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Happy Friday Turtle Class!


Today your activities are going to be all to do with our class animal - turtles! I would love for you to have a go at creating your own turtle. You can do this any way you would like to. 


Below I have attached some ideas of what you could do in case you are stuck. Have fun nd get creative!  

Name our Mascot


We need to name our new class mascot! We have a beautiful turtle puppet that needs to be given name. Head over to my Twitter to page to vote for your favourite name for our turtle. 


You have until Sunday to cast your votes and decide which name you think it should be. 


Will it be Tommy the Turtle, Tilly the Turtle, Timmy the Turtle or Tallulah the Turtle!


Get voting now!!! 


Follow the link below to vote.

Little Turtle and the Sea

I hope you enjoy hearing about Little Turtle's journey through the changing sea.

Still image for this video