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Friday VE DAY

75th celebration of VE Day

There is work set for today, however as its such a land mark day (75th celebration of VE Day), as a school we have created a VE Day activity page on the Home Learning Main page, so please feel free to concentrate on any of these today. 



Today you will be recapping this weeks work on adding and subtracting decimals. Once you have gone through the lesson using the link below, complete the homework page. You will find the task on your portal. Remember you can have as many attempts as you would like.


This week in French we would like you to look at the topic of Weather.

Below is the link to the PurpleMash website on Weather in French.


Look at the introduction to the Vocabulary to start with and then you can play the 'Pointing Game' to help your understanding. 


To challenge yourself you can then play the 'Robot Chase' and 'Quiz Race' games. 

Play any MyMaths Games


Take part in the Joe Wicks Morning Workout