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Friday 12th June

The sun is coming!!

Don't worry, the sun is coming out tomorrow!

Lockdown is much harder when the weather is miserable isn't it? 

We met friends for a picnic today which was fabulous, the girls got to run around and I got to chat and drink tea, but then it started to rain and we had to come home.

And look

I'd hung my washing out this morning as my weather app said that it wasn't going to rain until 5pm.surprise

I think I'm just going to leave it out until the sun comes out tomorrow!

What have you guys been doing while the weather has been miserable?  Although I have to say my vegetables have been liking the rain.

We have kale, radishes, courgettes, carrots and beetroot!  No idea what I will cook with them when we harvest them but I've really enjoyed watching them grow!

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the sunshine. 

Take care of yourself and everyone.

Miss Smithson x x