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Friday 3rd April

Friday 3rd April


It has been lovely to chat to so many of you over the last couple of days.  It is great to hear what you are all up to and that you're coping very well without me and Miss Swan!  I look forward to seeing and hearing about your baking, sewing, exercising, the games that you've played, the books that you've read and the films that you've watched. 

Daniel, thank you for sending us the pictures of you using the sewing machine to make fabric masks and raising money for Farleigh Hospice at the same time and Matthew, thank you for showing us your creative Easter cards.  


Please let us know what else you've all been up to.  You can email Mrs Burrell at and she will forward your email to us or ask an adult to put it on Twitter: @Class4s_WC.  


Today my girls and I dropped some shopping to their grandparents who aren't able to get to the shops themselves.  We chatted through the patio doors while the girls ran riot in the garden!  It's very strange not being able to pop in and have a cup of tea.  


When we came home, Martha and I caught up with Joe Wicks and did his fancy dress workout.  When I say Martha and I, Martha did 5 minutes and then ran into the garden to play on the trampoline, so I did it all on my own and no, I wasn't dressed up!! 


I hope that you don't eat too much chocolate!


Keep being kind,

Happy Easter.

Miss Smithson x