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Friday's Tasks


For today, we would like you to take part in some fun activities as it is your last day in school as Year 4s!


1. Create a fortune teller. There is an example below of how to make one here (based on the planets in our Solar System).

Yours needs to be funny and creative as your aim is to make other people smile. You could include:

Tell a joke

Sing a silly song

Learn magic trick

Write a riddle

Make a funny face

or anything you would like to include that your family or a friend would enjoy!


2. Take part in the Picture Quiz. Look carefully at the picture and see if you can work out the answer. No peeking at the answers till the end!


3. Take part in a Sporcle Quiz! There are lots to choose from! Here are some suggestions:

Animal eyes

Match the silhouette of Harry Potter characters

Name the book character


We hope you have an amazing summer and we are excited and looking forward to welcoming you back to school as Year 5s in September!