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8th May 2020


Good morning Foundation, today is a special day, do you know why? Are you doing anything to celebrate? As well as VE day it's my little brothers birthday, I say little, he's A LOT taller than me! You can see in the picture of us together below. 

I loved speaking to you all on the phone this week, it has been great to hear what you have been up to, you all sound so grown up on the phone and I love hearing how confident you are when talking to me. 

I couldn't believe some of the story maps I have seen this week! You make me so proud. Your writing is looking fantastic, almost like Year One writing! Keep up the good work. 

As I write this I am sitting in my garden with a coffee (I finally decided to buy a coffee machine as I was missing Costa Coffee too much!) It is delicious - I am learning to make coffee's really well. What are you up to today? I would love to see some photos as they always make me smile. 

I have just decided to clean our water feature with fairy liquid and now it looks like I have a bubble bath in my garden! Can you see? Oh dear! 

This week, I have enjoyed working outside in the garden and I have loved spending time at my new allotment, it is so peaceful. Thank you so much Alban for the spoons, can you see I have put some in the ground? I cannot wait for the sweetcorn to grow, I love eating it straight off the husk, it is so tasty. 

My big brother got a new puppy yesterday, they are very excited as they have been waiting to get him for nearly a year! They have called him Bruce/Brucie. Can you spot him hiding? 


Have a wonderful day today FSD, I hope you spend it in the sunshine having lots of fun. 


Hopefully see you soon! 


Miss Duhig xx

1st May 2020


Happy Friday FSD! I hope you have had a wonderful week of learning, I have LOVED seeing all your pictures - it looks like you are still working very hard. 


I have really enjoyed phoning and hearing from you this week - I will be calling the rest of you today. It is so lovely to hear how confident you are on the phone, I cannot believe how much you all have to tell me. 


I have had a very busy week this week, I have been writing your reports ready for your family to read, making phone calls to you all and I have been doing some of my own maths learning so I can help teach you even more! 


Did you like the video of myself and the other teachers getting wet? We had lots of fun recording that for you. We will continue doing the funny videos so make sure to check them out on the website or the twitter page. It has been wonderful to see all the different learning on twitter, I love hearing about what everyone has been doing, your old Early Years teachers are on there to! They guessed some of your baby photos. 


As well as doing lots of work, I have also spent time at my grandads allotment. I want to thank Alban for my special gift, I am taking them to use over the weekend (hopefully when the sun is shining). 


I also want to thank Rhian for my beautiful crochet rainbow, it really makes me smile when I walk into my living room. 


Finally, I am very happy because the herbs I have planted have started growing! We use lots of herbs and spices in our cooking so wanted to grow our own. 


Have a wonderful weekend FSD and I will hopefully see you soon. 


Keep being superstars, we are all so incredibly proud of you. 



Miss Duhig xx

24th April 2020


Good evening Foundation, 


What a lovely sunny day it's been today. I have loved seeing all your photos this week - I am so amazed with how much fun you are having whilst home learning. Your mummies are doing a very good job at teaching! 


I have had a busy day doing some outside learning today, my grandy is a little poorly so I have taken control of his allotment; he has had it for 50 years! It was getting very messy so I had to tidy it all up and once I had done that I decided to plant some things (you can see the before and after photos below). I planted potatoes, strawberries, runner beans, gooseberries and sweetcorn! I am so excited to see how they grow. It has been so hot that my face is a little pink, even though I put suncream on! My great Auntie was also at the allotment so she taught me how to cut rhubarb - have you ever tried rhubarb? I love Rhubarb crumble! It's delicious. 


I have loved spending time outside and I have really enjoyed learning about different plants. Because of this, I have decided to plant my own herbs! We love to cook so was excited to grow our own - I can already see the shoots! 


Keep posting me photos, I LOVE seeing your learning, you make me so so proud. I will be calling you all again within the next few weeks so listen for your mummies phone! I cant wait to hear what you have been up to. 


Speak soon Foundation! Enjoy your weekend. 


Miss Duhig xx



20th April 2020


Foundation Stage! I hope you have had a wonderful and relaxing easter break. We have had the most perfect weather to enjoy getting out in the sunshine, I have loved being outside in my garden. I have also enjoyed going for a nice long walk each morning, I like to put my headphones in and listen to different podcasts. 

What have you been doing this easter holiday? I would love to hear from you! Perhaps you could write a diary entry (like this) and ask your mummies to post a picture of your wonderful writing. I look forward to reading what you have to say. 

I am missing you lots and I cannot wait for us all to play in the sunshine together! it shouldn't be too long now. 

Keep being superstars for your parents! 

Love Miss Duhig x

3rd April 2020

Good afternoon FSD, 


I have had a very busy day phoning lots of you again today, it has been so lovely hearing what you have all been up to and how much fun you are having at home. I am so impressed with the amount of learning choices I am seeing you do! It is finally EASTER so its time to switch off and spend some time with your family. That is what I will be doing.


This weekend it is supposed to be really sunny! So make sure you spend lots of time in the garden. We have decided to have a bbq as we love to cook outside! 


Take a look at my daily challenges and have a go over the easter break! But remember, Easter Time is to be spent having lots of fun! I cannot wait to see and hear about what fun you have had. 


I miss you all so much and cannot wait to see you all again soon! 


Stay safe and be good for your Mummies, Daddies and Grandma's!


Miss Duhig xx


2nd March 2020


Good Afternoon FSD, 


It has been wonderful hearing so many of you on the phone today - if I didn't call today I will be calling you tomorrow. I have loved hearing and seeing what you have been up to! It is great to see so many of your learning new skills! (building catapults, going on a scavenger hunt, number bonds to 20, polysyllabic words, reading, writing, building a zoo, baking, arts and crafts, building your own rocket and helping do chores around the house). I cannot believe what superstars you are all being, I am so proud of you all. It puts a huge smile on my face when I see photos of the learning choices you have been making. 


I have been busy in my garden today, the sun was so warm so I used that time to check if the plants, I have recently planted, have started growing. They have! One of my favourite plants is an allium (they are also purple too which is one of my favourite colours) I was so excited to see they have started to shoot! Look! 


After phoning lots of you I decided to go for a nice long walk with my mum and her dog. She is very big but vey gentle. She was my family dog when I was growing up! Her name is Nikita (she in an American Akita) and we rescued her when she was just a little puppy. 


I am going to go and do some of my own learning now Foundation! 


Speak to you tomorrow! 


Miss Duhig xx



30th February 2020


Good evening Foundation, 


I hope you have had a good day today, I have loved seeing your learning, please keep sharing photos! Because you have all been working so hard on your learning I have also decided to do some of my own. So, today, I have learnt all about child Psychology which is something I am very passionate about. Just like your favourite lesson might be maths or pe, I love to learn about psychology (I studied it at university). Anyway, Psychology is all about understanding our mind and behaviour! It is very interesting so, today, I did an online course all about child psychology - I love learning new things and being challenged. 


I also woke up feeling a little bit sleepy today so I decided to go for a run - I have set myself a challenge to become a good runner. Have you set yourself a new challenge? If so I would love to hear about it. 


After my run I went into school, it was incredibly quiet without you all! I have brought your journals home to start thinking about writing your reports! I cant wait to write and tell your parents what superstars you've all been and what fun we have had so far. 


Stay safe and have a great day tomorrow! I cannot wait to hear all about it. Please check back here tomorrow for my diary entry, I am going to write to you everyday. 


See you soon


Miss Duhig xx