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Tuesday 14th July


Afternoon 6L,

I can't believe how quick time seems to be moving at the moment.  Feels like only yesterday we were starting in September and now we're 2 weeks into July and into the last week of term!  This makes me feel both happy and sad.  Happy because I'm hoping to meet up with some family I haven't seen for a long time during the summer holidays but also sad as it means all of you will be leaving White Court. 


I thought I'd share a few things that I've been doing recently in this post as well as sharing some pictures you've sent me.

  • My vegetables are starting to get bigger in the garden and the sunflowers are steadily growing - not as impressive as Sam's sunflowers or Fraser's vegetables but I am feeling very proud that I have managed to grow them.
  • The ducklings I posted a picture of a few weeks ago have now got so much bigger and it has been wonderful seeing them on my walks.
  • I have also set myself the challenge of walking 10,000 steps minimum every day.  If I'm being honest, I have become a bit lazy working from home as I sit in the office for hours at a time and don't move around as much like when I'm chatting to you all in class.
  • Exciting news: I won a competition and have been sent a new ukulele! It was so exciting and I love the bright colour of this one.  For those of you in school this week, I'll bring it in to show you...and maybe play a song.
  • I have had family quizzes every Friday with a theme.  Did any of you work out what I was in the last 'creativity' themed quiz? Answer: the game 'Operation'.  This was one of my favourite games when I was younger and it was great fun recreating it out of cardboard and velcro!
  • I have also been to see my Grandma (she was shielding) and it was so lovely to talk to her in person again.  She has also mastered how to answer FaceTime calls and called to show me her haircut the other day (slightly blurry photo of it below)
  • I have also been on spider removal duty.  As you all know, I'm not the biggest fan of spiders but I don't like to see them get hurt.  So, I have been trapping them using our bug catcher and returning them to the field at the end of the garden.  You can see one of the 'monsters' I caught the other day. 
  • This week, I have a Zoom meeting with the Year 5's who I will be teaching next year, I will be in school with my bubble on Thursday and Friday and we also have our Year 6 Zoom meeting at the end of the week. Remember to think of your funny/favourite memories to share with us.


Let me know what you've been up to on Purple Mash.  I love receiving your emails and finding out what you've been up to.

  • Last week, I posted Luke's riddle for you to try and solve.  The answer was.............Roblox! Well done to those of you who worked it out.
  • I have also received a lovely picture from Freya this week: a turtle painted on canvas.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you all again.

Take care,

Miss Lomas

Monday 29th June

Hi 6L,

So it's the start of another week. I hope you have all had a great weekend.  I managed to get a walk in yesterday in between the rain showers.  The park was shut but I did see some other animals on my walk: snails. So many snails! It was like a family of them were going for an outing in the rain.  I'll post a picture below.  How many can you spot?


Yesterday was Aidan's birthday.  I have just had a chat with him over the phone and it sounds like he had a fantastic day and is looking forward to seeing some of you on Thursday. 


I have received some photos from Luke and Daniel of what they did last week so decided I would upload them today instead of waiting until Friday like I have been doing recently.

Daniel has sent me in some super nature artwork of a fish.  I really like the use of petals for the lips and the leaves to create the fin shapes. He has been artistic with his French and used real fruit and vegetables to help him learn the vocabulary. It was lovely to read his Meerkat report too which contained lots of information.  Even more so now it has been revealed that my class will be known as the Meerkats next year! He has also sent me his PowerPoint on Gandhi so I've attached some slides below for you all to read.

Luke has sent me photos of his work from last week and wow, there's a lot! I have chosen a few photos to share with you.  I really like his sentence about the tiger.  He completed all the GPS booklets so I've picked a couple of photos from there too. He has also sent me a riddle. Can you work it out?  Email me on Purple Mash with your thoughts and a number for what clue you worked it out on.  I got it wrong!



1. A place where people come together to play

2. It is a game

3. This game has a lot of games inside it

4. You can customise your character

5. It is in a block style (8bit)

6. Many YouTubers play it

Friday 26th June

Hi 6L. This week has been busy and hot. Very hot! I have been for a few walks during the evenings - mainly because it has cooled down a bit by then. I walked to my local park and was thrilled to see 2 sets of ducklings! Seeing so many baby animals is one of the reasons I love this time of year. I'll post some pictures below of the ducklings I saw. I have also been practising the piano learning a new song.  I'll put a clip of the introduction below.  Can you work out what it is? Olivia correctly guessed the ukulele clip I uploaded; it was You've Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story


Earlier this week, 23rd, it was Jaya's birthday.  It was lovely to hear how some of you contacted her to wish her a wonderful day. 

I have also spoken to lots of you again this week and, from what I've heard, it sounds like you're keeping yourselves busy with a mixture of home learning, completing tasks set for you at home and relaxing.  I must admit, I was a bit envious towards those of you who have paddling pools, swimming pools and hot tubs! However, I made my own version of a paddling pool out of an empty plastic container which I filled with water. It may not sound or look as impressive, but it worked and helped cool me down :)


This week, I have also received lots more photos showing me some of the work you have been doing.

Freya created an excellent PowerPoint about Rosa Parks.  Rosa Parks made such an impact on American society when fighting for equality regardless of your skin colour. 

Adam sent me photos of his Shadow Art on Twitter.  I liked the different angles and think the second one looks like you're playing the flute. 

Bobby sent me his PowerPoint about Tiger Woods on the home learning email address. It was fascinating to read and you've taught me some new facts about him.  I wonder if any of you have made the link before in class between Tiger Woods and the tiger playing golf, pinging the ball for progressive tense. 

Fraser has sent me a range of photos this week on Twitter.  He has been working hard at his allotment and picked some rhubarb and then turned it into a delicious crumble.  He's also been enjoying the weather and visited the beach.

Olivia has sent me in a range of photos too.  This week Olivia has been quite crafty and has created some brilliant Shadow Art with the help of her brothers and made her own mood board. She also created her own movie night - including tasty snacks - and has recommended the film Artemis Fowl for me to watch.  Maybe some of you would like to watch it too? She has also sent me a PowerPoint on Florence Nightingale but I haven't worked out how to open that yet so I can update you on that another time. 


Tonight, I will be joining my family for a zoom quiz call again.  Each week we have a theme and last week the theme was 'be creative'.  Take a look at the picture below - I am in the centre.  I wonder if you can work out what game I recreated? Email me your guesses on Purple Mash. Bonus points if you can spot where Bramble is? Clue: she is dressed up too!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will catch up with you all next week.

Guess the song and film...

Still image for this video

Friday 19th June

How is it Friday again already!? This week feels like it has flown by.  I am also getting more excited each day about getting to see some of you again from the 2nd July.

This week, I decided to save up all the excellent work and photos you've been sending in to me and decided to post them all at the end of the week.

Olivia - I have had lots of photos and a video from Olivia this week.  She recorded herself acting out a shopping scene in French with her brother, created some emoji art and tried our Science experiment

Luke - I always look forward to the end of the week as Luke sends me a collection of the work and activities he has completed over the week.  Take a listen to this video of Luke playing the piano; it is beautiful. You will all recognise the melody! 

Fraser - some excellent nature artwork of a goose.  Clever use of the sheep's wool. 

Sam - I've seen some brilliant photos of him taking on the Year 6 challenges over the last few weeks and making a stick man out of... you guessed it, sticks! He has also written a powerful message about what he hopes will happen in the future

Adam - another excellent picture created using resources from nature. 


Tuesday 16th June

Hi 6L,


I hope you are all well?  I will be messaging you all on Purple Mash during the week to catch up with how you have been.  I know some of you already message me on there and it is wonderful to open my emails and see such lovely messages and pictures of what you have been doing.


I thought I'd share with you what I've been up to recently.  As I mentioned previously, Poppie is learning Spanish and it inspired me to learn Dutch so I could talk with my cousins easier. I have recently bought some Dutch children's books. I knew about half the words on this page when I first got it but can now remember them all :) What do you think it is about?

I have also planted out my tomatoes and onions.  I'm still waiting to get some bamboo sticks delivered before I can plant out my beans but they should be arriving later this week, I hope. 

Nearly two weeks ago I bought an ukulele and I have been practising lots. I'm working on a project with Miss Parish at the moment.  I've attached a sneak preview in a clip below - do you recognise what song it is? 

The fish are doing very well - we now have about 40!!!!!! and have had to split them across 2 tanks so they have enough space.  Some of them will be coming back to school with me in September and we have found a new home for the others at another school :) 


I'm looking forward to hearing from you all,

Take care,

Miss Lomas

Guess the song...

Still image for this video

Monday 8th June

Today, I thought I'd share some of the work you have been sending in to me.  I love seeing all the things you have been up to each week whether it is examples of work or fun things you have been doing.  Remember you can email me on Purple Mash if you want to as well.


Olivia - a great book review of Harry Potter, her A-Z and a lovely collage of photos taken on a scavenger hunt which was part of her brother's home learning and also a brilliant use of kitchen roll for an effective mindfulness colouring activity

Sophie - her A-Z of happiness.  There are definitely lots of things that make me happy on there too :)

Luke - his A-Z of happiness, book review of Tom Gates, photos of his spellings, Maths, Geography and his captivating story openers. So much brilliant work!

Daniel - his chart of what happens to his heart rate when exercising, an excellent story opener and some artwork he completed over half term.

Fraser - his excellent recycling and reusing creation to create a salad bar


Miss Lomas

Friday 5th June


Wow, I can't believe we have reached the end of the first week in June already. It has been lovely chatting to some of you this week to find out how your half terms and first week back in home learning have been.  


Ella had her birthday over half term and Freddie's is today, so happy birthday to both of you! 


I thought I'd share a few things I've been up to over half term and this week and will upload some photos below.


  • My plants have really shot up over the last few weeks and I'm hoping to get them out in the garden this week.  I have included my little monkey toy to show their size smiley
  • I have managed to teach my Grandma how to use an iPhone by typing up a set of instructions for her.  She can now FaceTime although we often just see the top of her head!
  • It was my birthday yesterday too so lots of people dropped off presents on my doorstop and then we had a chat across the driveway.
  • I've carried on learning Dutch - according to the app I have now learnt 626 Dutch words!  Parts of it have been tricky but now I go back to the lessons I first found hard and they are actually quite easy.  Shows that practise really does make progress!
  • Also, I put my birthday money towards buying a ukulele. I love how cheerful it sounds.


I hope you've all had a great week and I look forward to chatting to some more of you next week and finding out what you've been up to


Miss Lomas


Lockdown babies!

Still image for this video
I thought you might like to see how the fish are getting on. Here are just a few of the many babies they've had!

Thursday 21st May

First of all, here are the answers to the Dutch animals I posted last week. 

cat --> de kat

dog --> de hond

horse --> het paard

bird --> de vogel

mouse --> de muis

spider --> de spin

elephant --> de olifant


The last few days I have completed lots of training online about Computing.  There are so many things to learn with it and it has been quite difficult but I am persevering and feel that I'm starting to remember some of it now.  Think I may have to do some of the activities a few times before I fully understand it though.


Last night, we had a Chinook (a type of army helicopter) fly over head.  It was really low and very loud! This is a photo from the RAF website and I'll pop my video at the bottom of this diary entry so you can see it. 


More importantly though, thank you to everyone for telling me about the exciting things you've been doing over the phone and sending me examples of your work in on Twitter, home learning and Purple Mash.  I love hearing and seeing all the wonderful things you have been doing.

Here are some pieces of Art that were sent through to me this week linked to our Van Gogh topic.


Chinook at home

Still image for this video

Monday 18th May

Morning everyone!

Thought I'd do an early entry today and can update it later if I have more to share. This weekend I have busy and completed some boring adult tasks: working in the garden, clearing out the garage, rearranging the kitchen cupboards and sorting through paperwork in the office.  Even though this was boring, I did find some ingredients whilst sorting the kitchen so that I could make some millionaire shortbread; it tastes delicious and lots has disappeared already!

This week I'm hoping my vegetable and sunflower seeds continue to grow and I might be able to plant some of them out whilst we have some nice weather.  They have really started to grow quickly over the last few days.

Friday 15th May

So, here we are at Friday again! I can't believe it has now been 6 school weeks that we have been at home for.  I am really missing you all.  I know there is lots of uncertainty in the news at the moment over when and if Year 6 will go back but Mrs Burrell has promised to keep us all updated as soon as she knows anything which I know makes me feel better.  For now, I will carry on learning new skills at home. 


This week I have been learning Dutch as I have cousins who live there.  Can you match up the animals to their Dutch name? I'll post the answers next week so you can see if you were correct.


English Word Dutch Word
cat de muis
dog het paard
horse de spin
bird de kat
mouse de vogel
spider de olifant
elephant de hond


I have also received some more work from some of you.  I love seeing your work so keep sending it in but don't worry if you can't send it in, I love hearing you talk about all the exciting tasks you're doing at home too whether it is home learning tasks, baking, bike rides, things you've made or telling me what you're looking forward to.  All your conversations make me smile :)


Luke - another super busy week from you.  I really like having your pictures sent through at the end of the week to show me what you've done.  Your revolting recipe was certainly revolting with worms and liquidized beetles!  I can't wait to hear the finished piece of music and also to see the spring rolls you are making.

Olivia - your continuation of the Harry Potter story focusing on Severus Snape was brilliant! I uploaded it to Twitter and tagged Pobble365 website in it and they have liked it too!

Sam - I usually reply to your photos on Twitter but thought I'd add the most recent one on here so our class can see what you've been up to.  Some excellent Maths and English work and great that you've been helping Katy too.

Ashleigh - your creativity is wonderful! I've loved seeing your scrunchies and paintings.  Definitely an artistic future for you.

Daniel - your revolting recipe was revolting too with the horse wee and bat blood! I was very impressed with how you presented it using the different colours for each heading on the computer.

Wednesday 13th May

Morning 6L! 

I have received some more lovely work today so will post it below for you to see.

Daniel - you have been extremely busy over the last few days! I really like your garden feeders


Over the last couple of days, I have spent a lot of time practising some of my instruments.  I played my drums for about an hour (but then stopped so I didn't annoy my neighbours), learnt a few new songs on my guitar and recorded the flute part for a special performance I'm doing with Essex Concert Band.  Music is definitely my favourite way to relax smiley


Here are a couple of pictures of my seeds that I posted last week.  I can't believe how much they have grown in a week!




Stay safe, 

Miss Lomas

Tuesday 12th May

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed VE Day.  I have been amazed by the amount of work and activities you have shared with me over the last few days.  So, instead of boring you with pictures of me working in the garden (as that's what I did over the weekend) I'm going to share with you the fantastic pictures that have been sent to me over the last few days.

George - Happy Birthday for yesterday! 

Olivia - Happy Birthday for today!  



Wednesday 6th May

Just thought I'd show you all what I've started to grow at home.  I have started growing some tomatoes, onions, beans and sunflowers.  Because I don't have a greenhouse, I have used Fraser's super idea of using recycled bottles to act as a greenhouse; I think I might cut the next ones lengthwise though as they don't cover much how I have them currently.  Hopefully I will have some shoots starting to appear soon!


Jaya has sent me a wonderful photo of something she has created for everyone in our class.  It is such a thoughtful idea and really made me smile when I saw it smiley.  It also reminded me how much I am missing you all.  I've put the picture below so you can all see it and I hope it makes you all smile as much as it did me


I also received a super piece of work from Olivia today on Purple Mash.  She has created a PowerPoint about floods and included an interesting link to a YouTube video showing just how powerful flood water can be.  Here is the link if you want to watch the video  I'll attach some screenshots of the slides below.


Fraser also sent me his super PowerPoint about Tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes on the Home Learning email.  There are lots of interesting details in it.  I like how he's numbered the points to make it easier to read :)

Tuesday 5th May

Over the weekend, I decided to catch up with some friends from the bands I play with. It was so lovely talking to them all on the phone and finding out what they have been up to.  Like me, they are really missing playing as part of a band so we have decided to put together a performance where we will each play our parts and then a computer master will put it all together!  I'll post the video once it has been made. 


Yesterday, I had some lovely emails from a few of you on Purple Mash telling me about the work you have been doing and I also had some emails with pictures of your work.  Remember, you can send this in to or Purple Mash have now added a feature where you can attach documents and photos of work on their email system which is fantastic!


Aidan has been painting some rocks with his sister.  I love the stormtrooper and the dinosaur!

Ashleigh has been using her sewing machine to make more products.  Who remembers the beautiful mermaid cushion she brought into school? Check below to see pictures of it.

Luke - you have sent me so many examples of your work, it's brilliant! It was lovely to read your latest diary entry and see you're keeping in contact with other class members and that you're also trying the piano music challenge I set. 

Luke's story and a piece of his Science work is below. 

Friday 1st May

Over the last couple of days I have had some brilliant surprises when I opened my emails and Twitter and found examples of what some of you have been doing at home.


Yesterday, Olivia sent me a photo of her Van Gogh booklet and wow did she find lots of facts! I also saw that Fraser has been helping out at the family allotment. 




I've managed to speak to lots more of you today too which was lovely

Ben - I'm impressed you're learning to tie laces. Keep going and you'll soon be a master!

Daniel - tt sounds like you have been doing lots of work recently and I'm very impressed you have made a schedule to help you decide when to do different things

Ashleigh - I'm looking forward to seeing your finished lip gloss holder that you are sewing; it sounds brilliant

Sophie - you were busy writing your story when I called so I had a chat with Mum and will call you next week

Adam - the bike rides sound like good fun and I am definitely going to look up the Kahoot quizzes you recommended

George - the baking you've been doing sounds delicious, especially the carrot cake!

Aidan - you've been doing lots of drawings and sounds like you're working really hard on the Maths and getting Nanny involved too which is brilliant

Freddie - you sound like you've been having lots of fun and are very lucky to now have your own bedroom with lots of new items in it

Freya - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am very jealous of the amazing three course meal you are having cooked especially for you! Prawn cocktail, TGI style chicken and ribs and cake and donuts to finish off. Wow! 

Ollie - you've been doing lots of fun activities at school and keeping active with bike rides at home too. It was lovely to hear that Imogen is enjoying it too.


Wednesday 29th April

Today I have had a couple of face time chats with other members of staff from school and it was lovely to see everyone.  I know lots of you have been Face Timing your family and friends to keep in contact with them whilst we're working from home. 

It was lovely speaking to a few more of you over the last few days too. 

Luke - it was brilliant to hear about your progress with your piano playing and seeing all the work you've been doing

Bobby - keep playing golf and joining in with the school tasks; it really made me smile

Oliver - I hope Hazard enjoyed his mouse! It sounds like you've been keeping active and completing all your home learning tasks.

Max - happy birthday for the 27th! It sounded like you had a wonderful day and had a tasty cake made for you

Dylan - you'll have to let me know if Gregory sheds his skin! It would be really cool to see it.

Hayden - I'm really glad you introduced me to The Mandalorian, it's a brilliant series. No spoilers!

Vinnie - I'm always impressed by your car knowledge and it sounds like you've been having fun playing games

Joe - The homemade donuts sound incredible and I'm impressed you've been completing the Yr 7 challenge tasks

Rhia - I'm impressed with all the baking you've done - you've inspired me to do some baking this week 

Elsie & Freddie - I tried ringing but didn't get an answer.  I'll try you both tomorrow morning. 


I have also loved receiving some of your work through both the Home Learning and Twitter feed. Luke has sent me lots of photos of the work he has done; Aidan has sent me a comic strip he has made as well as a story; Fraser has been busy experimenting on Twitter; Bobby has starred in the White Court Amarillo video #HelloSausage; Sam has been working on his Notley Lockdown writing and Jaya has let me know she is getting ready to send something in :)


If I haven't spoken to you since Easter, I will try and ring you on either Thursday or Friday, so expect a call.


Stay safe :) 

Aidan's comic and story

Bobby/Parrot and a story and plant from Luke

Monday 27th April

Over the weekend I decided to make the most of the lovely weather.  I enjoyed sitting in the garden watching the birds, talking to my neighbours over the fence, drawing some more pictures sat outside and tidying up the garden a bit.  I've discovered what a pain ivy is and how it gets absolutely everywhere! 


I have also finished my 6th book since lockdown started: Enid Blyton's The Folk of the Faraway Tree.  I would definitely recommend this series to all of you; it is an adventure book mixed with fantasy.  Summary: 3 children move to the countryside and discover an enchanted tree in the wood near them.  However, it is no ordinary tree and is actually the home to many magical creatures: Angry Pixie, Moon Face, Silky and others.  They go on lots of adventures to lands that appear at the top of the tree and often get up to mischief! 


If you haven't already seen it, take a look at the video in the link below.  The teachers had a bit of extra fun over the weekend.  How many teachers can you spot?

Friday 24th April

It's only lunchtime at the moment but just wanted to share what I've seen this morning.  I'll add more to my diary entry later on today.


I was sat out in the garden working when I saw a tractor and then, walking a short distance behind, a pheasant!  They were both really close to my fence so I took a photo :) I'm really thankful at the moment that my garden looks out on to a field so it feels like I'm somewhere else even though I'm not leaving my house.



The rest of the day was quite relaxing.  I had a lovely chat with some more of you: Ella, Poppie, Archie, Sam and Freya.  Max & Elsie, I left you both voicemails but will try and call again on Monday.  It sounds like you all had a wonderful Easter and have been making the most of the nice weather by enjoying your hot tubs and pools, playing in the garden, taking pets for walks, baking, playing games and completing some extra challenges.  Keep sending me your work to the home learning email address or show me on Twitter.

Thursday 23rd April

Today I have rung a few of you: Oliver, Rhia, Jaya, Olivia, Amelie & Archie (I'll try and get through again tomorrow).  I have been so impressed by the things you have been doing over Easter.  You have all been keeping busy, whether it be with baking, football, family quizzes, looking after your pets or just having fun in general!  I've also been impressed with the work I've seen on Twitter from Ollie and Fraser with their alien stories and drawings.  Keep sending me your work as I love seeing it all :) 


I also had a cryptic message from Bobby on Twitter: #HelloSausage #WatchThisSpace.  I wonder if any of you remember that phrase from Year 5?


I will be calling the rest of you either tomorrow or the start of next week to find out how your Easters have been.  I will also be giving you your new log in details for a website called which has loads of maths games on


Stay safe :) 

Wednesday 22nd April


Today I have had quite a relaxed day.  I enjoyed reading my book in the garden for an hour this morning - I'm now on book 5 since lockdown started - and then got on with my work.  Just like all of you, us teachers have work we are doing every day too.  Remember to send me examples of your work at the home learning website or on Twitter.


This afternoon, I cleaned out our class fish tank.  All the babies are now swimming with the adults and I think they are enjoying their freedom and the new plants in their tank. I'll attach a little video below for you to see.


Stay safe :)

Baby Fish

Still image for this video

Monday 20th April

Hello everyone!

I hope that you all had a brilliant Easter and managed to cram in lots of exciting things.  I thought I'd share with you a few things I did over Easter: baking cookies; playing virtual golf - I haven't got a sheet set up yet Luke and Bobby; looking after our class fish; playing board games; FaceTime with family and friends; drawing lots of pictures and joining in with online quizzes - it's a family quiz called 'The Virtual Pub Quiz' and is on Facebook and YouTube if some of you fancy doing it with your family.  My highest score is 38/50 so far!


I started making phone calls again today to some of you which was wonderful.  It makes me realise how much I miss you all as today would normally have been where you all come back into class excited to see each other and chatting lots about Easter...and then I'd tell certain chatterboxes to find their seats, hehe :) 


I'm looking forward to hearing what the rest of you have been up to.  Remember, you can send in your work (it doesn't have to be school tasks) to the Home Learning email address to show me what you've been doing or they can be posted to Twitter @MissLomasWC or @WhiteCourtScho1 if your adults have an account.  I've loved spending time drawing over Easter and I've seen some excellent artwork from Ashleigh and Fraser on Twitter and drawings of Kylo Ren from Aidan.  Keep sending me your pictures :) 


Stay safe


Miss Lomas

A few of my drawings from over Easter

Friday 3rd April 

Hello 6L,


I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.  I can't believe we have had 2 weeks at home already; it has been very strange not actually seeing any of you.  I imagine, just like me, you are missing your friends but I hope you are all making the most of this situation we are all in.  It's a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and to learn new skills.  


I have created a Twitter account so, if your adults have Twitter, tag me in your posts @MissLomasWC.   I have already seen some fantastic artwork and cooking from Fraser and have seen Sam completing some Egyptian work.  If your adult doesn't have Twitter but has Internet access, they can e-mail with 6L in the heading and your work will find its way to me and I can share it on Twitter for the rest of our class to see.  I would love to see some of the things you've been up to. 


Yesterday, I started to ring some of you at home and it was wonderful to hear all the things you've been up to: bike rides, walks, cooking, golf, games, books you've read, films you've watched, face-time with friends and family, walking pets, artwork, lego technic and so much more!  You've all inspired me to try new things.  A few recommendations I am going to try over Easter are from Jaya (I am definitely going to make a white chocolate cheesecake), Bobby (I'll try my putting skills in the garden though a tutorial from you would be very helpful) and Joe (I now have Rocket League so hopefully I don't crash too many times).


This morning, I cleaned out our class fish tank.  They have settled in well and I can't believe how big the babies are getting! I'll attach a short clip of them below so you can see them - one of the guppies has a beautiful yellow tail forming. 


This afternoon, I will be ringing the rest of you.  I'm looking forward to speaking to you all and hearing all the exciting things you've been up to.  


Stay safe,

Miss Lomas


Still image for this video