines, new ways of learning and higher expectations than ever before. Our little stars.


On a happier note, I am going to take my instrument that I made from Tuesday's optional learning and play it while we clap for our NHS and Key workers at 8pm! This always makes me feel really happy!


Speak to you tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx

P.S. Take a look at Megan's home learning activities! Megan, you are a superstar, they look better than mine! I'll have to send you next week's work so you can make them for us haha! cheeky

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope you've had a productive day today, I on the other hand have struggled with motivation today sad I haven't been able to focus or concentrate for long today and this is absolutely normal. When times like these happen, I take a break and reassess the situation to try and get myself back on track. I took my own advice from yesterday and made a small list of very achievable things so I could get those ticks! I even added 'have some fruit for snack!' so I could easily tick it off. 

My shout out today is to all of your adults at home with you keeping you safe and helping you feel reassured. They have worked so hard to help you with your learning, remained calm when times are challenging, they have fed you, entertained you as well as working themselves, keeping a tidy house and cooking and cleaning! I am potitive they have really enjoyed having you at home and helping you on your learning journeys and seeing you in a different light maybe. Adults, I know this might be challenging on some days as I have spoken to many of you on Twitter, through Purple Mash and on the phone, you are doing an amazing job. You now have a glimpse into our world, you have amazing days when you feel you have achieved a lot, as well as some days where you feel like pulling your hair out, but this will all be worth it in the end. I'm now telling you, as some of you have told me, you are doing an amazing job and thank you for everything you are doing.

As I was thinking about your adults at home today, I also thought about mine. I am at home with my mum and dad and I'm so grateful for all of our health and happiness during this time. Here is a little photo incase you were wondering what they look like haha! Who do you think I look like the most? And can you guess how old they are?! HAHAHA! I won't tell them unless you are kind. laugh


Before I go, you may have noticed another new section on the class page! Mrs Croker has a surprise for you! Go and check it out and if you want to reply, send your message to the home learning email, and address it to Miss Ly and I will pass it on to her! She would love to hear from you! You might even want to show her your Roman work! 


Speak to you horrible lot tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx




Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hello everyone, I hope we are all well and I hope you enjoyed my video message yesterday! If I made you smile, it would have made my day aswell smiley 

Like many of you, I have had a busy day today doing lots of tasks which has been a bit overwhelming, a feeling where you feel like you have so much to do. To help me, I like to make a 'To Do' list then crossed things off as I've done them. I have also started a 'I've finished' list so I can see everything I have done every day and achieve a sense of accomplishment. This has made me feel so much better! 

One thing that is keeping me hopeful is seeing all of you and the wonderful activities you have done at home, it makes me feel incredibly proud of you all and it makes me miss you so much more. I started my day today watching a video sent to me from Annie, her home learning book looks beautiful, filled with tasks which I paused the video to read! I had an email through with pictures of Megan and her Just like a Roman poster and a little glimpse of her stones she told me about on the phone! Ryan has been doing some Cosmic kids yoga today to relax him, a very good idea, I might do some tonight!

I thought I'd leave you some photos so you can see what your friends in 3L have been up to. 

Speak to you tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx


Monday 20th April 2020




Still image for this video

Friday 3rd April (Part 2)

Today, I phoned as many more of you as I could! It made my whole day hearing your voices, as I miss you lots and lots. Hearing you are staying in and satying safe fills my bucket!

Poppy, we had a really good conversation about how you've been learning about the current situation at home with your adults. This topic has really enabled you to explore Science!

Mick, I was really glad to hear you have been enjoying your outside space and using the trampoline with your siblings! P.E. is a subject you have always enjoyed! It's lovely to hear you have also been challenged by the Maths!

Annie! How weird was it hearing me on the telephone?! I hope you have enjoyed Christmas in your home, thanks for telling me all about Tabitha, it was lovely to see a photo of her, well done for building her a home and all your other pets too! Well done for practicing your piano every single day, music is very important and practice makes perfect!

Charley, it has been lovely to hear you have enjoyed lots of baking at home! I wish I could have one as I am sure you are a chef in the making! I can't wait to hear all about your chalk creations on your patio, I bet it has been lovely decorated!

Tayla, my goodness, well done for learning how to make coffee! Now Summer is on the way, how about trying to make ice coffee! You will need 1 tablespoon of coffee, some hot water, about 1 quarter of the way up - stir it in, add ice cubes then fill the rest up with cold milk! I'm so glad you have enjoyed playing Super Mario on your Nintendo Switch, I have been playing it on mine too!

Eva, thank you for showing me all of your adventures over on Twitter!! I particularly enjoyed your egg catapault and your inspiring poem! Well done for doing the Joe Wicks workout daily, isn't it just amazing?! I know you will carry on working hard and partaking in lots more activities, have fun!

Rudi, I phoned just in time for freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! I bet they tasted delicious, I wish I could have had one! I also heard it wasn't the only food you baked, a yummy pizza too! Your trick shot with the football in the bin was very impressive! Well done completing your Maths, which I was able to see on Twitter! keep up the great work!

Stanley, you have been a very busy boy! I loved seeing your life size Celtic Warrior! Thanks to Freddie for being a willing model! I saw your sensory circuit on Twitter and I wish I had one, you have inspired me to make my own one! I especially enjoyed hearing your story which you were half way through writing, thanks for letting Chelsea score first, it was fair that it was 1 all with Arsenal at half time, I would love to hear the rest of it when we come back!

Fintan! It was lovely to hear your chirpy voice on the other end of the phone! Thanks for telling me all about your daily newspaper delivery service to your nanny and grandad, I know they miss you as much as you miss them, but you can give them the biggest squeeze when lock down is lifted! I hope you do create some of your own comics for them to read and they will love reading them as much as I have this year! It was good to hear about your karate lessons online, enjoy your home learning!

Fleur, I can't believe you have nearly filled your home learning book! Well done for working as hard at home as you have been in school, keep up the good work! Hearing you are contuning to read lots makes me so happy!

Connor! You made my whole day by hearing your little cheery voice! I could tell how excited you were to hear from me and I miss you so much! Well done for being a good boy at home and it has been lovely to hear you have been sensible on your daily exercises and sticking to the footpaths. Well done for playing your Maths games and I hope you had a lovely birthday!!


I have tried to phone the rest of you, but it has either gone straight to voice mail or it was not answered, possibly because I have made my number private. I hope to hear from the rest of you as I try and call again from Monday 20th April!


Have a lovely half term!

Miss Ly xxx


Friday 3rd April 2020


Good morning 3L, I hope we are all well! We’ve made it to Friday, 2 weeks of home learning now complete and I am immensely proud of all of you for being so good for you adults at home. It has been a pleasure seeing all of your work so far, whether it is the work we have set, or your own creative writing, extra maths or other activities or challenges!

I spent most of my afternoon phoning lots of you yesterday, it has made me really happy hearing your voices again and hearing about your wonderful adventures at home with your families.

Lily, it was so lovely to hear your sweet voice! I hope you enjoyed your ice cream and carry on reading lots and lots! I have missed you!

Baylee, it was so lovely to hear that you have been very busy at home, playing with your siblings and being outside exploring! Keep up the good work!

Ethan, I am so impressed that you have carried on learning your timestables and working on your handwriting. I’m sorry I interrupted your football game at home, but it was brilliant hearing from you! I know younger siblings can be a pain sometimes but I know you love her really! I am sure your friends miss you as much as you miss them. We are all in this together.

Ben, I am very pleased you have carried on expanding your love of reading! Thanks for the book recommendations of Dog Man, Beast Quest and David Walliams books, they’re great and very funny! There are some film adaptations of his books on BBC iPlayer if your adults let you watch them as a treat!

Megan, I have missed you asking me what I had for lunch every day in the register! Today, I am planning on having a fish finger sandwich yum yum!  I cannot wait to see your stained-glass creation! It already sounds beautiful and I know how creative you are, it’s brilliant you’re using your Christmas/Birthday presents!

Fabian, it was lovely checking in on you! Your Lego creations sound superb, I wish I could join in and create an outstanding structure with you! Hearing you are reading lots makes me really happy as we really strengthened those skills, keep up the good work!

Seb, it was lovely to hear your happy voice! I could practically hear you smiling, you are always such a happy and positive boy! I bet your nanny and other family members will be so happy when they receive your Easter cards you are making, I know you are very creative so they will be lucky to have your masterpieces! Mrs Rodriguez has been told on Twitter that you have been practising your piano lots and we are both very proud of you!

Jayden, what a fantastic conversation! I’m glad you asked lots of questions and I’m glad I could help you! I can’t wait to read your story, the beginning part which you read to the class was outstanding so I’m sure the rest will definitely live up to what you have got so far! Make sure you continue to listen to mummy and be good for her!

Ryan, did you have a fantastic rest of your bike ride/walk outside?! It was lovely to catch you out and about, it is so important to get out and feel the fresh air. I know you are missing your friends lots and they are missing you aswell, but carry on emailing on Purple Mash and you will hopefully catch some more friends on there. I look forward to receiving your letter through the postbox!

Jamie, it’s lovely to hear how busy you have been! You have been doing lots of learning, especially writing which I can’t wait to read! Mummy said you have done really well with it and used lots of good features needed for good writing. I’m really happy you are enjoying your learning, your timestables knowledge has come really far now and I love that you are enjoying the Science experiments too! I hope the sun stays out long enough for your shadow investigating!

Larni! It was fantastic hearing from you as I missed you on the last day! I’m glad you now know where to find the home learning work and I am so happy you are looking forward to doing some work in your home learning book. Have fun emailing your friends on there and if you have any Disney+ recommendations, let me know!


I am planning on calling more of you today so listen out for a phone call. I did try lots more of you today, but parents may not have answered because I have made my phone number private.


I will be face-timing my brothers lots this weekend as I miss them so so much! Ever since we were young children, we have always been really really close, this is the longest we have been separated and not allowed to see eachother so it will be good for my well being to chat with them!


Happy weekend, I will talk to you soon!

Miss Ly xxx

Thursday 2nd April 2020

3L, you will never guess what! I popped in to school yesterday to pick up some bits from the classroom and was met with the most wonderful, breath-taking sight.

As I was walking through the gates, I heard some loud noises coming from Year 3. “What’s that noise?” I asked Mrs Burrell inquisitively as I kept my distance and walked past the photocopier and down to the Year 3 corridor…


An onbedient octopus was lurking in the corridor!


Taking a few more steps, I bravely crept past the grand, gracious Great White shark! He was admiring all of our lovely displays and complimented your work!


Here are some of the other animals which took over our area, my challenge for you today is to carry on this description of the animals using alliteration - where the first sound of consecutive words sound the same - obedient octupus, grand, gracious Great White shark. Email your writing to so I can enjoy your writing which I have missed reading so so much! If you want, draw a picture of another animal in our classroom or anywhere you like and write a sentence to go with it! I look forward to seeing your creations! Speak tomorrow, Miss Ly xxx


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a fantastic first week of home learning, from what I have seen on Twitter, you have been keeping yourselves really busy. Keep your fantastic work coming as I love seeing all of your creations and pictures of you hard at work! Lots of us have also been sending emails on Purple Mash, which we feel is a safe platform for emailing eachother. Remember all of your emails are approved by us so continue to use it safely. Some of your pictures are very artistic!


I am starting this diary today as it is the first day of the month (I hope you haven't been too cheeky with April fools jokes!) and intend to chat with you on here every day! I will be telling you about my day and responding to any emails sent through via our new home learning email as well as shouting out some of your Twitter posts!


My POA (plan of action) for today is to firstly be phoning some of you! I am going to try and call you all over the next few weeks which I am really looking forward to. Then this afternoon, I am going to go for a walk with my mum and dad through a local park, which we have been doing every day. We have spotted some rainbows in windows which makes us feel so happy. I am going to leave you with this today, it made me feel really safe and appreciative.













Look out for the little things which make you feel really safe and happy.

I will speak to you tomorrow. Take care,

Miss Ly xxx