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Miss Duhig - Class Teacher

Mrs Price - Class Learning Support Assistant


FSD, Myself and Mrs Price just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you all. Already this year you have worked incredibly hard. It was only a few months ago you walked into the classroom, many of you were scared, some of you cried and didn't want to stay. Yet, you stayed. I held your hand while you said goodbye to your family and we sat together on the carpet. In our time together, you have already learnt what it means to sit in a circle, walk in a line, hold a pencil, use scissors, zip up your coat, and be part of a group. You are learning how to read, become mathematicians, scientist, explorers and more. You have learnt what it means to be a friend, play with others, take turns and work through your problems with patience. You smile, laugh and sometimes cry, not all of our days are easy, but everyday is filled with learning, excitement and happiness.


Carry on with your learning, have fun, keep healthy and we will see you soon. We cannot wait to share all the learning you have done at home! We are so proud of you. 


Miss Duhig and Mrs Price xx


Dates for your diary                                                                 

Stay and Play - Wednesday 4th March @ 9.30-10.15                                          

Parents' Evening - Wednesday 11th/ Thursday 12th March                          

Stay and Play - Thursday 2nd April @ 9.30-10.15

Class Photos - Tuesday 19th May 

Class Turnaround (meet your new teacher) Monday 13th July 

Open Evening Tuesday 14th July


FOWS Events

Spring Disco - Friday 7th February 

Mothers Day Secret Shopper - Wednesday 18th March 

Easter Egg Hunt - Monday 30th March 

Inflatables Day - Friday 22nd May 

Fathers Day Secret Shopper - Wednesday 17th June 

Summer Fete - Saturday 4th July 

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