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18.12.20 Foundation Stage Home Learning 

Today’s learning choices: 

*Dance and sing to Christmas songs. 

*Go for a winter walk. 

*Create a Christmas picture using chalk, pens, paints, colouring pencils. 

*Write a letter or Christmas card just like in the story ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’. Watch Mrs Goodwin’s video to listen to the story and Miss Kelly’s video to listen to an explanation of the activity to do linked to the story. 

*Make bunting or paper chains to decorate your house for Christmas. 

*Complete a Christmas craft. 

*Decorate biscuits or cupcakes. 

*Watch a Christmas DVD whilst wearing your pyjamas. 

*Play a Christmas game.

*Cosmic Kids Christmas yoga.

*Can you find a Christmas object that is ...






(Watch Miss Duhig’s video to play her game)


The Jolly Christmas Postman

Still image for this video

The special cards and games from The Jolly Christmas Postman

Can you write a letter?

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Christmas Hunt

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Miss Duhig's daily learning choices

- Go on a Winter Walk - what can you see? What do you notice? 

- play your favourite game with your family

- Play a board game

- Do yoga 

- Write a letter to someone you love 

- Draw a picture

- Can you fill a piece of paper with your fingerprints? How many different colours can you use?

- Find a wall. How many arm pushes can you do in a minute? 

- Can you fill a cup with water? Can you fill two cups? Do they hold the same amount of water? 

- Look at some ice carefully. What can you see inside? Can you find a way to melt the ice? 

- How many different ways can you time one minute?

- Can you build a tower of blocks as tall as you? How can you make it balance? 

- Choose 20 blocks and build a model. Can you use the same blocks to build a different model?

- Can you draw your house? Can you label the picture? 

- Can you draw your family? Who is special to you? Why are they special?

- Can you write your name, use a different colour for each letter

- Choose a new book to read. Stop reading in the middle of the story. Can you guess what will happen at the end? Were you right? 

- Can you create your own story? Who are your characters? Where do they live? Retell the story to your family. 

- Facetime/phone a family member that you haven't spoken to for a while. 

- Play a game with your grown-up. Ask your grown-up to read a sound to you. Can you write the sound down? You could use different colours. 

- Look at the things around the room. Can you spot any words that begin with any of the sounds you have learnt? Can you hear the sound they end with too? Try writing some of them down. 

- Go on a number hunt around your house - what numbers have you found? What is the biggest number you have found? 

- Can you look in a book and find any of these words? Which words did you spot the most times? 

 he she we me be you all are her was they my