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Miss Drury's Diary

Hello Class 1D

Hope you are all well.I just wanted to say thank you for all your kind gifts. I hope you have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you in September.

Mrs Harper xx



Thank you so much for your kind gifts. We hope you have a great summer and cannot wait to see you all after the holidays! 


Miss Drury x

Hello 1D! 

I hope you are enjoying your transition week with Mrs Cullen!


I have been busy putting all of your photos together to create your class photo! I have attached it as a pdf so you can see! Thank you to everyone who sent me their photo. 


Take Care

Miss Drury

Monday 6th July

Hello 1D!

How are you all? I hope you all had a great weekend!


This week you have lots of different transition activities on your new class page!.  You are going to make brilliant otters!

Mrs Cullen has put up lots of different transition activities to get to know you all and she is going to ring you all over the next 2 weeks to introduce herself. 

I have loved reading the letters you wrote last week about your time in year 1. Thank you to Ava, Tegan, Thomas for sending me your work. I loved seeing the work Katy put on Twitter and all the fun that Dylan has been having during lockdown. 

Thank you for your photos for the class photo! Cant wait to show you all it looks brilliant. I am still waiting for a few more so don't forget to send it in.


I hope you have a great week. 

Love Miss Drury

Hello 1D, 


Thank you so so much for our zoom call today. I can tell how happy you were to see all of your friends because you ALL had huge smiles! Here are the photos as promised of you all together on our farewell zoom!


Please do not forget it is virtual sports day tomorrow and we want to see you all taking part sending us lots of videos! Have a great day... see the link below where you will find all of the videos and information!


Wednesday 24th June 


Good Morning 1D,

Hope you are all well. I have been busy planning an exciting week for us next week with Mrs Goodwin and Miss Stead! 

We are going to have lots of fun activities for you to complete.

In class we always had a book voting system for the afternoon so I thought it would be nice to let you choose from 2 books and I will read it to you and post a video. Just like we would do at school- some story time!

Please can you vote for the story you would like to hear. You can either vote on Twitter or respond to my email on purple mash. Please make sure you have voted by Monday afternoon (the 30th June) otherwise it will be too late!


I hope you are all looking forward to your Pirate Day on Friday! I will be dressing up at school and will be sure to post a picture of some of the Year 1 Team for you to see!


I have loved seeing Gabriela's, Williams, Tegan's and Matthews pictures being sent to me. If you have'nt checked your Purple Mash please do as there is an email waiting for you! I will aim to reply within the next week :)   


Have a great day in the glorious sunshine! 


Miss Drury x     

Pirate Story!

Still image for this video

Monday 22nd June 

Good Morning 1D, 


I hope you are all OK and had a fantastic weekend!


I have emailed all of you on Purple Mash. This will be my main way of communicating with you for the last few weeks of term!


This week I am going to be busy getting videos together of lots of different Sports Day Videos for our virtual sports day on the 1st July. Look out for these on the home learning page next week under the tab Virtual Sports Day. 


There are also some great resources to stay active on the Active Essex Website!

This week is National Sports Week! 



The link below will take you to lots of different videos for every day this week! Have a go and let me know what you think. 


Keep your eyes peeled for story time this week where I will be reading a Pirate themed story for you all!


Have a great day everyone! 

Miss Drury xx

Tuesday 16th June


Hello Year 1, 


How are you all?

I have responded to some of you on Purple Mash today so keep a look out on your emails. I will be contacted some of you on there today. 

I have been busy planning lots of fun things with Mrs Goodwin for our Pirate Day! 

Don't forget it is on the 26th June. Make sure you dress up as a pirate! I can't wait to see your outfits. 


Today's challenge- can you have a go at the challenge below! A fun and exciting Science Experiment- make sure you do this with an adult. 



Friday 12th June


Hello 1D, 


I hope you have had an excellent week! It has been brilliant to see some of your learning on Twitter. 

I have been in school for 2 days this week. It has been so lovely to see some children. We have had fun completing the home learning in school! All of the children say a BIG hello to the children who are learning at home. I will try and call some more of you next  week, sorry if I haven't been able to speak to you this week.  


I have seen Mrs Harper too she is missing you all lots too! She also gives you a big wave!


It was Tilly's 1st birthday on Wednesday! She was very lucky and had lots of treats and even wore a party hat! (see photo below). 


I hope you have a great weekend! I am hoping the sunshine comes out for you all to enjoy!


Take Care


Miss Drury x      


Tuesday 9th June


Good afternoon 1D, 


I hope you are all well! It has been great to speak to some more of you this week and see your amazing learning being sent to me on the home learning email and on Twitter! I spoke to Ben today over the phone who was 6 yesterday! He old me how he had a HUGE ice cream from the ice cream man that came to his house specially. I loved receiving an email from Tegan who has been extremely busy! She has been taking Flat Miss Drury and Flat Miss Drury on all of her adventures. Keep the pictures coming! 

At the weekend, I went for a socially distanced walk around White Court and I spotted a couple of familiar faces which made my day!  I saw Matthew with his family at the discovery center on their bikes but not sure if they saw me!  I also saw Ava and her family and had a lovely chat. It made my day! 


I miss you all lots but will see you some of you on Thursday! I will show you some pictures of my recent crochet project very soon! I am just finishing it. 

How exciting that you have found out that Mrs Cullen will be your new teacher in Year 2. I know she is very eager to get to know you all more. Make sure you follow her on Twitter. 

Have a great week and I shall speak to you Friday once I have been into school.  

Take Care!

Miss Drury x    

Following the tragic news surrounding this week, we at White Court feel it is important to have informative discussions surrounding diversity and equality.   As teachers we have put together some resources and books which we feel will enable us to reflect and educate ourselves about this in an age appropriate way. Please use these resources at your own discretion. 


All Are Welcome By: Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman 


I Am Enough- Grace Byers


A Rainbow of  Friends- P.K Hallinan



2 other books which do not have links are:

Little Leaders: Exceptional Men in Black History- Vashti Harrison  


Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History- Vashti Harrison 


Thursday 4th June


Hello 1D, 


Hope you are all OK. Where has the sunshine gone?! Hopefully it will come out soon so you can get back in your paddling pools!


I have loved hearing and seeing the adventures Flat Miss Drury and Flat Mrs Harper have been on. We have been to the beach, helped check sunflowers with William, building Lego with Ruby, playing tennis with Richard! I wonder what else we will get up to.

I loved seeing photos from Eloise on the home learing email. It was great to see your floating and sinking science experiment.


Well done to all of you working super hard! 

I hope you are enjoying our Pirate Topic. Your challenge today is to make up a pirate joke! 

Send it to me via the home learning or on Twitter. 


I have some breaking news.. Tilly is in Miss Drury's bad books! She has eaten ALL of the sunflowers I have planted so I can't update you on the progress! See photo below for evidence!

How are your sunflowers doing?


Take care

Miss Drury xx

Eaten sunflowers!

Tuesday 2nd June 


Hello 1D, 


I hope you had a fantastic half term and a lovely break from learning. It was such beaitiful weather! I hope you all enjoyed lost of time with you family in the garden. 


By now most of you would have recieved your Flat Miss Drury and Flat Mrs Harper. We are so excited to go on all the adventures with you. Don't forget to send us your photos through the home learning website and post on Twitter. We love to see what you are up to. 


Your challenge today is to see how tall your sunflower has grown. Can you measure it using a ruler and let me know! 


I have been in school preparing for when some of you come back! I can't wait to see some of you soon. 


Take Care

Miss Drury

Friday 20th May

Hello Year 1,

I hope you have an amazing half term! I will be sending you a little something through the post for you all so keep your eyes peeled for something coming through your letter box! 


Make sure you get some well deserved rest over half term! Mrs Ball will be posting lots of well being activities over the half term on the website on the PSHE page. Make sure you have a look on there if you do want to complete anything over half term. 


Take Care!

Miss Drury  


Friday 22nd May


Hello again Class 1D!

How have you all been in the last couple of weeks? I can see from twitter and speaking to Miss Drury that you are all getting on so well with your home learning. Great maths work with fractions using Pizzas, and direction work and I’ve seen some lovely writing too!

I went for my walk round to the school, it made my day seeing so many of your portraits on the fence!
Hope all your sunflowers are growing tall and you are remembering to water them!

I’ve been doing some home learning, I have completed a few online courses on the computer. Ive been having lots of DEAR time and have read 3 books! I have been enjoying the sunshine this week and been trying to keep fit. I also had a video call the other day with the year one teachers and Lsa’s it was lovely seeing and chatting to them.

I hope you all have a lovely half term, have fun!

Take care
Mrs Harper

Wednesday 20th May


Good afternoon 1D,

I miss hearing you all saying good afternoon during the register and have missed seeing you more than ever this week. I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine! I have managed to have some time outside today making some phone calls to some of you. It has been lovely to speak to you all. I would all like you to have a go at completing Mrs Ball's well being activity today! She has asked you to colour in a piece of kitchen roll and go over the pattern carefully in different colours. 

I am still crocheting in the evening to keep my mind busy. I have nearly finish a blanket for my friend who is having a baby girl soon! I will show you a picture later in the week for you to see. I hope your sunflowers are growing well. Make sure you are still watering them. I wonder whether you can  measure how tall they are now and let me know. I will measure mine too and let you know on Friday!


I hope you have a great week. Well done to Gabby, Richard, Eloise and Katy for sending me some great videos of your maths this week so far!


Take Care

Miss Drury x

Friday 15th May

Hello 1D, 


I hope you are all ok and enjoying the sunshine today! It has been a busy busy week with lots of home learning activities planned as well as some phone calls to you all! I have spoken to Richard (and saw him at the gate when I was in school which was a lovely surprise). Ava told me all about her growing- by the way I loved your pretzel picture. I hope you saved me one! I also spoke to Laila and Macy who told me about their adventures and plans for outside and Jessica has been being so helpful as her poor sister has a poorly hand! Tegan spoke to me all about her wonderful crafts and rocket making and Katy told me how well she has been getting on with her home learning. I am so so so proud of you all. You are making me smile so much with all the work you have been uploading!


I have been in school this week a couple of times and it has made me smile so much seeing all of your drawings on the fence hand in hand. 


My sunflowers are growing nicely! They have now been potted into seperate pots and I am very excited to see how tall they grow. You have all been doing some fantastic growing. I was pleased to hear some of you are even planting tomatoes! 


Your challenge today is to have some DEAR time (drop everything and read). Can you spend 10 minutes reading your favourite book. This is some time to relax and really enjoy yourself and become engrossed in a book. I bet you even spend longer than 10 minutes!      


I hope you all have a great weekend. I will share some photos of my sunflowers with you below :)


Miss Drury xx 

Monday 11th May


Good afternoon 1D. I hope you had a lovely  bank holiday weekend and enjoyed celebrating VE day. 


I saw that some of you had completed my challenge. Ruby, I loved your video of you and your sister on the bike and it was fantastic to recieve pictures from Tegan about her walk to school. Well done girls! 

I completed my challenge. I walked early on Saturday morning before it was too hot for Tilly. We walked from my house in Heybridge all the way to Heybridge basin and along the sea walk. It was beautiful and sunny and I managed to walk 8km. I then took a shorter walk on Sunday which was 6km. Can anyone add up my two walks? How far did I walk? Did I meet the challenge. 

I will post a photo below so you can see me and Tilly! 


Have a great week. 

Take Care

Miss Drury 

Thursday 7th May


Good Afternoon 1D, 

I hope you have had a great week. I have loved seeing all of your work this week. It has been brilliant to see Richard cutting the grass and Eloise and Gabby exploring fractions through food. 

You may have seen a couple of challenges I have set on Twitter. If you haven't make sure you have a look. 


I have been busy writing your school reports and it brings a smile to my face when I write about every single one of you! 

This morning I went for a run and managed to run 10km! I have been trying to run a little more and I am proud as last week I could only do just over 5km.

So your challenge today is linked to distance!

Over the bank holiday weekend I want to see if you can walk/run/cycle 10km. This doesn't have to be in one go as I know some of you only have little legs. It can be over the course of the bank holiday. Can you record each day how far you have walked/cycled/ran and add up the total? You could also plan which routes you will take with a grown up. Try and explore places you haven't been before in your local area! 


I will do this challenge with you and share some photos from my walk that I did! I have some beautiful views where I live and I won't forget to show you Tilly! 


Have a lovely bank holiday. Hopefully some of you will be celebrating VE day tomorrow too! 

I am planning on having a BBQ in the sun.


Take care and I will speak to you next week. 


Miss Drury 

Wednesday 6th May 


Hello class 1D! 

Hope you are all ok and staying safe and well. I hope you are enjoying spending time with your families.

I can see that you have been learning about Mabel’s Magic Garden and choosing to draw a picture of your favourite part of the story. Also, I hear that some of you have been growing sunflowers seeds! Who’s will grow the tallest?

I am keeping busy with my family, I am particularly enjoying our daily walks in the countryside. The weather has been beautiful so we have also been spending lots of time in the garden. 

Miss Drury mentioned to you in her daily diary about the portraits we are all drawing to go on the fence outside school. I wonder if any of you can spot my portrait when you go past the school. I’m going to go for a walk later to have a look. Who’s portrait will I see!?

Have a good week, enjoy the sunshine.

Take care

Mrs Harper x

Monday 4th May


Good afternoon 1D! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great day of home learning today. I had a lovely relaxing weekend crocheting and walking Tilly. She is being much better behaved but is still chewing my house to bits! 


Last week you were given the task of planting a sunflower so I completed this task at the weekend and it was so lovely to get out in the garden. I have attached some pictures that show you step by step how I did it. I hope you all enjoyed planting yours. I cannot wait to see how tall they grow! Maybe we can have a competition?







I set you with the task of creating a banner for the NHS and entering the competition I posted on our class page. Did anyone complete it? I would love to see yours! Mrs Burrell has sent out a newsletter that has a great challenge 'hand in hand' on where we plan to have all the children and adults surrounding the fence so you can still walk around school and feel part of our brilliant community! I have drawn mine. Hopefully you will see it there soon. Keep your eyes peeled!


Thank you to the children who have been sharing their learning. Gabriela I loved your video this morning and I loved seeing Richard complete his maths with tasty treats! Katy has also been sharing some great learning on twitter and I cannot wait to see her PE circuit this week as promised. It would be amazing to see you completing the workout with me on my part of the video (it is on Wednesday's page), I love seeing them it makes me smile so much! 


Remember you are all being so amazing learning at home! Keep a big smile on your face. If you are feeling a little bit down then try out some yoga or mindfulness colouring. Mrs Ball (you can find her on Twitter) is posting a well being idea every single day in May and these are all ideas you can complete at home with family or over facetime with friends. 


I will be continuing to ring some of you this week so don't panic if you haven't heard from me yet! I spoke to Grace today and she was soooooo excited! We had a lovely chat over the phone.

Take Care and we will speak later this week!


Miss Drury x