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Friday - PIRATE DAY!!

Good morning and welcome to our special day full of pirate fun! Below are lots of activities which you are welcome to choose from. We understand that these will depend on the resources you have at home. If you have your own ideas of course use those as well. We hope you all have a wonderful day and please join in with us by dressing up as a pirate! A striped t-shirt and jeans or shorts is absolutely fine! 
We would love to see photos of your special day. Please send them to, tweet us on Twitter @MissStead3 @MissDrury1 @MrsGoodwin16 or attach them to an email to your teacher on Purple Mash. 

Have lots of fun, 

Mrs Goodwin 🏴‍☠️

We are the Pirates

Look at this PowerPoint to learn more about pirates!

Can you talk like a pirate?

Food ideas to enjoy at lunch or for snacks during the day. Perhaps you could bake some biscuits or cupcakes. My favourite is the treasure map pizza! Which ones will you choose?

Phonics - Phonics Play Buried Treasure 

Pirate themed activities - Perhaps you could make your own pirate mask. Find the template below. If you are unable to print, use card or paper at home to make a mask.

P.E. - can you walk the plank, dance to the pirate song below or perhaps you would prefer Cosmic Kids yoga.

The Pirate Song (When I was one)

Role play ideas - can you build your own pirate ship to sail? Have a look at home to see what you have available to use.

Arts and Crafts ideas - which ones will you choose to make today? Perhaps a paper plate pirate, egg box treasure chest or a pirate themed picture.

Here are some of your wonderful ideas: 

*Treasure hunt

*Pirate hide and seek

*Pirate hook a duck

*Find a pirate or parrot 

*Play cannonball toss 

*Play pin the tail on a parrot

*Play place the eye patch on a pirate 

*Apple bobbing 

*Make a Jolly Roger flag

*Create a pirate’s cove

*Make a treasure chest 

*Go on a scavenger hunt

*Make boat shaped snacks 

*Play pirate Simon Says 

*Read pirate story books

*Play hook, wooden leg, map and island in the style of rock, paper, scissors. 

*Dance like a pirate

*Pirate themed pass the parcel 

*Play 'Pirate Ship'