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Miss Castleman's Daily Diary

Friday 24th April 

So today, I have to admit, has been a work in my pyjama day but sometimes I think it's good to stay cosy when you're not feeling yourself. I have spent the day on my laptop doing school work and continuing my lovely phone calls to you: Anastasia, Logan and Grace I got to have a chat with you guys today. Anastasia always responds to a call from me with a very loud 'OH NO' haha and I have to keep reminding her she's not in trouble. Grace told me all the wonderful things she has been getting up to out in the glorious sunshine and the only word I got out of Logan was 'OK' haha. 

Well, I'm looking forward to all the activities, challenges and tasks you may have in store for me next week. If anyone speaks to John, Luca, Jake, Yinny, Dakota or Elissa please let them know about the this so they can have a think about it over the weekend. 

I won't be updating the diary over the weekend so please continue to enjoy the sunshine and I'll be back on, on Monday. 

Miss C 

Thursday 23rd April 

Hey guys, 

So today has been much of the same - started the day with another bootcamp session and this time it was LIVE so I had nowhere to hide, Miss Smithson is also part of my bootcamp group so was lovely to see her working out just as hard as me. 

Following that, I rang a few more of you: Charlotte, Toby, Carlin, Enya, Freya, Gabriella and George (I spoke to his mum) it was great to catch up with you all. I found out even more of you have been baking - you'll all be able to apply to 'Junior Bake Off' at this rate. Carlin told me he hasn't been doing any baking, his sister has been baking he has been eating haha! 

The rest of the day was work, work, work, even us teachers have home learning! I am now going to stop for the day, read some more of my book (I'm on book 2!!) and have some dinner.  

I hope you all got to enjoy a bit of that amazing sunshine today. Who completed an obstacle course (today's P.E. lesson)? Let me know on Twitter if you can @CastlemanMiss 

I only have a few more of you to ring tomorrow but can't wait to hear what you have been up to. 

Miss C 

Wednesday 22nd April 

Hey 6C, 

Another busy, busy day for me. Started it off with another bootcamp session followed by another run (if it wasn't for all the eating I've been doing I could give Usain Bolt a run for his money haha). Then I got on and rang a few more of you: Martha, Amy, Connor, Eva, Harry, Tom and Molly - thank you for taking the time to chat to me today. I especially enjoyed Martha's funny story about her brother - MUM!!!! haha

I then continued with some more report writing and read some more Harry Potter (I only have 2 chapters left of the first book, do we think I can read all 7 before lockdown ends?)

As some of you know, I love candles so have 2 large lanterns in my living room so I also gave them a good clean out. One of my candles has melted into a weird shape - see below.

Over the last couple of days some of my friends have sent me little surprises in the post (see pic below of an example from some of the teachers at school) and it really, really made me smile. Your task on Friday is to send a letter to a family member or friend. Perhaps you can send them a little surprise to make them smile: perhaps a bookmark, friendship bracelet etc that you have made and can include in the envelope. 

Anyway, that's all from me - hopefully will chat to a few more of you tomorrow. 

Miss C 

Tuesday 21st April 

Hello 6C, 

Hope you are all well and back into some sort of routine now that home learning has started. Please don't feel pressured to do it all but keeping your minds active will really benefit you in this weird time we are all in. Hope you enjoyed pulling plants apart today :) 

I have been quite busy today, started it off with a bootcamp session and a quick sprint around the field behind my home. Then I gave some of you a quick ring - Alfie, Harrison, Louie, Ellessia, Thomas, Imogen and Carter it was lovely catching up with you all. Nice to hear some of you have learned new skills and lots of you are baking. Louie tells me his new skill is getting better at the Playstation haha. 

I have also had a Zoom call with the Year 6 Team: Mr Pruce, Miss Lomas, Mrs Perry and Mrs Bartlett. It was so nice to see them all and Mr Pruce looks soooo different after cutting all his hair off!! 

After lunch, I have got on with some school report writing (dun dun dun) and read some more chapters from Harry Potter with many, many cups of tea. 

Well can't wait to speak to some more of you tomorrow. Hope you have a good evening. 

Miss C  


Monday 20th April 

Hi 6C, 

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter despite having to stay at home and more importantly you ate lots and lots of chocolate. I have been a little bit quiet over the Easter holiday as unfortunately one of my family members passed away. As you can imagine this has made me quite sad. However, I have been trying to keep my mind busy by cleaning ( I know that's boring to lots of you haha), keeping fit and re-reading Harry Potter - Elissa, Anastasia and Amy I know you will be loving this!! 

I have really enjoyed seeing what you have got up to on Twitter - I have seen Toby's art work, Freya doing some home learning and lots from Harry - so keep it coming; it really cheers me up.Also, please send anything to the home learning e-mail that you would like me to see and make sure you say it's for Miss Castleman.  

Hope you are all enjoying the home learning, I know it's not the same as having 'the best teacher ever' but we've tried to make it as engaging as possible. 

I will be ringing you all again this week so if you have any suggestions as to what I can do to keep myself busy please let me know. 

Miss you all so much - yes all of you :) 

Miss Castleman