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Thursday 2nd September

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

Owl Babies

Talk about how Sarah, Percy and Bill felt when their mum left them, how did they feel when their mum wasn't there and how did they feel when she came back? 


Talk about families, who is in their family? Who is in your family? How many in their family? How many people in your family?


Can you create and make your own owl?

What tools could you use to make your owl? You could use crafts, paint, pencils, anything! You could even make a 3D model.


Show us what you have created on the afternoon live session! 

Phonic Game with Miss Kelly


Listen to the animal noise - can you guess what animal is making that noise? Can you make the same noise? 

Watch the video below and play along with Miss Kelly. 

Phonics with Miss Kelly

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Listening Game - Phase 1 Phonics - Listening and Attention Skills

PE with Christian 


Watch the video below and play a fun game with our Sports Coach Christian!

Eyfs ks1

Cool down

Sing and Sign with Miss Parish 

Watch the video below and join in with Miss Parish's singing and sign nursery rhyme! 

Sing and sing session 1

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Friday 3rd September

Owl Babies 


Who is in your family? Who lives in your house? Can you draw a picture of your family to share at the live session this afternoon? 


Please keep the picture and bring it in to school with you! We would love to share these in class.


Questions to think about...


How do you think the babies felt when mummy left? Why did she leave them?


What did the owls do to help each other?


Who makes up the owl baby family?


Sarah, Percy and bill are brothers and sisters… do you have any brothers or sisters? They are your siblings. Are your siblings older or younger, are they bigger or smaller? Do they look like you?


The owl babies look like their mummy – do you look like your mummy? Do you look like anyone in your family?


What colour eyes do you have? Hair? Do you have the same colour as anyone in your family?


In the story ‘Owl Babies’, the babies’ mother goes hunting to get food to feed the babies. The babies take care of each other when they are scared. How does your family take care of you? How do you take care of your family?





Treasure Hunt with Miss Wallis!

Watch the video below and go around your house on a treasure hunt! What will Miss Wallis ask you to find? Something you love, something smelly, something that makes you happy, something soft..... 


Draw a picture of all the items you found and share with us at the live afternoon session.

Treasure Hunt with Miss Wallis

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Sing and Sign a Nursery Rhyme with Miss Parish! 

Watch the video below to sing along and learn the actions. 

Sing and Sign session two

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