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Miss Hughes' Turtles

To log on to Google Classroom you will need to enter your child's username with the school web address and their password which can be found on the list of passwords given out at the beginning of term.


Thursday 10th December

Good morning Year 2, 

There has been a change of instruction for out meeting. 

Step 1 - click on the 9 dots in the top right hand corner
Step 2 - click on the video camera
Step 3 - select 'use a meeting code' on the screen that appears
Step 4 - Type in your class name Otters or Turtles or Dolphins
Step 5 - This will start your meeting (you may need to click allow camera and microphone)
Step 6 - Select Join now and you will be let into the meeting by your class teacher.


See you soon!

Virtual Learning

Start date - Thursday 10th December


Staff have set work via PurpleMash and Mymaths for Wednesday 9th. Please log on to see the work set.


Working from home information

There will be a time table covering daily learning posted for each week.

The class teacher will be contactable via email (PurpleMash) daily between the hours of 9:00 and 12:00 then 13:00 till 15:00.

One piece of work will be marked daily and feedback given.

There will be 3 class meets a day.


Google Classroom Meeting at 10am.

                 This will be with the class teacher.

                 This will be daily (starting Thursday 10th)

                 It will last no longer than 20 minutes.

                 The teacher will explain the days tasks and answer any questions the children may have in regards to their                             learning.

                 This session may or may not lead into direct teaching. 


Google Classroom Meeting at 12:30 - 12:45

                 This session is for questions the children have about the work and is optional.

                  If there are no questions then there is no need to attend.


Google Classroom Meeting at 14:30

                  The class teacher will use this time to praise the children and read them a story.



We understand this may be a tricky time for families especially those with siblings in other years and those who have got to work from home whilst having the children at home. We want to reiterate how important it is for the children to continue learning where possible but please be reassured 'if the work isn't done, it isn't the end of the world' 


Mrs Cullen

Odd Sock Day!

Today the children wore odd socks to school in aid of anti-bullying week. We discussed as a class how we are all unique; like our odd socks. That despite being different, everyone should be treated equally.


Turtle Class

Hello Turtle Class, 


My name is Miss Hughes and I am going to be your new class teacher in September. I am very excited to get to know you all and have a turtally awesome year! 


On this page you will find some information about me and Mrs Ryan so you can get to know us a bit better before September. There will also be the transition activities for you to complete over the next two weeks and some information about our class. 


I will be calling you next week to say hello and introduce myself, I will also be sending you an email on Purple mash so keep your eyes peeled! Then during the last week of school, before we all go off for summer holidays. We will have a hello zoom, so I can start putting some names to faces. I am looking forward to seeing you all. 


If you have any questions please feel free to message me either on Purple Mash, via the home learning email or on Twitter @MissHughes_FSH and send me pictures of you doing your transitions activities. I would love to see them!


Love Miss Hughes xxx