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Friday 15th May


How are you all?  

I'm glad its Friday!  The weather is supposed to be quite nice so we're going to have a BBQ at the weekend.  For pudding, I've recently introduced the girls to chocolate bananas, they love them!  If you've never had them, you leave the banana in its skin, hold it like a smile and cut a hole in the top of the smile.  Next, shove some chocolate in the hole (any kind will do), wrap the banana in tin foil and put on the BBQ for about 15 minutes.  When you open it up all the chocolate has melted and the banana has gone gooey - scoop it out with a spoon and enjoy!  I'll try and remember to take a photo for you!

We've been to Hylands Park today.  We all needed to get out so took a picnic and a ball with us.  It was great to be somewhere different and we were still able to stay 2 metres from anybody else.   

I tried to get a nice photo and this is how they posed!!

We found some giant mushrooms growing on a log.  I asked Martha to put her hand there so you can see how big they are but don't worry, she didn't touch them!

video-1589556841 (1).mp4

Still image for this video
I was very excited to find a wasps nest inside this tree. The girls weren't so excited and stayed well away!
I only noticed it because of the loud noise they were making!

It has been lovely to talk to some of you again this week and we have really enjoyed seeing your learning on Twitter, email and Purplemash.  Emily, I loved your For and Against argument about zoos, it really made me think!  Isabel, its great to hear all about your days in your diary and I love that you get on with all your work independently, well done all of you, keep up the good work!

Have a super weekend.

Miss Smithson x x