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Friday 5th June


How are you all?  I hope you all had a great half term and enjoyed the weather, it is not so great today! 

I was in school yesterday teaching the Key Stage 2 key worker children, it was so lovely to be back at work and spend some time with people that are not in my family!  Mr Pryke very kindly gave me some cooking utensils and clothes for the girls so today we have been baking!

We were going to make some exciting cakes, maybe with oreo cookies or peanut butter but I haven't been shopping in a while (I'm trying to only go once a week) so we didn't have anything exciting.  Instead we made cupcakes and put jam in the middle of some of them so that its a lovely surprise when you bite into it!

The girls then iced them (personally I would have put more icing on!) we did make 12 but we had already eaten 3 before I took the photo!


We also had a super surprise in the post today.  

These 2 were a present from my Mum and Dad to say thank you for helping them over the last few weeks.  Aren't they great!  If you have any ideas for their names then let me know!


Enjoy your weekend and have lots of fun!. 

Miss Smithson x x