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Today it's all about our class animal! We are Manatee Class but I've added bits for the other 2 Year 5 animals in case you are interested in them too.


Task 1: Research your animal and fill in the Class Animal Fact File below


(Where it says '1 characteristic I would apply to our class is...' it means how could we, as a class, show similar traits to our animal e.g. If we were Penguin class we might say 'collaboration' which means working together as male and female penguins look after the eggs). 



Task 2: Over the summer, plan to watch a movie, programmes or read a book that contains your animal e.g.


Crocodiles = Peter Pan, The Enormous Crocodile

Jaguars = A Boy and A Jaguar, The Jaguar’s Story

Manatees = I’m a Manatee, A Manatee Morning


Task 3: Learn how to draw your animal 





Task 4: Watch these videos to make you smile...


Have a fantastic weekend Year 4