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Thursday 7th May 2020

Hello everyone, it's the final day of the week before VE day tomorrow and we will enjoy a 3-day weekend! 

I have done lots of work today, I will leave you with a sneak peek of what's happening next week! You will need some white flowers or celery and food colouring, so pick some up when you next go shopping! 

I spoke to Teddy this morning! He was very chatty and misses us all, he correctly guess which of the 2 toys I took home with me from the reading corner, well done Teddy! We also chatted about missing our friends, but are optimistic about returning. He says a special hello to Stanley! 

I have been sent some more of your work which looks amazing! I wish we were making masks all together in class, they are great fun and we could have even made ones in pairs. Take a look at Megan's, Annie's and Eva's! Lewis would also like us to see his VE day bunting he has decorated! It looks really good, Lewis, make sure your neighbours can see! What will you be doing? I have read some of your writing and it made me feel very emotional! You made me feel like I was there.


I hope you have a good day tomorrow celebrating and I will speak to you again next week! 

Our diaries are moving to the Year 3 Home Learning page above the weeks so you can find them there from next week.

Have a good long weekend and keep your pictures coming in!


Miss Ly xxx

Well done, Annie, I think even Tabitha is impressed!

Megan has been really busy, beautifully written letters, Magical Maths and an amazing mask!

Lewis's house is decorated for tomorrow's VE day celebrations!

Sneak peek!

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Hello everyone!

I popped in to school today, very quickly to grab some Roman books so I can use them next week to teach you! As I was looking in the reading corner, I noticed it looked very different. It was welcoming as always, but look at what the toys did!

I have listened to them, and as much as I love them all as much as you do, I could only bring 2 home. Look out for future posts to see which ones were lucky enough to come home with me! Can you guess?!


After I found some useful books, I ventured out to the Wildlife area to check on the tadpoles. The last time I went out to see them, they were tiny, but plentiful. I scooped a cupful out and saw they and grown so so big! They haven't grown arms or legs yet, but I have a feeling they will grow really soon. I will keep you updated on their growth as lots of you have asked about them during our phone calls! I will leave you with these pictures and a short video clip, listen to the nature noises. What sounds can you pick out? 


Speak tomorrow,

Miss Ly xxx


Still image for this video

Special message from Mrs Croker!


Hi 3L,
Hope you are all well. 
I’ve loved seeing the work that you share with Miss Ly, it’s brilliant!!  You should all be so proud of yourselves for all the different ways that you are continuing to learn. 

We celebrated Grace's birthday over the weekend, she turned 10!!  Whoop whoop double digits! 
Grace had friends drop off gifts from a sensible distance. We spoke to them from the upstairs windows, we face timed friends & family, and lots of her friends sent birthday video messages it was wonderful.

We had a pamper spa morning & also joined in with a live stream from West End musicals and watched some of her favourite west end stars perform. Grace also has a virtual rollercoaster ride 😬
It wasn’t the birthday celebrations that we had planned but we had a fantastic time celebrating, and once this passes we will have another huge party 

Since being in lockdown I imagine that some of you have celebrated your birthday.  
It may not have been the birthday celebrations you imagined but I bet it was fantastic!!! “ lockdown birthdays” are all the rage & you may possibly get to celebrate again once things change, you’ll be just like the queen having two birthdays! 
A very happy birthday to any of you who have or will be celebrating your birthdays soon! laugh
I miss you all! 
Stay safe ,stay positive , keep smiling 
Love Mrs Croker x 

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Hello wonderful people!

Today has been a good day, with more phone calls, emails and photos from you!

Did you know that you can now send photos of your work to me on Purple Mash?! Ethan's clever mum did it yesterday so I just wanted to let you know in case it is easier for you.


I spoke to Ben first today, he was telling about Star Wars day yesterday and how he has really got in to reading books about it! He has also been educating himself in different ways such as watching the National Geographic channel, I can't wait to hear some facts you have learnt!

Fleur recently celebrated her birthday and was playing with her Lego Friends caravan play set! She told me about her newly decorated bedroom which is made up of blue geometric shapes, and even had sparkly paint! How grown up of you, I bet it looks lovely!! Well done for continuing to read lots too!

Next, I spoke to Jamie while he was on his daily walk with his mum and brother, he was telling me about his Roman road he made out of ginger nuts, bourbons and custard creams, sounds delicious! He has made his mask today and will paint and decorate it tomorrow, I can't wait to see it!

After receiving his powerpoint, I just had to call Seb again, to tell him how much I enjoyed it! He is going to email me film recommendations and I am going to make a powerpoint back and send it to him! He spent 2 weeks on it and I know he always puts so much effort into his work, it was even better than I expected!

Guess who has been camping! LILY! She has told me she has set up a tent in her back garden and slept in it! I asked her if it was cold at night, but she said she had a heater in there so it wasn't too cold! I'm so glad you are enjoying some family time! 

Another person from 3L who had a birthday recently was Poppy! She was lucky enough to be allowed to pick out some books from Amazon, so she has been busy reading lots at home and impressively teaching her sister about Time! She will be an expert on next week's Year 3 Maths then! 


After I made my phone calls, I went to do a food shop to get some bits for next week's science experiment. I can't wait to plan and film more videos! As I was standing in the queue, Mrs Croker sent me a text to ask how I was and that she is always there if I need her. Isn't this lovely! We talk most days, but this message was really sweet. We were having a chat and she commanded that I should get some treats so I did! Self love is very important, so I got a fruit and nut dairy milk bar (my favourite!), some sweet and salty popcorn and some chocolate muffins. She suggested a movie might so that is what i will do! 

I spoke to Mrs Cullen and Miss Williamson this morning and it was so lovely to see them. We have planned some great lessons for next week!

Look forward to seeing more of your work and/or any activities you are doing at home! 


Speak tomorrow, 

Miss Ly xxx


Monday 4th May 2020

May the forth be with you, to all you Star Wars fans! laugh

Today, I spent a long time editing this video for you all to see, please go and watch it, we are going crazy, not seeing you wonderful lot! 


I have done some of my home learning today, it was Maths based and I really enjoyed it! As I took regular brain breaks, I was so impressed to be sent some of your work! Check these out and see what others have been up to! 


Seb has been emailing me on Purple Mash and he has given me some film recommendations! If you have any good films you think I would like, please email me and let me know! Seb has made a powerpoint presentation about the film and I can't wait to see it!


Monday is slowly becoming my favourite day of the week heart

I miss you all, so much, hang on in there,

Miss Ly xxx


Megan's Pompeii story

Megan, your writing actually brought a tear to my eye, I am so so proud of you and have written you an email on Purple Mash, please go and check it! I love your adjectives, they really add to your descriptions. Well done for using fronted adverbials! yes

Ethan's Pompeii story

Well done, Ethan, I have replied to you also on Purple Mash. I love your use of adverbs, it really helps me understand how your characters are feeling! yes

Stanley's Roman road! Apparently they taste good too! :D

Stanley, I know how hard you had to bash those biscuits! You look so happy making your road, I hope you got to eat some biscuits after! yeslaugh