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What Makes A Good Friend?

Task 1: look at the ‘What makes a good friend PDF’. Read each scenario and decide whether you think they are a red, yellow or green friendship quality. The answers are on the second page

Task 2: On a piece of paper, draw a large outline of a person.  Fill the person with qualities that you feel make a good friend.  Around the outside, list or draw pictures of the things you enjoy doing with your friends. You could watch this video for some ideas

On the back of the paper write an advert to find/describe your ideal friend.  What age would you like them to be? Does it matter if they are a boy or girl? What personality traits are you looking for? Are there any activities that you would like to share with your friend?  What friendship quality is the most important?

Examples openers: I am looking for a friend who is... It doesn't matter if... My new friend must be... The most important quality they must have is... Ideally, I would like them to...


Social situations and problems

Friendship is important.  Friends support one another, listen to each other and give advice.  You will find that you have some things in common with your friends and other things that make you different.  Our friends often teach us new things and help us make many memories. 

As you get older, you will experience times where you disagree with a friend – this is normal and happens to everyone.  This doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad friend but that they have a different opinion to us.  Learning how we can resolve friendship issues is an important part of growing up.

Task 3: start by reading through the ‘Resolving Conflicts ppt PDF. After reading the pdf, look at the 8 scenarios on the Scenarios pdf.  Put yourself in each situation and write down how you would deal with each situation.