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Happy Friday everyone!


Today we are going to be focusing on our class animal.  I have a craft activity and a story for you. I also have someone for you to meet.....

Sea Otters Hold Hands To Survive The Dangers Of The Open Ocean | BBC Earth

Sea otters face great danger in the open ocean; can this family brave the waves and stick together?
Learn how otters keep their families safe.
Our class will be one big family and we are all going to support each other....just like the cute otters do.

Craft time 

Today I would like you to make an otter. There are a few images below of ideas I have for you. 

Once you have made it make sure to send me a picture of your hard work through home learning, purple mash or on twitter.

Also bring them to the Zoom on Monday so you can show off your hard work....I cant wait to see them!


Story time - Lottie Potter wants an Otter

This story is about a little girl a little bit like me. She wants an otter!