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Mrs Evans has also set you a computing quiz to complete on Purple Mash so please logon there to complete. Have a lovely half-term Year 6 xx 

Half Term Challenge

If you would like a project to work on over half term, Purple Mash have got a competition that runs from 11th May - 26th June where you need to create your own computer game using Purple Mash tools: 2DIY 3D (to make the game), 2Sequence (to make your own music), 2Paint (to design your own backgrounds) and 2Beat (a percussion music maker). They have guides on how to use all these programs if you wanted to learn how to use them all. They have given you some suggestions for themes if you are stuck for ideas.


Purple Mash are giving away 3 prizes available for the best games submitted.

All the information you need is in the PDF document below if you want to give it a try


Have fun,

Miss Lomas