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Homework: set on a Friday and due in the following Tuesday

Homework is set on a Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.

There will be a range of English and Maths tasks.


Homework should be a 20 minutes task.

Please encourage independence and focus during this time.


Topic grids are sent home termly - 2 projects are to be completed by the children over the term to the best of their ability.

Homework – 31.01.20


Spellings: This week we have been working on the ‘sh’ sound that looks like the ‘ch’ sound.

Please review the list of the words we need to learn, create a poster including each word for the ‘sh’ sound that looks like a ‘ch’. 


Math: Next week we will be looking at money. For homework can you explore the different coins at your home? Try adding and giving change. Write down the calculations that you do. 


Timetables: please continue to practice your xtables. 

Homework 24.01.20


Spellings: This week we have been working on apostrophes for contraction. Could you please re-write the following sentences replacing words that need it with apostrophes for contraction?  


I did not want to walk the dog.

I will not go to the park today.

I have not seen the new frozen film. 

I should not play today as I am unwell.


English: in English we have been finding out how to write instructions, making sure we use our imperative verbs and prepositions. Please write detailed instructions for making a cheese toasty or a recipe of your choice. 


Timetables: please continue to practice your xtables.