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Miss Lomas' Diary

Thursday 30th April

I have moved my diary over to the Home Learning Year 6 page to make it easier to find and read.  Miss Castleman and Mr Pruce have done the same so you can read their diaries too.  I have copied everything that was already on mine over so everyone can still see all the lovely work you've been sending me :)

Wednesday 29th April

Today I have had a couple of face time chats with other members of staff from school and it was lovely to see everyone.  I know lots of you have been Face Timing your family and friends to keep in contact with them whilst we're working from home. 

It was lovely speaking to a few more of you over the last few days too. 

Luke - it was brilliant to hear about your progress with your piano playing and seeing all the work you've been doing

Bobby - keep playing golf and joining in with the school tasks; it really made me smile

Oliver - I hope Hazard enjoyed his mouse! It sounds like you've been keeping active and completing all your home learning tasks.

Max - happy birthday for the 27th! It sounded like you had a wonderful day and had a tasty cake made for you

Dylan - you'll have to let me know if Gregory sheds his skin! It would be really cool to see it.

Hayden - I'm really glad you introduced me to The Mandalorian, it's a brilliant series. No spoilers!

Vinnie - I'm always impressed by your car knowledge and it sounds like you've been having fun playing games

Joe - The homemade donuts sound incredible and I'm impressed you've been completing the Yr 7 challenge tasks

Rhia - I'm impressed with all the baking you've done - you've inspired me to do some baking this week 

Elsie & Freddie - I tried ringing but didn't get an answer.  I'll try you both tomorrow morning. 


I have also loved receiving some of your work through both the Home Learning and Twitter feed. Luke has sent me lots of photos of the work he has done; Aidan has sent me a comic strip he has made as well as a story; Fraser has been busy experimenting on Twitter; Bobby has starred in the White Court Amarillo video #HelloSausage; Sam has been working on his Notley Lockdown writing and Jaya has let me know she is getting ready to send something in :)


If I haven't spoken to you since Easter, I will try and ring you on either Thursday or Friday, so expect a call.


Stay safe :) 

Aidan's comic and story

Bobby bringing back Parrot and some work from Luke :)

Monday 27th April

Over the weekend I decided to make the most of the lovely weather.  I enjoyed sitting in the garden watching the birds, talking to my neighbours over the fence, drawing some more pictures sat outside and tidying up the garden a bit.  I've discovered what a pain ivy is and how it gets absolutely everywhere! 


I have also finished my 6th book since lockdown started: Enid Blyton's The Folk of the Faraway Tree.  I would definitely recommend this series to all of you; it is an adventure book mixed with fantasy.  Summary: 3 children move to the countryside and discover an enchanted tree in the wood near them.  However, it is no ordinary tree and is actually the home to many magical creatures: Angry Pixie, Moon Face, Silky and others.  They go on lots of adventures to lands that appear at the top of the tree and often get up to mischief! 


If you haven't already seen it, take a look at the video in the link below.  The teachers had a bit of extra fun over the weekend.  How many teachers can you spot?


Friday 24th April

It's only lunchtime at the moment but just wanted to share what I've seen this morning.  I'll add more to my diary entry later on today.


I was sat out in the garden working when I saw a tractor and then, walking a short distance behind, a pheasant!  They were both really close to my fence so I took a photo :) I'm really thankful at the moment that my garden looks out on to a field so it feels like I'm somewhere else even though I'm not leaving my house. 




The rest of the day was quite relaxing.  I had a lovely chat with some more of you: Ella, Poppie, Archie, Sam and Freya.  Max & Elsie, I left you both voicemails but will try and call again on Monday.  It sounds like you all had a wonderful Easter and have been making the most of the nice weather by enjoying your hot tubs and pools, playing in the garden, taking pets for walks, baking, playing games and completing some extra challenges.  Keep sending me your work to the home learning email address or show me on Twitter.

Thursday 23rd April

Today I have rung a few of you: Oliver, Rhia, Jaya, Olivia, Amelie & Archie (I'll try and get through again tomorrow).  I have been so impressed by the things you have been doing over Easter.  You have all been keeping busy, whether it be with baking, football, family quizzes, looking after your pets or just having fun in general!  I've also been impressed with the work I've seen on Twitter from Ollie and Fraser with their alien stories and drawings.  Keep sending me your work as I love seeing it all :) 


I also had a cryptic message from Bobby on Twitter: #HelloSausage #WatchThisSpace.  I wonder if any of you remember that phrase from Year?


I will be calling the rest of you either tomorrow or the start of next week to find out how your Easters have been.  I will also be giving you your new log in details for a website called which has loads of maths games on


Stay safe :) 

Wednesday 22nd April


Today I have had quite a relaxed day.  I enjoyed reading my book in the garden for an hour this morning - I'm now on book 5 since lockdown started - and then got on with my work.  Just like all of you, us teachers have work we are doing every day too.  Remember to send me examples of your work at the home learning website or on Twitter.


This afternoon, I cleaned out our class fish tank.  All the babies are now swimming with the adults and I think they are enjoying their freedom and the new plants in their tank. I'll attach a little video below for you to see.


Stay safe :)

Baby Fish

Still image for this video

Monday 20th April

Hello everyone!

I hope that you all had a brilliant Easter and managed to cram in lots of exciting things.  I thought I'd share with you a few things I did over Easter: baking cookies; playing virtual golf - I haven't got a sheet set up yet Luke and Bobby; looking after our class fish; playing board games; FaceTime with family and friends; drawing lots of pictures and joining in with online quizzes - it's a family quiz called 'The Virtual Pub Quiz' and is on Facebook and YouTube if some of you fancy doing it with your family.  My highest score is 38/50 so far!


I started making phone calls again today to some of you which was wonderful.  It makes me realise how much I miss you all as today would normally have been where you all come back into class excited to see each other and chatting lots about Easter...and then I'd tell certain chatterboxes to find their seats, hehe :) 


I'm looking forward to hearing what the rest of you have been up to.  Remember, you can send in your work (it doesn't have to be school tasks) to the Home Learning email address to show me what you've been doing or they can be posted to Twitter @MissLomasWC or @WhiteCourtScho1 if your adults have an account.  I've loved spending time drawing over Easter and I've seen some excellent artwork from Ashleigh and Fraser on Twitter and drawings of Kylo Ren from Aidan.  Keep sending me your pictures :) 


Stay safe


Miss Lomas


A few of my drawings from over Easter

Friday 3rd April 

Hello 6L,


I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.  I can't believe we have had 2 weeks at home already; it has been very strange not actually seeing any of you.  I imagine, just like me, you are missing your friends but I hope you are all making the most of this situation we are all in.  It's a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and to learn new skills.  


I have created a Twitter account so, if your adults have Twitter, tag me in your posts @MissLomasWC.   I have already seen some fantastic artwork and cooking from Fraser and have seen Sam completing some Egyptian work.  If your adult doesn't have Twitter but has Internet access, they can e-mail with 6L in the heading and your work will find its way to me and I can share it on Twitter for the rest of our class to see.  I would love to see some of the things you've been up to. 


Yesterday, I started to ring some of you at home and it was wonderful to hear all the things you've been up to: bike rides, walks, cooking, golf, games, books you've read, films you've watched, face-time with friends and family, walking pets, artwork, lego technic and so much more!  You've all inspired me to try new things.  A few recommendations I am going to try over Easter are from Jaya (I am definitely going to make a white chocolate cheesecake), Bobby (I'll try my putting skills in the garden though a tutorial from you would be very helpful) and Joe (I now have Rocket League so hopefully I don't crash too many times).


This morning, I cleaned out our class fish tank.  They have settled in well and I can't believe how big the babies are getting! I'll attach a short clip of them below so you can see them - one of the guppies has a beautiful yellow tail forming. 


This afternoon, I will be ringing the rest of you.  I'm looking forward to speaking to you all and hearing all the exciting things you've been up to.  


Stay safe,

Miss Lomas

Still image for this video