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Miss Drury's Daily Diary

Friday 1st May!


Hello 1D! 

Can you believe it is the 1st May! It is a very strange time for us all but I hope you are all well. I am going to be writing on her a couple of times a week or when I have something exciting to tell you! 


So what have I been up to this week?

The weather has not been brilliant but I have enjoyed lots of long walks with Tilly! I have been very bust crocheting bandandas for Tilly, Reggie (Mr Pryke's dog) and Bodie (Mrs Latchford's dog). I can't wait to show you what they look like when I am finished with them all. 

I have had some lovely zoom calls with the teachers this week to discuss how we can make your home learning even better and I have had some great conversations with some of you. Don't worry if I haven't spoken to you yet this week I will next week! I hope you are keeping busy and enjoying some of the exciting things we have been giving you to do. 


A big big big well done to Ava for your fantastic story this week. It was a pleasure to read- I am so impressed with your beautiful cursive handwriting. I have also loved hearing about your practical Maths over the phone and that my videos are helping some of you! 


Watch this space for a PE lesson from the year one teachers...


I have a challenge for you and it is a competition...



We're looking for students to design a banner which thanks and shows support to the NHS and key workers, for their dedication and hard work during this pandemic. 

We'll pick 5 winners, who will have their artwork recreated by our talented designers and printed on to a big 3x1m banner for you to proudly attach to your school gates! 

To enter, your students simply need to take a photograph of their completed worksheet and email it to alongside their full name, age and details of their school

I will attach the template for you on this page. 

I am also going to choose the best one from our class and send someone a prize! Please send them to me by Twitter or home learning email and make sure you send to the email below so they see it too. 


Have a great weekend!

Miss Drury x

NHS Banner Competition

Tuesday 28th April 


Hello Everyone,


Hope you have enjoyed your home learning today. I have been ringing some of you today to give you log in for the maths website sumdog. This has lots of great maths games and ideas you can complete. I have attached some information above to help you. I will be ringing you all this week to give you your log ins. Looking forward to speaking to you soon! 


Some great videos and pictures have been sent to me today. Keep them coming!

Take Care


Miss Drury  


Monday 27th April


Hello 1D! 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed some sunshine. I have loved seeing everything you have been up to on Twitter and the home learning website. Well done to Katy, Artur and Richard for your fantastic work today. I also loved seeing Tegan's picture of Mabel's Magical Garden. I am so glad you are all enjoying the home learning and working hard. 


Today I took my dog Tilly on a long walk to get some fresh air. We walked past some lovely fields and I found a field full of bluebells. I will take a picture next time so you can see how beautiful it is! Your challenge today is to write someone a letter, draw them a picture or even give them a phone call. During this time we are all missing out family and friends and it is lovely to cheer someone up! My neighbour drew me a lovely picture of my dog and posted it through my door. Thank you Artur for giving me this idea for today as I saw you were writing letters to a pen pal on Twitter. I would love to see your challenge and hear about what you did to cheer someone up, who you wrote to or spoke to over the phone/facetime. 


Take Care

Miss Drury

Friday 24th April

Good Afternoon Year 1, 

I hope you are all well and are enjoying the sunshine with your families! 

Above you can see the photo of my crochet rainbow that I have hung in my window (it seems I have had a lot of time to learn and practise my new skill).

Your challenge today is to make me a rainbow to put a smile on my face. I hope my rainbow made you smile! It can be any rainbow made from anything. Use your imagination. 

I hope you have a great weekend! 

Stay safe.

Miss Drury x

Thursday 23rd April

Still image for this video
Sorry I have been quiet the last 2 days! I have been enjoying time at school with the children celebrating the Queens 94th Birthday! Wish you could have joined us. However, here is today's challenge! Let me know how you get on!

Take Care
Miss Drury

Tuesday 21st April


Hello Everyone, 


I hope you've had a great day and enjoyed the sunshine! Today I have been working lots from home but did enjoy some sunshine when walking my dog. 


I thought you may want to see me and Tilly again so I have added a photo for you. 

Make sure you look out for a special message that will be on our home learning page and Twitter! It is very exciting. 


It has been great to see lots of your home learning on Twitter, especially your practical Maths. Well done to you all!

Take Care

Miss Drury 

Monday 20th April

Hello class 1D! 

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and you got lots of chocolate! I had a relaxing break and spending lots of time at home catching up on jobs!


I had some lovely conversations with Ava, Teddy, Poppie, Eloise and Gabriela. Ava read me a beautiful poem about friends from Mrs Burrell's challenge which put a big smile on my face. 

I wanted to also update you on my new skill. I have actually learnt to crochet and I have made a blanket for my niece. Here is the finished blanket below...

I am now starting another blanket and waiting for some rainbow coloured wool to come to start my NHS rainbows to hang in windows. I will show you them once I have made them! How are your new skills going? Have you learnt anything new? If not I challenge you to!

Have a great day. I will speak to you tomorrow where I have a challenge ready and waiting. 

Take Care

Miss Drury 

Friday 3rd April


Good afternoon everyone!

Well done for completing 2 weeks of home learning. It has flown by. I am so so so proud of you all and so pleased that you are continuing your learning at home with your families. It has been great to speak to some of you today. I had a lovely chat with William (he made me laugh lots), I also spoke to Richard (well Richard's mummy- Richard was feeling a bit quiet today), Laila, Oriana, Matthew, Tegan and Ben. They all said how much they are missing you. Laila told me how much she is missing Alfie and posted him a letter through his door. A great way to stay safe but spread happiness and keep in contact. If I haven't got round to ringing you and you are waiting for a phone call I will be ringing again after the Easter break to make sure you are all ok. 


I hope you all have a great Easter, time to switch off from home learning and enjoy being with your family doing lot's of Easter things! Eating chocolate is my favoruite part! I hope the Easter bunny visits all of you and brings you lots of treats and eggs. 


You challenge today and over the Easter break is to just enjoy yourselves do things that make you and your family smile. 


Have a fantastic Easter everyone!

Take Care

Miss Drury       


Thursday 2nd April

Good afternoon 1D,

I hope you have all had a great day! I have been busy phoning some of you today. It was great to speak to Lottie, Maya, Dylan and Macy! I am so glad that you are enjoying all the home learning tasks and challenges. Well done to the children who completed them. I loved your  Den Richard! It was also great to hear from Eloise through the home learning email. 

I wanted to update you on my challenge of learning a new skill whilst I have been at home. I let you some of you know on Twitter that I was going to teach myself how to crochet. I have started and wanted to share my photos as I go along. It is going to be a blanket (I hope) but I am going to keep on trying and have a growth mindset! I know it is going to challenge me but I can't wait to show you all when we are back at school. What new skill are you going to learn? I would love to see videos and photos!



Today's challenge is to solve these riddles...

What is full of holes but still holds water?


When children build me

they have lots of fun,

but I melt away quickly 

in the hot sun.

What am I?


Have a great day tomorrow!

Take Care

Miss Drury x





Hello 1D, 


I hope you have all had a fantastic day. I have had great fun making my den today to read a book in. I hope you did too. I spent this afternoon speaking to some of your friends over the phone. It was great to hear from Elliott, Katy and Charlotte. I will be phoning some more of you tomorrow. It was great to hear some of your voices and find  out what you are up to. Thank you to Gabriela for sending in photos to the home learning email address and to Artur, Richard and Katy for their lovely work photos on Twitter. I set the challenge last week to learn a new skill and it is great to now know that Artur has learnt to skip. I wonder what your new skills you will learn over this exciting home learning experience. 


Keep sending me your photos! 

Have a great day tomorrow and I will speak to you then!


Miss Drury

Home Learning Challenge!

Wednesday 1st April

Still image for this video
Miss Drury's Daily Challenge

Tuesday 31st March

Hello 1D!

I hope you have had a great first week learning at home. Some of you may have seen my post on the website last week. I will now be talking to you through this page our on class website every single day to keep in touch with you all!

I am loving all of the exciting things you are doing at home. I really enjoy seeing all of your photos so please keep sending them or tagging me on twitter.  It has been great to see the new skills you have learnt.  I will keep trying to post things that I know you might all like to see or do with your families J.  

If you do not have me on twitter already then follow me- @MissDrury1

I have been keeping busy working from home thinking of lots of fun things you can do at home and posting these on the website. I have had some time to do some baking and cooking which I really enjoy. Today I made banana bread.

I will also be posting a Daily Challenge that you can complete if you want to. I will make them lots of fun and you can post photos to Twitter to show me, make sure you remember to tag me! Don’t worry if you do not have Twitter- you can send them to the email Mrs Burrell gave you if you want me to see any of your brilliant work.

Your challenge today is to create a ‘happy’ picture to put in your window. Some ideas- rainbows, your favourite place, your favourite toy or a smiley face. When going on your daily walk/exercise you could count how many you can see! Have fun 1D.

Take Care

Miss Drury